Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1162

Chapter 1162 Bedevilment

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Monstrous killing intent surged to the sky.

Ye Yuans eyes actually became a blood-red color.

This killing intent, even inside Bright Moon City, it could be felt clearly.

A dense crowd of martial artists flew out from inside Bright Moon City.

Very clearly, they were all startled by Ye Yuans killing intent.


Ye Yuans eyes were scarlet. Sensing those experts who flew over, his figure vanished from sight in an instant!

When he reappeared, there were already several figures who dropped down from the sky.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The current Ye Yuan was like a killing machine.

Places that he passed through, not a blade of grass survived!

Regardless whether was it the Vastsun Citys powerhouses or that mysterious Divine Martial Halls martial artists, not one survived!

Ye Yuans killing intent virtually materialized!

His formidable strength practically made everyone despair.

Whatever Dao Profound Realm martial artists or Divine King powerhouses, even Void Mystic powerhouses could not last past one second under Ye Yuans hands!

Seeing such an astonishing spectacle, how could those people still dare to remain?

Arriving with a fierce and imposing momentum, fleeing in a wretched plight!

Dont kill me!Ahh!

Quickly run! Ji Qingyun went mad!

Devil! This is a devil! Quickly run!

For some time, miserable cries lingered on the ears!

The entire sky became a field of carnage.

No matter how fast they ran, how could they be faster than Ye Yuans sword?

The more he killed, the redder Ye Yuans eyes got.

Gradually, he actually already lost his original heart!

Two figures soared to the sky and actually acted in contravention, welcoming Ye Yuan.

One of them had fiendish energy billowing into the sky. His strength was very formidable at one glance.

Lord Bloodrain, looks like this Ye Yuan seems to have entered bedevilment!

The one talking was precisely Zhou Jia.

When he saw Ye Yuans appearance of crazed slaughtering, he felt the delight of rejoicing over other peoples misfortune instead.

The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil was acquired by Ye Yuan. How could Zhou Jia not hate him?

Bloodrain smiled lightly and said, Looks like Lord Holy Sons scheme is very effective! This Ji Qingyun indeed fell into madness when he heard news of the Yue Familys lasss demise.

Zhou Jia hurriedly fawned as he said,Haha,Lord Holy Son truly took every conceivable possibility into account! No matter how strong Ji Qingyun is, hes a cripple after entering bedevilment too!Hahaha Kill, kill away! The more you kill, the deeper youll lose yourself. We prepared sufficient baits for you. When you kill finish, youll become a walking corpse that only knows slaughter!

A hint of a cold smile flashed across the corners of Bloodrains mouth, looking towards Ye Yuan rather interestedly.


A streak of bloodlight flashed past. The first person to escape back was directly killed by Bloodrain.

Deserters in the battlefield, die! Bloodrains cold voice sounded out, making everyones heart turn cold.

Hes only one person. Everybody attack, kill him! This is your only way out! Bloodrain said coldly.

Everyones heart turned cold. Front and back, both were death!

Lord Bloodrains strength, they were very clear.

While over there, it was just Ye Yuan alone!

In an instant, everyones eyes turned red. Countless figures charged over towards Ye Yuan.

However, all of the struggles were futile.

Under Ye Yuans hands, they did not have the least bit of strength to retaliate!

Zhou Jia was still watching Ye Yuan kill people with a broad grin. But to the back, the expression on his face became increasingly solemn.

Ye Yuan was too strong!

This Just how long has it been? How can his strength be terrifying to such a degree? Zhou Jias complexion was white as a sheet as he said in shock.

Bloodrain swept a glance over him and said with a cold smile, What? Scared?

Zhou Jia was startled inwardly, his expression ugly as he said, H-How can that be possible?


Just as they were talking, a streak of terrifying sword energy whistled past, directly slaughtering a large swathe.

Force wind swept past, scaring Zhou Jia until he shuddered.

Zhou Jia looked at Ye Yuan with incomparable terror and alarm. He seriously could not figure out how that youth could grow to such an extent.

Relax. With me around, he cant hurt you! Bloodrain said fully confident.

Actually, he looked down on Zhou Jia from the bottom of his heart. It was just that he still had some use right now. That was why he did not kill him.

Only when he heard Bloodrains words did Zhou Jia loosen up considerably.

Inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda, it was long in utter disarray already.

M-Milord entered bedevilment! At this rate, Milord will thoroughly lose himself! Ao Qian said incredibly worriedly.

What to do here? Without Milords permission, we cant go out at all! Jiang Taicang also had a panicked look.

Lu-er did not speak by the side. But the worried expression on her face betrayed her.

Oh,right, Elder Teng! Elder Teng is the Vast Heaven Pagodas artifact spirit! He must have a way! Ao Qian suddenly thought of something and shouted.

Right at this time, Long Tengs figure materialized.

The moment he came out, everyone crowded over.

Elder Teng, quickly think of a way!

Yeah, Elder Teng, hurry and think of a way. At this rate, His Excellency will be a goner!

Everyone clamored to speak, all burning with anxiety.

Long Teng waved his hand and said, You guys cant go out now! Hell kill you guys together! Moreover, even if you all go out, its useless too!

Then Then what should we do? Jiang Taicang said anxiously.

Long Tengs gaze turned towards Lu-er. Then, everyones gazes looked towards her.


Thats right! Apart from her, nobody can save Ye Yuan here! Only she can stir up the soft spot in the deepest part of Ye Yuans soul! However theres a possibility of failure too! And the price of failure is death! At that time, not only will Lu-er, you, die, Ye Yuan will utterly enter bedevilment too, never to awaken again! Lu-er, are you willing to give it a try? Long Teng said with a serious expression.

Clearly, he was also not very confident.

But, the matters between Ye Yuan and Lu-er, he was still aware.

Ye Yuan walking from the Endless World until now, if talking about who was the person he was closest to, it had to be Lu-er!

Only the person that he was closest to could rouse Ye Yuan, who currently entered bedevilment.

The moment Lu-er heard, she said without hesitation, Grandpa Long Teng, let me out then! Even if I die under Young Masters sword, Ill have no regrets too!

Long Teng let out a sigh and said with a nod, Alright, but right now isnt the time yet!

The Ye Yuan with two bloodshot eyes finally detected Zhou Jia this existence!

The moment his two eyes turned back, Zhou Jias entire person almost shrunk, as if there was a feeling of being stared at by the god of death!

When Bloodrain saw this scene, he could not help sneering coldly.


Ye Yuans figure instantly vanished from sight!

Greater teleportation!

However, Bloodrain captured Ye Yuans trail!


An intense collision. It actually directly blasted Ye Yuan back.

However, Ye Yuan was not discouraged. Instead, he seemed to become even more berserk.

His target was Zhou Jia!

Because in his subconscious, Zhou Jia should know Li-ers whereabouts.

Regardless of whether alive or dead!

Even though Ye Yuan entered bedevilment, his combat instincts were still there.

Bloodrains strength was indeed formidable. It was even a notch above Han Qing Zi!

But this time, Ye Yuans Domain of Sword opened up!


A rain of blood scattered everywhere!

The insufferably arrogant Bloodrain was actually killed in one exchange!