Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1157

Chapter 1157 Great Enemy Forces Bearing Down Upon The Border

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It failed?

What a pity! It clearly already lit up five stars, If the nine stars were all lit up, it should be able to succeed, right?

Whats to pity! Just five stars, its still far away! This whatever Master Ye boasted to the skies previously. Looking at it now, hes also merely thus!

Sigh!Could it be that Young Patriarch Xun really cant tide over this hurdle? The patriarch, hes clearly so nice. Im really unreconciled to it!

The nine stars formation diagram collapsed, making everyones faces reveal a look of disappointment.

While on Tongs face, a look of hopelessness revealed even more.

One failure was equivalent to Xuns life cutting in half.

If Ye Yuan condensed the nine stars to seven stars, or even the extent of eight stars, he would not be so hopeless either.

After all, that was already very close to success.

However, Ye Yuan merely condensed five stars!

The nine stars formation diagram, even a fool could tell that nine needed to be lit up before on could form the pill.

Five stars only barely managed to go over half.

Seeing this sort of outcome, Tong seriously could not sit still anymore.

He was just about to go up but was held back by Li.

Li shook his head at Tong, and then he said to the others solemnly, All shut your mouths for this seat!

With his yell, everyone understood that this was to keep them from disturbing Ye Yuan.

At this time, Ye Yuan was currently sitting with his legs crossed, propping up on his knees, his head in his hands. He actually went into a daze.

But everyone knew that he obviously did not really go into a daze here.

High Priest, he Tong said in puzzlement softly.

Li shook his head and said, I dont understand either! But at this time, wed best not disturb him. Looks like he wants to carry on refining!

Carry on refining!

Tong could not resist raising his voice for a bit, drawing numerous gazes. But he realized the inappropriateness very quickly and lowered his voice and said, At this time, shouldnt he sum up the experience of failure, and refine again after a few days?

Li said, Logically speaking, its like that. But I really cant figure this Ye Yuan out. But no matter what, our only hope lies on him!

The two people were currently discussing at length when the corner of Ye Yuans mouth suddenly curled up. Ye Yuan immediately leaped up.

With this, everyone burst into an uproar.

Whats Master Ye doing here? How long has it been only? Could it be that hes going to continue refining?

He He wouldnt be abandoning himself to despair, right?

Yeah, this is also too reckless! At this time, how can one carry on refining?

However, Ye Yuan treated them as air, completely living in his own world.

Other peoples discussion, he did not take in a word from start to end.

Without the slightest hesitation, Ye Yuan directly started purifying the remaining half of the medicinal embryo, then threw it into the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron.

The nine stars formation diagram activated once more!

It happened as if it was simply natural. It was smooth and spellbinding.

It was just that everyones confidence in him became even more lacking.

Tong said in a solemn voice, This guy is also acting too recklessly! If he wastes this final chance because of his arrogance, this king definitely wont spare him!

Li gave Tong a glance and showed a bitter smile.

Honestly speaking, he was also very perplexed by Ye Yuans action.

To be able to light up five stars already made Li greatly astonished.

Li felt that as long as he accumulated and deduce the pill formula one more time, perhaps he would really have hopes of refining it.

But Ye Yuan just thought for 15 minutes with his head in his hands, and he immediately started refining.

What could 15 minutes of time do?

Except, Ye Yuan refined like nobody else was around just like that.

One star, two stars, three stars

Gradually, one star after another was being lit up.

When it reached the fifth star being lit up, everyone held their breaths, eyes glued onto the nine stars formation diagram.

The refinement earlier, Ye Yuan toppled here!

This time, would it still be here or not?

Time slowly trickled by. The merfolk powerhouses did not dare to breathe loudly.

They felt that this was simply torturous.

Finally, a beam of light shot straight for the nine stars formation diagram from inside the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron. The sixth star was lit up!

Seeing this scene, everyone heaved a light sigh in relief without prior agreement.

This refinement was seriously too exciting.

But Li had a black face and lowered his voice and said, What are you all agitated for? Starting now, it is the most difficult time! At any moment, he has the possibility of failing! All of you shut your mouths for this seat. If the refinement failed because of you all, Ill annihilate you guys!

When everyone heard that, each and every one of them sensibly shut their mouths, and did not dare to make a tiny bit of noise anymore.

But the subsequent refinement following that was unexpectedly smooth.

Seven stars, eight stars, nine stars!

Nine stars formation diagram, withdraw!

Following Ye Yuans light cry, the nine stars formation diagram was directly taken into the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron!


Light faded away. Everyone crowded over.

Tong had an appearance of being concerned about personal gains and losses as he asked Ye Yuan, Master Ye, h-how is it? Can it reach low-grade or not?

Low-grade? Ye Yuans brows raised up, as he said rather surprisedly.

Seeing Ye Yuans expression, Tong said with a disappointed look, Could it be that its only a defective product?

Although he did not take the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pills grade to heart too much, low-grade and defective product still had a difference in the end.

If it was a defective product, it was basically equivalent to Xun being crippled.

If it was low-grade, Xun still had hope to recover to his peak state in his remaining years.

But a hint of a light smile flashed across the corners of Ye Yuans mouth as he said, You all are also looking down on this Ye too much! See for yourselves!

Done talking, Ye Yuan opened the furnace. Beckoning with one hand, a medicinal pill shot out and landed on the jade tray.

All those present were dead silent.

They gathered in front of the table, all shocked until their mouths could not close.

Only after a long time did Li come back to his senses and said stammeringly, T-T-Transcendent-grade! This How is this possible?

He was seriously unable to understand. Ye Yuan already failed the first time. Based on what, could he refine out a transcendent-grade Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill on the second try?

This was the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill!

A medicinal pill refined for the first time, even a mystic grade medicinal pill, he actually refined out transcendent-grade!

This Was this possible?

Ye Yuan smiled and retorted with a question, Whether impossible or not, didnt you already see it?

Li opened his mouth, wanting to speak, but did not know what he should say.

Everything before his eyes gave him an extremely unreal feeling.

The best expectation he gave Ye Yuan was also merely just low-grade. Between low-grade to transcendent-grade, the jump was too great.

How could there possibly be an alchemist who could accomplish to this extent?

However, Ye Yuan did it!

Dont be staring blankly anymore. Since the medicinal pill is already refined, quickly let him consume it then, Ye Yuan urged.

Ah? Oh,right, right! Stop looking! Stop looking! Quickly let Xun-er consume the medicinal pill! Li shouted at the top of his voice and changed all of the clansmen away.

A group of people was bustling about, all waiting upon Xun for him to swallow the medicinal pill.

But, right at this time, somebody suddenly came to report. The person exclaimed, Your Majesty, not good! Not good! The Black Shark Clan is bearing down upon the borders in great forces, and already enclosed us in!