Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1166

Chapter 1166 Tenacious Life

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Whos this person? To actually dare be so arrogant at our Medicine King Hall?

Dont recognize. This person is so unfamiliar! Merely Seventh Level Dao Profound Realm, he actually dared to drop in and shout the hall masters name. Isnt this courting death?

Fool! Thats Ji Qingyun! He came back!

Ji Ji Qingyun? Hes that Ji Qingyun who seized possession and revived?

Heh heh,this idiot actually dares to come to the Medicine King Hall alone. Truly seeking death!

Ye Yuans yell made the entire Medicine King Hall seethe with excitement.

Too arrogant!

Too overbearing!

Too stupid!

A Seventh Level Dao Profound martial artist actually dared to come to the Medicine King Hall to act wildly?

Seizing possession and reviving, his head also spoiled, right?

Sweeping a glance over, Ye Yuans eyes revealed a complicated expression too.

Different things and different people!

The present Medicine King Hall no longer had its former glory.

Looking at a glance, there were scenes of desolation everywhere. It was akin to two different places from its prime.

Many peoples faces seemed to be familiar, but they were already not them!

The terror of the fiend race lied in their devilfication abilities.

Once devilfied, they would become the fiend masters loyal lackeys, no longer able to betray the fiend master, all the way until death.

Some special attributes of the fiend race, Ye Yuan got to know quite a bit out of Skydistants mouth.

The fiend race was a terrifying race. One could say: not even a prairie fire could burn out the grass, growing again when the spring breeze blew!

As long as they did not die, they would assimilate the other races without any scruples.

But to the human race, exterminating fiend emperor could be easily accomplished.

But once the fiend race reached the Deity Realm, they virtually possessed undying bodies!

Wanting to kill then was extremely, extremely difficult!

Daoist Absolute Heavens strength was exceedingly great and was still unable to thoroughly eradicate the two great heavenly fiendgods, and could only suppress them.

One could say that once the fiend race metamorphosed to the Deity Realm, they were practically undying existences!

These former Medicine King Hall disciples in front of him already became fiend slaves now.

Fiend slaves had their own individual consciousness and were able to cultivate themselves. But they were submissive towards their masters from the bottom of their hearts.

Putting it bluntly, it was slave nature!

Ye Yuans perception was exceedingly powerful. Inside the current Medicine King Hall, there were quite a few extremely powerful existences.

Except, to the current Ye Yuan, he did not place them in his sights.

Hahaha,Ji Qingyun, you came right on time! Since you came, stay behind then!

A peak divine king powerhouse soared to the sky and welcomed Ye Yuan.

But this peak divine king powerhouse, Ye Yuan knew him. He was formerly the Medicine King Halls guest elder, Ma Youdao.

It was just that now, this Ma Youdao was clearly already devilfied.

Previous life, Ye Yuans relationship with this Ma Youdao was still pretty good.

Ma Youdaos talent was ordinary. Being able to break through to peak divine king was actually due to Ye Yuan.

Ma Youdao watched Ye Yuan grow up since young and doted on him like his own familys junior.

But sadly

Back down, Ma Youdao, Im not killing you! This young master is here today only to kill Ji Canglan! Looking at Ma Youdao, Ye Yuan had complicated feelings.

Although Ye Yuan could be said to kill people without batting an eyelid, towards people who were kind to him, he could not quite deal the blow.

Even though he knew that this person was already long devilfied.

Ye Yuans strength, only the Medicine King Halls upper echelons knew. Mao Youdao had always stayed in the Medicine King Hall, so he did not understand at all.

What he had in mind right now was capturing Ye Yuan and taking credit for it from his master!

In his eyes, Ye Yuan was merely a Seventh Level Dao Profound little rookie.

Haha,kill me? Did you guys hear that? This boy is just Seventh Level Dao Profound, and he actually said that he wants to kill me!

Mao Youdaos words made everyone snicker with laughter.

Hahaha,this brat wasnt so funny back then! A Seventh Level Dao Profound dealing with a peak divine king? Is he joking?

Maybe hes still immersed in the environment of the past lifes young master, and think that well pull our punches against him!

Ma Youdao, stop talking nonsense with this brat. This contribution, you can have it. Quickly take him down.

Ma Youdao said delightedly, Ji Qingyun, I didnt expect that after you seized possession and revived, you actually became so rampant and conceited. I, Ma Youdao, want to take a look today at how youre going to kill me.

Mao Youdao let out a loud laugh and suddenly released a palm toward Ye Yuan.


The palm with a huge ruckus directly dissipated into nothing 20 feet in front of Ye Yuan.

Ma Youdaos expression changed. Everyones faces changed drastically!

This What kind of situation was this?

Ye Yuan heaved a sigh and said, Fine then, it was me who was flattering myself.

Ma Youdao was dazed and still had not understood what was going on when he felt it go black before his eyes, directly fainting away.

Ye Yuans palm shoved lightly, sending Ma Youdao onto a terrace on the mountainside, but did not kill him.

Ye Yuan could not deal the blow.

This What on earth happened just now? Ma Youdaos palm actually extinguished bafflingly!

Yeah. Didnt see Ji Qingyun make a move at all. There isnt even the slightest hint of essence energy undulation!

Could it be that Ma Youdao himself tripped and stumbled? But this isnt possible, right?

Its not right, this Ji Qingyun seems to be a bit odd!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Ye Yuan had just taken care of Ma Youdao when over ten figures soared into the air again.

Sweeping a glance over, these people were all once Ye Yuans elders!

Although their strength and status were far inferior compared Ye Yuan, without exception, they all watched Ye Yuan grow up.

Furthermore, their relationship with Ye Yuan was even really not bad.

Seeing this scene, how could Ye Yuan still not understand what was happening?

This Ji Canglan was truly shameless to the extreme. He actually thought of using this kind of trick to make him wary in taking action.

But would it be that simple?


Ye Yuans soul force gushed out, directly attacking these dozen over figures sea of consciousness.

Divine soul attack!

With Ye Yuans present divine soul realm, carrying out divine soul attacks against these people, they did not have strength leftover to resist at all.

Ji Canglan, stop scheming in vain! Its no use! Ill give you one last chance, come out and accept the challenge! Ye Yuan called out in a clear voice.

A black silhouette slowly walked out of the Medicine King Hall. Looking at Ye Yuan, he frowned and said, You actually didnt fall into depravity? Those people who fled back from Bright Moon City clearly all said that they saw you fall into depravity!

The probing earlier made him finally realize that Ye Yuan did not fall into depravity.

Ye Yuan said coolly, You seem to be very disappointed? For my sake, you really went through great pains!

One had to admit that Ye Yuan really almost succumbed to it by a narrow margin.

If without Lu-er, Ye Yuan would have long fallen into depravity at this time already.

The son of heavens mandate is indeed troublesome! Now, I finally somewhat understand why Lord Divine Master wanted to employ any means possible to eliminate you, Ji Canglan also sighed slightly and said.

Several hundred years of lying low, Ji Canglan was naturally filled with vicissitude of emotions.

He, Mo Lan, could be said to be born for Ye Yuans sake.

However, he lurked for several hundred years and was still unable to kill Ye Yuan.

For Ye Yuans sake, he truly cudgeled his brain, but he just could not kill him.

Ye Yuans life was seriously too tenacious!