Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1159

Chapter 1159 Noisy

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Sudden Impulse!

This was definitely Sudden Impulse!

But could there be an existence that could threaten him here?

Right now, apart from the Ten Great Divine Kings, those kind of existences, there should not be anyone capable of threatening him, right?

Even if he could not beat them, at least preserving his life was still not an issue.

Tongs strength was at the very most on the same level as Han Qing Zi. He could not threaten him at all.

But, why would he have a feeling like he was almost suffocating?


Ye Yuans entire body trembled. The more he thought, the more likely it felt!

Could it be that something really happened to Li-er? Ye Yuans heart suddenly raced.

M-Master Ye, are you alright? Xun shook Ye Yuan and asked worriedly.

Ye Yuan abruptly startled awake and said weakly, Im fine. Help me to the bed and lie down for a while will do.

Tong gave an apology and said, Master Ye, a great enemy lies ahead. Ill have Xun take care of you first. This king will go and meet the enemy first.

Ye Yuans heart was burning with anxiety. But at this time, he had strength but could not muster it up. He could only nod and said, Your Majesty, go ahead. Ill be fine after resting for a while.

Refining the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill already made Ye Yuan somewhat drained. Sudden Impulse this rush, heaped on one disaster after another, making him virtually unable to move already.

My lord, are you alright?

Hearing that Ye Yuan was not well, Ao Qian and the rest hurried over when they heard the news. All of them turned pale with fright.

Seeing Ye Yuans ashen pale complexion, they were even more stricken with worry.

Im fine. Ill recover for a bit first. You guys go outside the door and guard. Taicang, go and take the Pearl Have Tears. Were leaving here right away!

Resting for a while, Ye Yuan gradually recovered some strength and started consuming medicinal pills, restoring essence energy.

Ye Yuan was wracked with anxiety currently, but he knew that the more anxious he was, the calmer he had to be.

Great enemy forces were bearing down upon the border outside. If he did not even recover his strength, then that was no different from courting death.

A day later, Ye Yuan finally recovered completely.

Going out, Ao Qian already guarded outside for a day and night.

But Xun was already gone. Most likely, he was worried about the war outside and already went to rendezvous with his clansmen.

Milord, what in the world happened? Ao Qian asked with a concerned look.

Ye Yuan frowned and said, Something might have happened to Li-er. We must hurry back to Bright Moon City as soon as possible! An unexpected change will occur if late!

The expressions of Ao Qian and the rest changed drastically. They knew that Ye Yuan had the ability of Sudden Impulse. These words were likely not baseless.

Putting away the Pearl Have Tears, Ye Yuan directly led Ao Qian and the rest and left the merfolk clan.

Hahaha,Tong, you didnt expect it, right? The Garnersky Sea Regions five great royal clans already all pledged allegiance to this king! Now, theres just your merfolk clan left! Today, I, Hei Wu, shall rule the Garnersky Sea Region! Those who bow to me will prosper, and those who resist will perish!

The Black Shark Clan plus five great royal clans, a massive group formed by six major ethnic groups, blocked the entire stretch of sea region until not even water could flow through.

In front of the array, the Black Shark Clans king, Hei Wu, was in high and vigorous spirits, laughing wildly to no end.

On the opposite side, Tong already sustained heavy injuries.

This Garnersky Sea Region, the strongest was the Black Shark Clan and the Merfolk Clan, while the eight great royal clans took second place.

In this period of time, Tongs attention was all on the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill, resulting in overlooking the Black Shark Clans moving direction.

He did not think that Hei Wu actually took the opportunity to subdue five great royal clans among the eight great royal clans. Moreover, surrounding the Merfolk Clan with a sneak attack approach.

After a bout of bloody battle, Tong and the merfolk clans powerhouses all suffered heavy injuries.

The Black Shark Clan was very powerful in the first place. Adding in five great royal clans, the powerhouses were even more numerous beyond counting.

How could the merfolk clan resist such an offensive?

Into formation!

Under Tongs command, the merfolk clans warriors each unleashed moves individually, condensing a powerful array formation, sheltering everyone inside.

When Hei Wu saw the situation, he could not help laughing hard as he said, Already at this point, do you still want to put up a last-ditch struggle? Even if I dont breach your array formation, how long can your demonic essence sustain?

Tong said solemnly, Hei Wu, you despicable person! Previously, you ambushed my son. Now, you made the Octopus Clan submit with devious schemes. Even if I die today, this king will also drag you down!

Before coming out, Tong also did not expect that the war this time would actually be so grim.

Hei Wu could be said to have put in painstaking efforts for the sake of today.

First was sneak attacking Xun, diverting the merfolk clans attention. Then, plotted to capture the Octopus Clans young patriarch, causing the Octopus Clan to be cautious in taking action, and could only join their camp.

Finally, Hei Wu avoided the other three royal clans with heaven deceiving means, slaughtering straight to the merfolk clans main camp.

All these schemes were intricately woven together.

By the time Tong reacted to it, it was already too late.

Haha,dont humans have a phrase, called alls fair in war? When this king rules the Garnersky Sea Region, who dares to call this king despicable? Tong, do you wish to get into formation and wait for the other three clans to come over to assist?Haha,do you think that this king will give you this chance? Hei Wu said with a wild laugh.

Tongs expression changed when he heard that. Did not think that he was actually seen through by Hei Wu.

What he was planning was precisely this.

At this time, the other three great royal clans should have already gotten the news and were currently rushing over here.

As long as they rushed over, the crisis this time might be able to weather through.

Hahaha,all attack for me, break their grand array! I want to see how long they can last! Hei Wu ordered.

The densely packed crowd of sea people all pressed over towards the merfolk clan.

This commotion was truly earth-shaking.

But, just as they advanced, a figure slowly passed through from inside the merfolk clans grand array.

When Hei Wu saw this scene, he could not help saying with mild surprise, Human?Heh,brat, if you dont want to die, get lost for this seat!

Seeing that figure, Tong and the rest could not help being startled, similarly saying in surprise, M-Master Ye?

Xun had just recovered. Seeing Ye Yuan, he could not help being greatly alarmed and shouted, Master Ye, its dangerous! Quickly return into the grand array!

It was as if Ye Yuan was deaf, turning a deaf ear to Xuns shout, and still walked towards Hei Wu neither too fast nor too slowly.

Father, Master Ye is this childs savior. We cant look on with folded arms! Xun said anxiously.

At first, Tongs face indeed had a look of bewilderment.

Very quickly, he thought of the words that Shark One had once said, and he could not help revealing a look of pleasant surprise.

He said to Xun with an excited look, Xun-er, Master Ye might be our merfolk clans last hope! All merfolks listen up, kill! Today, fight to the death with the Black Shark Clan!

Tong did not hesitate anymore, directly giving up on the array formation, and charged towards the Black Shark Clan.

Seeing this scene, Hei Wu could not help being stunned. Was Tongs brain damaged?

But at this time, Ye Yuan already arrived in front of him and said coolly, Get lost!

Hei Wu was stupefied again. Then he grinned hideously and said, A mere human Seventh Level Dao Profound also dares to speak to this king like this. Truly tired of living! Forget it, this king will kill you first, then exterminate the merfolk clan. After today, the Garnersky Sea Region will be my world!Hahaha

Ye Yuans brows furrowed, and he lightly spat out a word: Noisy!