Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1165

Chapter 1165 Charging Up To The Medicine King Hall Alone

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Above the sky of Vastsun City, Ye Yuan stood in the air.

Looking at the city below, the Zhou Family was already utterly annihilated.

This time, the Zhou Familys actions and conduct touched Ye Yuans reverse scale.

Therefore, the Zhou Family naturally had no reason to exist anymore.

Young Master, for the next step, what do you plan on doing? Behind Ye Yuan, Lu-er seemed rather worried.

Ye Yuan stood with his hands behind his back and said loftily, Its been over 20 years! Its time that I settle all the scores!

Ye Yuans words made everyone alarmed in their hearts.

The long awaited day finally had come.

Ao Qian!

Your subordinate is present!

Ill entrust everyone here to you! Bring them all back, go the dragon clan, and await my news.

Ye Yuans words made everyones faces change drastically!

Lu-er said anxiously, Young Master, I want to go together with you!

Ao Qian said, Milord, you arent planning on going to the Medicine King Hall alone, right? This This is also too reckless!

Yeah, Milord. That Medicine King Hall might be the fiend races lair. Its too dangerous for you to go alone! Jiang Taicang said.

Ye Yuan smiled when he heard that and said, No matter how many people they have, its meaningless to me too. If you all go, Id need to divert attention to take care of you all instead.

Ye Yuans words, they made everyones faces incomparably ugly.

Messing around for half a day, Ye Yuan was actually complaining about them being a hindrance.

Especially Ao Qian. He, a former dragon clans strongest expert, could not poke his nose into this matter either.

This result made him very embarrassed.

But thinking about it, numbers indeed already did not have too great of a significance to the current Ye Yuan.

His Domain of Sword did not even need him to trigger it, and nobody could approach within a 20 feet radius of him.

A-Alright! Young Master, then you need to be careful! Lu-er said worriedly.

Relax, after I kill Ji Canglan, Ill go to the dragon clan and rendezvous with you all, Ye Yuan said.

Watching everyone vanish in the transmission array, killing intent gradually thickened on Ye Yuans face.

Old grudge yet to be resolved, new enmity was added again!

Jia Canglan was truly unscrupulous and stopped at nothing.

Bright Moon Citys sudden turn of events made the monstrous killing intent Ye Yuan had toward Ji Canglan unable to be contained anymore.

Several days later, at Bright Moon City, a pretty figure appeared. It was precisely Yue Mengli.

Looking at the Bright Moon City is utter dilapidation as well as the corpses sprawled all over the ground, Yue Menglis brows knitted together.

Looks like Big Brother Yuan already came by!

She was very certain that this was done by Ye Yuan. It was just that such a ghastly sight made Yue Mengli alarmed and on tenterhooks.

Yue Menglis figure moved, vanishing from where she was.

The present Medicine King Hall exuded a strange atmosphere everywhere.

In a hidden pavilion, covered densely in array formations, a large vat was placed in the middle.

Diagrams all around, extremely complex array formations were set up.

Looking closely, the large vat was actually filled to the brim with blood, looking sanguinary and horrifying.

At this time, a black-robed man actually spoke to the blood vat.

Bright Moon Citys matters are already settled. Even though there was some minor interlude, Ji Qingyun finally still fell into depravity! said the black-robed man.

At this time, a voice actually came out from inside the blood vat.

This matter, you did very well! With the son of heavens mandate falling into depravity, nobody is capable of stopping my fiend race anymore!

The voice inside the blood vat was clearly very happy and even had a feeling of being fired up with boundless enthusiasm.

The black-robed man said, Its just that I didnt think that even Bloodrain died at his hands! The son of heavens mandate indeed lives up to the reputation. His improvement speed is too astonishing.

That is, of course. This seat has fought with several generations of Sons of Heavens Mandate. Which one isnt a character that startled the heavens and shook the earth? This seat has such means and even tumbled with a big fall. I still havent recovered all the way until today.

Its just Sun Mans side hasnt sent over any news yet. Im a little worried.

With the son of heavens mandate falling into depravity, the overall situation is decided. Just a little lass, theres no big deal. How are the preparations for the Bloodsoul Beads?

The black-robed man said, Already fully prepared. There are a total of 58 thousand beads. I already sent Bloodevil to bring people to the Divine Martial Hall. Hell be reaching within the next few days.

Bloodsoul Bead was precisely the thing that was refined in the Endless World back then.

The Endless World and Fierce Gale World, two worlds martial artists had casualties numbering in the hundreds of millions before condensing just one!

For over 58 thousand beads, one truly no idea how many were plunged into misery and suffering.

En,you did very well. This seats painstaking efforts to groom you back then were not in vain, said the Divine Master.

The black-robed man bowed and said, Divine Master is too kind. Youre a paramount existence. Serving you is part of Mo Lans duty.

Haha,this seat sealed your divine soul inside the soul of a human with the soul extraction method. Only then did it was hidden from the eyes and ears of the human races powerhouses. Its just that my only concern was that your consciousness would be corroded by the human soul. Looking at it now, this seats worries was unnecessary, Divine Master said with a laugh.

Turned out that Ji Canglans original name was actually called Mo Lan

And the Divine Masters magical ability was truly so mysterious that even gods and spirits could not predict it.

It was just that this sort of approach was truly too cruel.

Ji Canglan said respectfully, Lord Divine Master is too kind. Mo Lan is forever your most loyal subject!

En,youre not a subject. Youre the holy son that this seat decided on! Beneath one person, and above millions! As long as you put your heart and soul into working for this seat, in the future, this Divine Realm will definitely fall on you! Divine Master said.

Yes, Lord Divine Master! The lofty and unyielding Ji Canglan was actually incomparably respectful at this time.

Ji Cang Lan!

Right at this time, a thunderous voice permeated throughout the entire Medicine King Hall.

Ji Canglan was startled inwardly. This voice, he was really familiar with it!

Ji Qingyun!

But didnt Ji Qingyun already fall into depravity?

En?Its the aura of the son of heavens mandate! Mo Lan, shouldnt you give me an explanation?

Divine Master clearly already recognized this arrivals aura and suddenly became extremely enraged.

That vat of blood actually started boiling. It was as if it was currently displaying Divine Masters fury.

Ji Canglans expression changed, and he said, This This is impossible! The people who fled back from Bright Moon City said that Ji Qingyun clearly already fell into depravity. How can he possibly find this place? In order to determine the truth, I even specially did a soulsearch! Could it be Could it be that he relied on his slaughter instincts and found this place? Yes, it must be like this!

Humph!Regardless of what kind of situation it is, settle this matter yourself! This seat has already arrived at the final juncture of breaking through and have no time to divert attention. This mess, you settle it yourself! Divine Masters voice became icy-cold.

Yes, Lord Divine Master! For the sake of dealing with the son of heavens mandate, Mo Lan prepared many contingency plans. This time, Mo Lan will definitely resolve this hidden danger thoroughly! Ji Canglan said deferentially.


Divine Masters stern voice sounded out. The color of that vat of blood gradually faded away and actually became a vat of clear water.

After Divine Masters voice disappeared, Ji Canglan said coldly, Ji Qingyun, youre really an unkillable cockroach! I want to see if youre really unkillable!