Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1161

Chapter 1161 Whats The Point Even If I Showed Disdain On All Life Under The Heavens?

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You! Come over! Dispel ownership of the storage ring, then get lost! Bright Moon City is under martial law, nobody is to enter!

Outside Bright Moon City, a Dao Profound Realm martial artist had just come out of the transmission array and was threatened like that.

The moment that martial artist heard, he could not help flying into a great rage and said, You all are not Bright Moon Citys people! Who the hell are you guys! Youre simply committing highway robbery here!

That solder sneered coldly and said, So what if committing highway robbery? Bright Moon City is already finished! The Great Xiang Region will only have Vastsun City from now on, no Bright Moon City! See the corpses over there? Anyone who doesnt hand over their storage rings, they will be put to death without exception!

Looking over in the direction that soldier pointed, that martial artists expression changed.

Outside, dead bodies were sprawled all over the ground messily. Clearly, there were already quite a number of people who were killed off because of refusing to handover their storage rings.

Looking at the soldiers guarding the transmission array, they were actually all Dao Profound Realm powerhouses without exception.

Not far away, two black-clothed men were even sitting, drinking tea very leisurely, as if they paid no attention to this.

This Dao Profound Realm martial artist was helpless and could only hand over his storage ring.

The news of Bright Moon City being sealed already spread out. The people coming to Bright Moon City now are already getting lesser and lesser.Sigh,the brothers side allowances also reduced significantly all at once.

Enough, be contented! In this half a month, weve already reaped no idea how much resources. Although what remained in our hands are very few, we also got quite a bit!

Huhu,true! The higher-ups are still pretty good to us. With these resources, we wont have to worry for the next five years.

En,its just that, we dont know when that Ji Qingyun will show up!

Show up? Bullsh*t! Clearly aware that this place is a huge trap, could he still dare to come and deliver himself to death?

En,that might not be so! I heard that Ji Qingyun is a besotted soul. Hell definitely come for the sake of the person he loves!

Then its perfect. We have a big feast waiting for him here!

The two soldiers exchanged a glance and smiled, but their gazes flitted towards those two black-clothed men without prior consultation.

Just what background these black-clothed men had, they were not clear either.

They only knew that these two people were both some holy sovereigns.

But without a doubt, these two people were characters whose strengths were formidable to the extreme.

En?Theres a dish delivering to the door again. Go take a look.

At this time, light flashed, and a figure walked out from inside the transmission array.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Several dozen streaks of sword energy immediately sprayed out, killing all of the surrounding Dao Profound Realm soldiers!

At this time, the two black-clothed men casually waved their hands and directly extinguished the sword energies.

The two drank another mouthful of tea. One of them said, Brother, business has come knocking. Finish it off quickly!

After done talking, the two actually slowly stretched lazily and stood up sluggishly, showing an appearance of not putting the arrival in their sights at all.

This arrival was naturally none other than precisely the Ye Yuan, who ran at full speed all the way!

Along the way, he forcefully hijacked several dozens transmission arrays, crossing several dozen major regions, before reaching Bright Moon City within half a month.

But on the way, Ye Yuan already heard of the news about Bright Moon City being destroyed.

His heart sank to the rock-bottom.

At this time, the berserk killing intent on Ye Yuan could not be concealed no matter what.

Heh heh,youre Ji Qingyun? Truly an infatuated soul. Looks like Lord Holy Son guessed correctly. You indeed came.

I didnt think that not seeing you for a couple of days, this punk already broke through to the Seventh Level Dao Profound. Fortunately, Lord Holy Son sent the two of us over. If he were to send a holy king over, it might really be incapable of suppressing him!.

Hahaha,brat, are you surrendering without resistance, or do you want the two of us brothers to take action?

Whoa,killing intent isnt small! Brat, stop racking your brain in vain. You arent our match! We, holy sovereign powerhouses, are existences comparable to peak Void Mystic!

The two people had disdainful looks, not taking Ye Yuan seriously at all.

The current Ye Yuan, his disposition was poles apart from in the past, giving people a bone-piercing cold feeling.

On the way, he heard quite a bit of news concerning Bright Moon City being destroyed. He could not differentiate whether they were rumors or truth either.

But without a doubt, Li-er was in a very dangerous situation right now!


Ye Yuan did not dare to carry on thinking. He was really very scared that the situation of losing his beloved would happen to him once more.

Im only asking you a sentence, where is Li-er right now? Ye Yuan asked coldly.

Toward the two peoples attitudes, Ye Yuan did not take it to heart at all.

He only wanted to know Li-ers situation right, whether was she was alive or dead, or escaped or captured.

Li-er?Huhu,youre talking about that chick from the Yue Family? Dead!

Haha,dont you worry, before long, youll go down and reunite together with her.

The two people chortled with laughter, but it made Ye Yuans heart sink to the bottom of the valley!

A cold and sharp killing intent virtually materialized, blanketing over towards these two holy sovereign powerhouses.

Haha,decent killing intent. But its no use! said one of them as he laughed without a care.

The two people were currently laughing when all of a sudden, their expressions became rather surprised.

En?This Such terrifying talent! Killing intent soared continuously and actually directly broke through the bottleneck! said the other person in amazement.

Do it, dont waste time anymore. This brat is indeed rather peculiar!

Since thats the case, the both of you go to hell then!

Ye Yuans icy-cold voice sounded out, his figure abruptly disappearing!

Greater teleportation!

The expressions of the two mighty holy sovereigns changed. Only now did they know that the current Ye Yuan was already not the Ye Yuan they knew.

This one to two years time, Ye Yuans improvement speed could simply be described using terrifying.

That whatever holy son still misjudged Ye Yuans strength in the end.


Two clouds of black qi erupted. The auras of the two great holy sovereigns instantly skyrocketed.

But to Ye Yuan, it was of no use at all!

Swish, swish!

A cold light flashed, heads and torsos ended up in separate places!

Evil Extermination Swords sword energy directly ground the fiendish energy into shreds.

Fiend race again!

Ye Yuans killing intent billowed to the skies. The Slaughter Concept actually gradually advanced towards the great circle of perfection realm!

Although Ye Yuan shattered his divine king domain, it did not mean that his supreme true intents were gone.

The Slaughter Supreme True Intent and Scorching Supreme True Intent, Ye Yuan was still in the midst of steady progression.

But just now, when Ye Yuan heard the news of Yue Menglis demise, his killing intent could not be held back anymore!

I truly didnt expect that my Slaughter Concept actually attained perfection under such circumstances!Sigh Such a perfection, Id rather not want it! Li-er, where on earth are you?

Slaughter Concept reached the great circle of perfection, but Ye Yuans life became bleak.

At this time, he became despondent, his entire person like he lost his soul, becoming a walking corpse.

The blow of Yue Menglis death to him was too great.


Ye Yuan raised his head to the sky and gave a long howl, roaring loudly: This villainous heaven! Do you really want to toy with me to death? If I dont have Li-er, whats the point even if I showed disdain on all life under the heavens!