Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Testing Medicine

"Heh, no use talking so much. Just try, and you will know."

Ye Yuan's confident manner made Su Yubai feel uncertain.

But when he thought of how even Hu Changsheng did not recognize this type of medicinal pill, then this pill was most likely fabricated by Ye Yuan.

Still stubbornly hanging on at this time. I'll watch just how you die later!

Su Yubai was already planning how to punish Ye Yuan. The death penalty was definitely a no go. But a flogging punishment could be considered.

Everything was in place. A flustered looking Liu Ruoshui was brought in front of everyone.

Su Yubai shot an icy glance at Liu Ruoshui and said, "Don't be afraid, Liu Ruoshui. Even Dean Hu had never seen such a medicinal pill before. Do you think it can be real? As long as you can prove that this medicinal pill has no effect, not only will this elder proclaim your innocence, I'll even punish Ye Yuan severely. Understood?"

Currently, Liu Ruoshui was completely flustered. But after hearing Su Yubai said this, it really added quite a bit of confidence.

Yeah. Dean Hu was an Alchemy Grandmaster. A medicinal pill that even he had not heard of was surely fabricated by Ye Yuan!

It was a pity that Liu Ruoshui did not attend the alchemist test together with Ye Yuan. Otherwise, she would not have such confidence.

If Wan Yuan were here, he would definitely rather die than eat the medicinal pill.

You got to kidding. To be able to train that fiendishly difficult Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique to the legendary stage, it would not be unusual to refine any medicinal pill!

Liu Ruoshui sucked in a deep breath, shot Ye Yuan a vicious look and said, "I understand! Ye Yuan, since you frame me so unjustly, this isn't over! I will just try your so-called Truth Pill and see whether it's real or fake!"

Ye Yuan did not mind Liu Ruoshui's venomous stare at all. He just smiled faintly and said, "This isn't over? I'm afraid you don't have the chance."

Finishing, he turned to Su Yubai again and said, "Let's say the nasty stuff first, Elder Su. If I deceived everyone, I am willing to accept any punishment. But if my medicinal pill is effective and I extracted the truth? Then what?"

Su Yubai replied without hesitation, "If Liu Ruoshui truly colluded with Lin Tiancheng to set up fellow disciples, she will naturally be dealt with according to the academy's rules. Her cultivation will be crippled, and she will be expelled from the academy."

Ye Yuan nodded after hearing this. "I believe Elder Su should not go back on your words in front of so many people. Begin then!"

"Hold on!" Su Yubai halted.

"What? Does Elder Su still have issues?"

"This medicinal pill is refined by you, who knows what the hell are you playing at? During the process of testing the medicine, you have to stand back, Ye Yuan!"

Su Yubai was clearly still a little concerned. What if this medicinal pill was fake, but Ye Yuan had methods to display some means to compel Liu Ruoshui to tell lies? That was also a possibility.

Ye Yuan was stunned when he heard that and quickly understood. He had a teasing smile on his face as he said, "Elder Su is really cautious. Fine. Since Elder Su is uneasy about me, just ask personally. I'll go and take a walk."

Ye Yuan then threw the bottle towards Su Yubai and really left without looking back.

Su Yubai instinctively caught the bottle and could not help being speechless. He did not think that Ye Yuan was so dauntless, to leave just like that. However, he was still apprehensive, so he shot Su Yishan a look to make him follow Ye Yuan out, and keep an eye on him.

"Alright Elder Su, Ye Yuan already left. Can we begin?" Hu Changsheng said somewhat impatiently.

Su Yubai's yardstick of a despicable man had made Hu Changsheng not having any good feelings toward him at all. A dignified Disciplinary Hall Elder without any imperturbability at all and was so guarded against a junior.

Being urged by Hu Changsheng, Su Yubai also felt that he was a little too cautious.

Ye Yuan might be cunning, but he clearly could not pull any underhanded tricks in front of him.

However, caution was the parent of safety. Su Yubai did not wish to let go of any trace of opportunity to strike Ye Yuan down.

He was doing this in order to punish Ye Yuan, to make him enter the Endless Forest with injuries.

The real killing mechanism he arranged was in the Endless Forest!

Killing Ye Yuan inside the Endless Forest, even if the high sect came, they would also have nothing to say.

Even if Huyan Yong, Feng Ruoqing, and co suspected him, what proof would they have?

Su Yubai took out a pill from the medicine bottle and passed it to Liu Ruoshui.

Liu Ruoshui received the medicinal pill, and her face changed color multiple times.

Although she already affirmed that this medicinal pill was definitely fake in her heart, when it really came down to consuming it, hesitation was still unavoidable.

"Swallow the medicinal pill and start circulating all of your essence energy to resist the erosion of the medicinal effect!" Su Yubai transmitted his voice.

Liu Ruoshui shot a glance at Su Yubai, closed her eyes, and swallowed the pill.

The medicinal pill melted right after entering the mouth. Liu Ruoshui did not dare to delay. She immediately circulated all of her essence energy to resist the medicinal effects.

But Liu Ruoshui mournfully discovered that she totally could not find where the medicinal effect went to.

Her essence energy was circulating, yet she could not find any trace of the medicinal effects.

Liu Ruoshui could not be blamed for this either. If she had consumed Soul Nourishing Pills before, she would not be at such a complete loss.

But sadly, those sort of medicinal pills like the Soul Nourishing Pill was extremely precious. She had not consumed it before.

After a few breaths, Liu Ruoshui suddenly felt her divine soul shudder.

Liu Ruoshui silently cussed, but it was already too late now. Her consciousness became increasingly fuzzy . . .

Everyone was paying close attention to Liu Ruoshui's change. Su Yubai saw that Liu Ruoshui's pupils gradually dilated, and her eyes became more and more vacant. A premonition suddenly surged in his heart.

"No way? It seems like it really took effect!"

"There's actually such a miraculous medicinal pill. Simply incredible! Too terrifying!"

"Why do I feel that Ye Yuan is omnipotent right now? Even Dean Hu had not heard of this Truth Pill before. Where did he get the pill formula from?"

"Who knows. Just look at each one of the things he did. Which of them conformed to common sense?"

Liu Ruoshui's transformation caused a commotion. Clearly, everyone saw that something was amiss.

Many people recalled Ye Yuan's words of ridicule about which concubine's room Su Yubai slept in. Back then, they only treated it as a joke. But now, they could not help having goosebumps all over.

Everyone had their secrets and things which they did not want others to know deep down in their heart. But with this Truth Pill, wouldn't these secrets casually spill out?

If one consumed the Truth pill, was it not like being stripped naked and then thrown out onto the streets?

Nobody wanted to experience this sort of feeling!

"Looks like the Truth pill already took effect, Elder Su. Begin questioning then," Hu Changsheng said lightly.

Although his tone was calm, the shock that Hu Changsheng felt was not the least bit inferior to the rest.

Su Yubai had not asked yet, but Hu Changsheng basically already confirmed that this Truth Pill really worked!

There was actually such a miraculous medicinal pill in the world!

And this medicinal pill was only a low-grade Tier 2 medicinal pill!

The expressions on Su Yubai's face was very interesting. There was shock, disbelief, and unwillingness.

At this moment, Su Yubai's thought of eradicating Ye Yuan was unprecedentedly firm!

Ye Yuan's threat in Su Yubai's heart had already greatly surpassed Ye Hang's!

If Ye Yuan were given another few years, no, even just a year's time, the Su Family would be ushering in an unprecedented danger!

He must not walk out alive from the Endless Forest!