Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1160

Chapter 1160 Flicking Ones Sleeves And Leaving After Its Done

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Conceited and ignorant human, go to hell!

Hei Wu was utterly enraged by Ye Yuans attitude.

Instantly expanding his divine king domain, he was going to exterminate Ye Yuan.

In his view, exterminating a Seventh Level Dao Profound human was too effortless.

Sharks Roar!

The divine king domain that carried Divine Dao laws instantly enveloped Ye Yuan inside.

He saw that Ye Yuan actually did not try to avoid it, standing there without making a move. A hint of a hideous grin involuntarily flashed past the corners of his mouth.

However, his smile froze on his face very quickly.

En?This Whats going on?

When Hei Wus Sharks Roar arrived ten-plus feet in front of Ye Yuan, it was actually unable to advance an inch further anymore!

This shock was by no means insignificant!

One had to know that his divine king domain carried the power of Divine Dao laws.

Forget about a measly little Seventh Level Dao Profound, even divine king domains of Void Mystic powerhouses, he could instantly shred it too.

But facing Ye Yuan, the all-conquering divine king domain actually failed.

However, because of the influence of the power of his Divine Dao laws, it still compressed Ye Yuans Domain of Sword a little bit.

It was just that this bit of distance did not affect Ye Yuan much at all.

Suddenly, his entire body trembled, and he thought of a possibility. His face revealed panic as he said, I-Impossible! Could it be Could it be a pure Divine Dao Domain?

Just this bit of strength? Then you can go and die already!

Ye Yuans indifferent voice sounded out beside his ear.

Hei Wus expression changed drastically, only coming back to his senses now, and instinctively wanted to run away.

Yet, it was already too late

Ye Yuans figure suddenly disappeared. Hei Wus eyes became wide-circles, and he said in alarm, G-Greater teleportation!

Hei Wu knew that he really encountered a monster today!

A terrifying monster!

These were all abilities that were impossible to come into existence in the present Divine Realm. But they appeared before his eyes over and over again.

Except, he already did not have time to regret it.

Ye Yuan broke through and came in front of him effortlessly with his Domain of Swords firepower releasing fully!

Hei Wu was dead!

Just one exchange and a great king of the Garnersky Sea Region fell at Ye Yuans hands just like that.

When the Black Shark Clans and the five great royal clans powerhouses saw this scene, their eyes became wide-saucers.

This What happened? What in the world did that human youth do?

L-Lord Hei Wu, he was finished off just like that?

Lord Hei Wu is dead! Lord Hei Wu is dead! Q-Quickly run!

Those seafolks all finally reacted to it. Each and every one scattered in all directions desperately.

Capture the ringleader first in order to round up the bandits!

Hei Wu already died, this six great royal clans alliance instantly collapsed and dissipated.

For a moment, the underwater world fell into chaos.

Kill! Kill!

The originally low-morale merfolk clan immediately roused in spirits greatly when they saw Hei Wu being killed, battle-cries shaking the heavens.

Tongs gaze never left Ye Yuans body all along. At this time, he stared at that tall and straight figure of Ye Yuans, incomparably astounded in his heart.

What did he do before? Threaten Ye Yuan?

Tong felt a chill run down his spine, hit by waves of lingering fear.

If he really fell out with Ye Yuan back then, the one dead right now would probably not be Hei Wu, but him, the merfolk clans king!

This young mans strength was truly too frightening!

Not only condensing a Divine Dao Domain, even cultivating heart realm to the great circle of perfection realm, comprehending greater teleportation!

Such talent was simply unheard of!

He previously still had some doubts about Shark Ones words. But only now did he know that Shark Ones description was not exaggerated at all.

It was even somewhat lacking.

Because Shark One did not see the scene of Ye Yuan cutting down Han Qing Zi at all.


In the midst of chaos, Ye Yuans figure vanished once more!

Tongs pupils constricted and actually could not sense Ye Yuans moving direction.


In the midst of the disorderly army, a shrill and miserable cry was suddenly heard.

The Crimson Silk Starfishs king was directly blotted out!

Tong was dumbfounded. He had never seen before that killing a peak Void Mystic powerhouse would be so easy!

The eight great royal clans kings were all peak Void Mystic powerhouses. It was just that they did not comprehend Divine Dao laws. That was why their strength was a notch weaker.

But these eight great royal clans kings, their strength could virtually already catch up to Cloudsky and Nangong Zifeng, that kind of degree.

However, he was easily written off by Ye Yuan just like that!


Ye Yuans figure disappeared once more. In a blink of an eye, another king was killed!

Merely 15 minutes of work from start to end, the five great royal clans kings all died!

Ye Yuan was simply a killing machine!

His figure moved. Ye Yuan appeared not far from Tong.

Your Majesty, this Ye still has urgent matters on hand and will take my leave first. This is considered gifting your merfolk clan a present then. In the future, Lian Qiu is my younger sister. You all have to treat her well. Otherwise, Ill come back and settle scores! Ye Yuan called out in a clear voice.

Lian Qiu as Lis disciple, she was also at the rear of the merfolk clan at this time.

Hearing Ye Yuans words, her entire body involuntarily shuddered.

The strength that Ye Yuan displayed just now was simply akin to a deity up in heaven to her!

Lian Qiu also did not imagine that just a few simple words of reminder from her would actually obtain such care from Ye Yuan.

But Lian Qiu was not dumb either. She knew that her life in the future would have an upheaval change!

Master Ye, thank you! Lian Qius face actually left behind tears.

Ye Yuans gaze suddenly penetrated the crowd and looked over in Lian Qius direction, giving her a smile.

Tongs heart went cold, and he hurriedly nodded his head and said, Lord Ye, rest assured. Lian Qiu will be my merfolk clans most honorable princess in the future. Absolutely no one will dare to be disrespectful towards her!

Unknowingly, Tongs term of address toward Ye Yuan underwent a change.

Ye Yuan nodded his head, figure flashing, and disappeared.

Tong did not think that Ye Yuan actually left so urgently.

And also did not think that he actually paid special care to Lian Qiu before leaving.

Looking at Ye Yuans fading back view, Tong let out a long sigh.

Shark One, youve performed exceptionally meritorious services this time! I truly didnt expect Master Ye that you brought back was actually so monstrous! Tong said to the Shark One beside.

Shark One smiled good-naturedly. He also did not think that accidentally stumbling upon this time, it actually brought such a change to the merfolk clan.

With Hei Wus death, the Garnersky Sea Regions situation would undergo an upheaval change.

The merfolk clan had never liked to lord over everyone. But now, due to Ye Yuans appearance, they already become the Garnersky Sea Regions irreplaceable overlord!

A human youth actually changed the underwater worlds situation in a blink of an eye.

This was something that everyone did not expect from start to end.

Want to blame, people could only blame Hei Wu himself for courting death.

Lian Qiu! Tong suddenly yelled out.

This lowly servant is present!

The moment Tong heard, he could not help laughing in spite of himself.

This lass still did not change yet, regarding herself as the identity of a maidservant.

Huhu,from today onwards, you mustnt call yourself lowly servant anymore! Now, this king will acknowledge you as my god-daughter. In the future, youre my merfolk clans princess! Tong called out in a clear voice.