Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1163

Chapter 1163 Only Oneself To Blame

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Blood splattered, splashing all over Zhou Jias face.

The scalding hot blood made his entire person tremble, abruptly startling awake.

His eyes became round circles. Up until now, he still did not dare to believe everything that he saw in front of him.

Someone as powerful as Bloodrain was finished off in one exchange?

They were clearly still gloating over others misfortune earlier. Bloodrain even said that there was no problem with him around.

But, what kind of situation was this right now?

Li-er! Wheres Li-er!

Ye Yuans icy-cold voice bored into his ears, making Zhou Jia shudder once again.

It was not long before, he thought that he could finally let Vastsun City lord over a region when he broke through to Void Mystic.

Currently, in front of Ye Yuan, he was still weak like a toddler learning how to walk.


Zhou Jia only hesitated slightly, and Ye Yuan suddenly disappeared.

He had yet to react to what was happening when fresh blood sprayed everywhere on Bright Moon Citys walls!


A miserable cry sounded over.

With Bloodrains death, everyone scattered and fled in all directions.

When Zhou Jia came back to his senses, all the hairs on his body stood on its end.

Yan-er! Zhou Jia felt like his entire body was sapped dry as he shouted at the top of his voice.

That person observing the situation far away over at this side on the city wall, was precisely his son, Zhou Yan; he was a Divine Realm heavens pride who had once tramped Ye Yuan underfoot!

But now, he finally died under Ye Yuans sword.

Zhou Yan thought that he hid very well. But under Ye Yuans perception, everything in the surrounding was laid completely bare.

And Ye Yuan was just a killing machine right now. He completely only relied on instinct when doing things.

His final trace of reason told him that Zhou Jia was the instigator of this war and should know Li-ers whereabouts.

Maybe, Li-er was not dead yet.

But these were all thoughts in his subconscious.

Hence, he instinctively killed Zhou Yan. He thought that this way, it could make Zhou Jia feel afraid and tell the truth, but he completely did not know Zhou Yan and Zhou Jias relationship.

In the eyes of the current Ye Yuan, Zhou Yan was just an ant.

An ant that was casually trampled to death!

Back then, when Zhou Yan descended upon the Endless World, he kept on saying that Ye Yuan was just an ant.

At that time, he definitely did not imagine that he would be trampled to death like an ant by Ye Yuan today.

As casually as that.

Of course, Ye Yuan was completely clueless. His figure moved, returning in front of Zhou Jia again.

Tell me, wheres Li-er! Ye Yuan asked icily again.

Li-er? You say Li-er?Hahahaha!That slut didnt know how to appreciate favors and is already deader than dead! Yan-er was deeply in love with her, but she actually remained completely unmoved! Before dying, she was even

Zhou Jias voice abruptly cut off. He was no longer able to talk.

With Zhou Yans death, Zhou Jia did not want to live on anymore. He fell completely into madness.

Since Ye Yuan already fallen into depravity, then let him thoroughly enter bedevilment!

Zhou Jia knew that the words out of his mouth would be the final straw that crushed Ye Yuan!

From henceforth, that genius Ji Qingyun would be utterly reduced to a killing machine.

In fact, he wanted to be even more bloody and bloodthirsty than the fiend race.

On his deathbed, a hint of a cold sneer flashed across the corners of Zhou Jias mouth. That was the smile of a treacherous scheme prevailing!


Berserk killing intent practically condensed into a physical entity. It was akin to an enormous storm, billowing into the sky.

Ye Yuan was currently thoroughly sinking into becoming a devil!

At this time, a green silhouette appeared.

Young Master! Lu-ers voice exuded thick concern.

Ye Yuan abruptly turned his head back, his eyes filled with icy-cold killing intent!

Those scarlet-red eyes, Lu-er was too unfamiliar.

This Was this still that gentle and caring Young Master?

Young Master! Wake up, Young Master! Lu-er said with tears in her eyes.

Facing Lu-er, Ye Yuan actually had a rare moment of not directly exterminating!

He was currently on the critical point of bedevilment. He was still hanging onto that last trace of reason in the depths of his heart.

Lu-er was the kin that Ye Yuan cared the most for all along.

Protecting her was virtually Ye Yuans instinct.

Hence, he did not make a move.

But the virtually materialized killing intent made Lu-er practically unable to breathe.


Ye Yuans figure disappeared. But the next instant, the Evil Extermination Sword stopped at Lu-ers neck.


A drop of fresh blood flowed out of Lu-ers fair skin, flowing down along the Evil Extermination Sword.

On Ye Yuans savage face, a look of struggle actually surfaced.

Very clearly, his instinct was currently battling with his mental demon.

If the Evil Extermination Sword went another inch forward, Lu-er would die!

Time slowly trickled by, as if it had frozen.

But Lu-ers face did not show a hint of a change in countenance.

From start to end, her gaze never left Ye Yuans face.

She trusted Ye Yuan. She believed that Ye Yuan would not kill her.

Even if Ye Yuan fell into deprivation!

Young Master, Im Lu-er!

Young Master, did you forget that you taught Lu-er the Heaven Illusionary Ice Soul?

Young Master, have you forgotten that back then, in order to save Lu-er, you killed Lin Tiancheng and challenged the Nine Heavens Road?

Ye Yuan reminisced the past in detail, looking into it to call back reason.

The dainty neck and the Evil Extermination Sword rubbed non-stop. More and more blood flowed out.

But she was seemingly oblivious.

Young Master, why are you so foolish! Ambushing the Bright Moon City, their target is definitely you! If they really caught Big Sister Li-er, how can they possibly not make use of her to deal with you? You didnt see Big Sister Li-er with your own eyes, so how can you determine that she died? If shes fine, but you fell into depravity, wouldnt she be heartbroken?

Young Master, the people who care about you isnt just Big Sister Li-er either. Me, Grandpa Long Teng, Ao Qian, Jiang Taicang each one of us cares for you very much. You cant let yourself to fall into depravity unchecked!

One sentence after another, they impacted Ye Yuans heart.

The instinct of slaughter and his consciousness was undergoing an intense struggle.

Gradually, that surging killing intent finally lessened gradually.

While Ye Yuans scarlet-red two eyes also gradually faded away.

L-Lu-er? Ye Yuan called out dryly.

When Lu-er saw that Young Master finally regained his senses, tears flooded out.

Y-Young Master, you you finally woke up!

I What happened to me just now?

Ye Yuan suddenly discovered that his sword was actually pressed against Lu-ers throat.

Lu-ers throat was already stabbed by his sword until fresh blood flowed steadily.

This shock was by no means insignificant!

His entire body trembled, finally thoroughly regaining consciousness.

Young Master, you just now, you

Lu-ers words had yet to finish saying when her eyes rolled back, her entire person toppling over weakly.

Ye Yuan was alarmed and hurriedly supported Lu-er.

Lu-ers distance from Ye Yuan was merely the distance of a sword.

Ye Yuans great circle of perfection Slaughter Concept, Lu-er practically withstood it completely.

This degree of Slaughter Concept, even if Divine King powerhouses were situated inside, they might not be able to withstand it either.

Sensing the piercingly cold killing intent from such a close distance, how could Lu-er be able to withstand it?

Up until now, she completed relied on a strand of willpower to forcefully hold on. If not for Young Master, she would have long crumbled.