Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1158

Chapter 1158 Bright Moons Crisis

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At this time, in the far away Great Xiang Region.

Inside Bright Moon City, killing sounds shook the heavens. Violent essence energy suffused everywhere.

Some powerhouses of unknown identities were slaughtering without restraint in the city.

Apart from these people, there was still another group of people.

These people were shockingly the Vastsun Citys martial artists!

Zhou Jia, you actually broke our two clans agreement and allied with other forces to overthrow my Bright Moon City! Youll die a horrible death! Yue Jianqiu said fiercely.

The person opposite him was precisely Vastsun Citys city lord, Zhou Jia!

This morning, Zhou Jia got Bright Moon Citys gates to open through hoodwinking, leading a group of black-clothed people with unknown identities on a wanton massacre in Bright Moon City.

The entire Bright Moon City already fell into an abyss of suffering.

Yue Jianqiu, dont think that I dont know. The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil is already not in the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm anymore. Since theres no more Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, then why is there a need for our two families to be tied together anymore? At present, your Yue Familys ancestor is already dead, while my Zhou Family is akin to the noonday sun! This Great Xiang Region naturally has to belong to my Zhou Family! said Zhou Jia, who was incomparably pleased in his heart.

Yue Jianqius face turned cold, and he said, Fine, today, you and I will determine a victor! I want to take a look at just how much capability you have!

Finished talking, Yue Jianqiu wielded his sword and stepped forward, peak divine king strength erupting with full power.

Right on time!Haha

Zhou Jia was not alarmed but rejoiced instead. Laughing wildly, his divine king domain instantly opened up!

Seeing this scene, Yue Jianqius expression changed drastically, his figure abruptly stopping.

Divine king domain! You You broke through to the realm of Void Mystic? Yue Jianqiu said in shock.

Huhu,now, do you know the gap between you and me? Surrender without resistance! Zhou Jia laughed savagely, advancing forward!

Yue Jianqiu turned pale with fright. But behind him were all the Yue Familys dependents, not allowing him to shrink back in the slightest.

Yue Jianqiu gritted his teeth and urged his essence energy to the limits, toughening his scalp and receiving it.

Right at this time, an enormous palm charged out from diagonally, heading straight for Zhou Jia!

Zhou Jia was just about to crush Yue Jianqiu when his expression changed drastically.


A palm smacked out and actually directly sent Zhou Jia flying.

Everyone was stunned. They looked at the enormous figure behind Yue Mengli, incredibly shocked.

Her battle soul already virtually condensed into a corporeal body.

Li-er! Your strength is actually already comparable to Void Mystic powerhouses! Yue Jianqiu said in surprise.

But Yue Menglis brows furrowed slightly, and she said to Yue Jianqiu, Father, you bring the clansmen away first. Ill bring up the rear with Wu Luo! After exiting the city, escape in the direction of the Demon Region. Wu Luo and I will rush over soon after!

Yue Jianqiu was stupefied. He did not quite understand. His daughter already clearly had the strength of a Void Mystic powerhouse. Why would they still have to run?

This Bright Moon City was the Yue Familys several hundred thousand years of foundation. How could they give up so easily?

Yue Mengli could not help saying furiously when she saw that Father did not have any movements: No time to explain! If you dont go, you wont be able to leave! This matter is absolutely not that simple! Quickly go!

Yue Mengli was a good-natured and gentle daughter. Yue Jianqiu had never seen such an enraged side of her before.

He realized that the matter seemed to really not be that simple!

Okay, Ill bring them away right now! Yue Jianqiu nodded and said.

Heh,leaving? No need! Today, none of you can leave!

A black-robed man blocked everyones path of retreat, his aura astonishing, involuntarily making Yue Jianqius expression change greatly.

You Youre Sun Man! Medicine King Hall, Sun Man! Yue Jianqiu said panic-strickenly.

This black-robed powerhouse was shockingly the Sun Man who escaped from the Immemorial Medicine Garden by chance on that day!

The Medicine King Hall party that went to rescue Holy Mother Devil Flower at that time were virtually all killed by the Evil Extermination Sword.

Fortunately, the Evil Extermination Swords primary objective was Holy Mother Devil Flower. Sun Man still escaped by chance while severely wounded.

At this time, Yue Jianqiu finally understood. Turns out that the Vastsun City actually colluded together with the Medicine King Hall!

Go! Yue Mengli said frostily.

This Sun Man gave her immense pressure.

Li-er, Sun Man is a middle-stage Void Mystic powerhouse!

GO! Yue Menglis voice practically fell to freezing point.

Yue Jianqiu gritted his teeth and said, Yue family members listen up, follow me!

Heheh,want to go? How can it be that easy? Sun Man said with a cold smile.

At this time, a large group of divine king powerhouses showed up, blocking their retreating route.

Yue Jianqiu said in a cold voice, Kill!

The Yue Familys divine king powerhouses clashed together with those divine kings.

Yue Mengli was just about to move when Sun Man already charged over.

Heh,indeed, a first-rate beauty! No wonder Ji Qingyun that brat would be moved! Little lass, surrender obediently without resistance! Sun Man said with a cold laugh.

Dream on! Phaseless Divine Palm!

Garnersky Sea Region, underwater world.

The Black Shark Clan joined forces with the seabeds five great royal clans, encircling and suppressing the merfolk clan.

Tongs expression darkened, and he instructed, Looks like the Black Shark Clan is planning on fighting it out to the bitter end! But, is my merfolk clan really that easy to annihilate?

At this time, Xun slowly opened both eyes, with a look of absent-mindedness on his face.

Xun-er! Seeing Xun wake up, Tongs face revealed a look of surprise.

I I actually didnt die?Yii?My demonic essence is actually recovering rapidly! This how is this possible?

Xun suddenly discovered the changes within his body and was incomparably shocked.

He remembered crystal clear that he had his inner core shattered by a Black Shark Clans powerhouse.

But now, his strength was actually in the midst of rapid recovery.

Tong smiled and said, It was Master Ye who saved you. He refined a transcendent-grade Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill, restoring your inner core completely. Why havent you quickly thanked him!

Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill! Transcendent-grade!

Xun drew a cold breath!

He naturally knew what the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill was. This shock was by no means insignificant.

There was actually really someone who refined the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill!

He hurriedly prostrated toward Ye Yuan and said, Many thanks for Master Yes grace of rebirth!

Ye Yuan helped him up and said smilingly, Get up, its not worth thanking. I didnt gift you the medicinal pill for free either. Its considered a transaction between His Majesty and me.

Xun was extremely surprised when he heard. Something that could rival the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill, the clan most likely paid a considerable price!

Tong smiled by the side and said, As long as I can bring you back, what does a drop of one-million-year-old Pearl Have Tears count for? In fact, it was us who took advantage of Master Ye. A transcendent-grade Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill is much more valuable than a drop of Pearl Have Tears! Shark One, order people to go inside the spirit stone cave and retrieve a drop of one-million-years-old Pearl Have Tear.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, Alright, you all are confronted by a formidable enemy, better go and deal with it quickly.

Just as he was talking, Ye Yuans expression suddenly changed drastically, his expression becoming incomparably ugly.

Thud, thud

His heart started pounding fiercely, his entire person sweating profusely.

In just a blink of an eye, he was already soaked in sweat from head to toe.

Master Ye, a-are you alright? Xun asked concernedly.

Ye Yuans complexion was deathly pale, but he did not hear Xuns words at all. The foreboding feeling in his heart became stronger and stronger.