Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1164

Chapter 1164 No Regrets

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This This was all done by me?

Ye Yuan looked at the dead bodies all over the ground outside the city, his eyes filled with disbelief.

All the martial artists in the city were actually massacred clean by him alone!

The current Bright Moon City was already a ghost city, without even a soul, looking incomparably spooky.

When you heard from those two people about the news regarding Li-er, your heart suffered an impact all at once. You suddenly went insane. By the time we came to our senses, it was already too late to stop it, Ao Qian said with lingering fear in his heart.

Yeah! Milord, you were like a killing god before! The other party had a major power who was finished off by you in one exchange! You really dont know how harrowing you were!

Recalling the scene of finishing Bloodrain off, Jiang Taicang was similarly incredibly alarmed.

His Excellency, who almost fell into depravity, was simply too terrifying.

He even suspected that once they showed face back then, they would most likely be instantly one-shotted!

Lightly stroking Lu-ers long hair, Ye Yuan was filled with self-blame in his heart.

Sigh,looks like my heart realm is still not perfected! If I really took action against Lu-er today, Id really find it hard to absolve myself from the blame. Ye Yuan was endlessly remorseful in his heart.

Long Teng looked at Ye Yuan and had a look of tenderness too as he sighed and said, I cant blame you for this matter either! You had once experienced the pain of losing your loved ones. I didnt expect that such an accident would happen again now. Suddenly hearing about the grievous news, nobody is able to withstand this kind of psychological impact too.

Ye Yuan fell silent. After a long time, he suddenly opened his mouth and said, Senior, do you think Li-er she

Even if he already recovered now, Ye Yuan still did not dare to go and think about this matter.

He lost himself in concern. Because he cared too much about Li-er, his heart was weighed down with worry along the way.

Suddenly hearing Li-ers grievous news, Ye Yuans heart suffered a tremendous impact. That was why he lost control for a moment and almost fell into depravity.

This scheme of the holy sons was insidious and viscous.

Even someone as strong as Ye Yuan nearly succumbed too.

But Li-ers death became an unresolved case presently.

This group of peoples strength was very powerful. That Bloodrains strength was even a little stronger than Han Qing Zi.

Whether or not Li-er was still alive, Ye Yuan was really rather uncertain.

When Long Teng heard that, he said, I know what youre thinking about. But it hasnt reached the point where all hope is lost yet! As long as theres a spark of hope, we cant give up, isnt it so? At least this time, we didnt see Li-er. This is perhaps good news. Youre also aware, Li-ers Innate Battle Soul Physique is extremely powerful. Perhaps she really had the chance to escape with her life?

Ye Yuan heaved a sigh when he heard that and said, Right now, I can only think like this! Its just that Vastsun City actually dared to do such a resolute thing. From henceforth, they have no need to continue existing anymore either!

Talking to the back, Ye Yuans tone seethed with killing intent.

Killing the Zhou father and son, not only did Ye Yuan not regret it in the slightest, he was actually invigorated instead.

Even though Vastsun City was not the main culprit for Bright Moons unexpected turn of events this time, they helped the wicked by perpetuating wicked deeds. Ye Yuan naturally would not let them off.

Especially Zhou Jia, the words that he said previously on his deathbed, the motive was even more apparent!

This bunch of fellows was clearly baiting him into depravity!

Y-Young Master, are you alright?

At this time, the Lu-er in Ye Yuans embrace slowly woke up. But who she was concerned about right away was Ye Yuan.

In her eyes, her young masters life was much more important compared to hers.

Ye Yuan was full of tender care as he said, Of course Im fine! All thanks to my Lu-er. Otherwise, this young master would have sunk into deprivation for all of eternity!

The moment Lu-er heard, she could not help weeping from extreme joy and said sobbingly, T-Thats great! Young Master, you really frightened Lu-er badly today!

Lu-ers display of true feelings made Ye Yuan blame himself even more. He sighed and said, Silly girl! Do you know that I nearly killed you today?

But Lu-er cried while smiling as she said, I know that Young Master dotes on Lu-er the most. Even if you really fell into depravity, you definitely wont kill Lu-er too! Even if you really killed Lu-er, Lu-er have no regrets too! This life of Lu-ers was given by Young Master!

Hearing Lu-ers words, Ye Yuan was visibly moved.

Between him and Lu-er, there was already no need to use any words to prove anything.

Their relationship was even closer than family.

Silly girl! Ye Yuan pulled her a little tighter into his embrace.

In the Beiling Region, situated in the north-west direction of the Great Xiang Region.

At this time, in a desolate plain of the Beiling Region. Over ten figures surrounded a beautiful woman.

Haha,Yue Familys lass, with this, you cant run anymore, right? Surrender obediently without putting up resistance! The one talking was precisely Sun Man.

And the beautiful woman surrounded by them in the center was naturally Yue Mengli!

Speaking of the Bright Moon City great battle back then, it was also Yue Mengli who acted fast when the opportunity arose, bringing the Yue Familys members to break out of the encirclement.

At that time, Sun Man thought that he had cornered Yue Mengli.

Who knew that Yue Menglis strength was unexpectedly powerful, and she actually tangled up in a struggle with him!

Especially that battle soul behind her. It was incredibly troublesome.

Ever since awakening the Innate Battle Soul Physique, Yue Menglis strength advanced by leaps and bounds. Not long ago, she broke through to the Divine King Realm.

And at this time, the might of her battle soul finally erupted!

She who had just entered the Divine King Realm actually fought to a draw with Sun Man.

Yue Mengli protected the Yue family members, fighting as they retreated, withdrawing from Bright Moon City.

Of course, during this process, it was naturally unavoidable for the Yue Family to suffer heavy casualties.

Fortunately, there was a Void Mystic Realm Wu Luo. That was how they barely managed to ensure the Yue family members safety.

Speaking of which, it was also thanks to the Medicine King Hall that misjudged Yue Menglis strength, thinking that by sending only Sun Man over, he could take her down completely.

They completely did not expect that Yue Menglis strength was actually so great!

When Bloodrain rushed to the Bright Moon City, he had to hold down the fort and await Ye Yuans arrival as well.

As a result, that was how Yue Mengli could run until now.

On the way, Yue Mengli discovered that their target was actually her. Hence, she had Wu Luo escort everyone to flee in the direction of the Demon Region, while she lured away Sun Man, this expert.

Sun Mans strength, after experiencing the Holy Mother Devil Flowers devilfication, already increased substantially.

And these people that he brought over, were all void mystic powerhouses without any exceptions.

In his eyes, Yue Mengli was already a turtle in a jar.

In order to take care of the Yue Familys members, Yue Mengli was already covered in wounds.

It seemed like at this moment, she indeed did not have any strength to retaliate already.

Yue Mengli gave Sun Man a glance and retorted with a question, You all schemed so laboriously, its in order to deal with Big Brother Yuan, right?

Heh,that is, of course! You, are that Ji Qingyuns life! Grasping you in our hands, it will naturally break his destiny! The child ofdestiny1will also no longer exist! However perhaps he has already thoroughly entered bedevilment at this time! Hahaha

Talking about what he was pleased with, Sun Man could not help letting out a roaring laugh.

Yue Menglis brows knitted. She sucked in a deep breath and said, Alright, since thats the case, I can send you all on the way already!

Sun Man froze, then immediately burst into laughter and said, Send us on our way?Hahaha


Yue Menglis battle soul suddenly condensed and formed, but it made Sun Mans expression changed greatly!

This battle souls aura was actually several times more powerful compared to when they exchanged blows previously!