Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1167

Chapter 1167 Nine Consummate God Killing Sword Formation

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Seeing Ji Canglan, Ye Yuans killing intent could not be concealed anymore.

He looked at Ji Canglan and said coldly, Im only asking you, just how is Li-er right now?

Ji Canglan smiled and said, How else can she be? Dont you already know? Do you think that Id let her off?Huhu,the son of heavens mandate is destined to be lonely!

Ye Yuans gaze turned intent. Killing intent surged to the skies!

Ji Canglan smiled faintly when he saw the situation and said, Looks like you hate me very much? But your opponent isnt me. Since you came, I, your senior brother, naturally have to arrange a big feast for you!


Before Ye Yuans eyes, a hundred figures suddenly appeared.

Each and every one of these people all surged with fiendish energy.

Even Ma Youdao and those people knocked unconscious by him previously, all of them woke up too, surrounding Ye Yuan in the middle.

Nine Consummate God Killing Sword Formation, you know it, Ji Canglan said with a faint smile.

Ye Yuans face darkened, and he gnashed his teeth in hatred and said, You deserve death!

This Nine Consummate God Killing Sword Formation was precisely a divine rank sword formation that Ji Zhengyang obtained at Godfalls Mountain Range.

Back then, Ji Zhengyang paid a tremendous price and invited Lu Linfeng to take action. It was a grand array specially forged for the Medicine King Hall.

Lu Linfeng was naturally unable to bring out this Divine Dao array formation. But he comprehended this set of array formation and modified this set of array formation to become a quasi-divine rank grand array!

This set of sword formation, as long as the people who took part in the sword formation were sufficiently strong, they could virtually contend with the Ten Great Divine Kings class of powerhouses!

Wanting to utilize this set of Nine Consummate God Killing Sword Formation to the limits required three peak void mystic powerhouses, nine middle-stage void mystic powerhouses, 18 initial-stage void mystic powerhouses, as well as 81 peak divine king powerhouses!

Even though Lu Linfeng helped the Medicine King Hall to simplify this set of array formation, with the Medicine King Halls strength, they could not form this set of sword formation at all.

Previous life, the Medicine King Hall did not have so many powerhouses at all. They could only simplify it once more.

But now, these powerhouses in front of Ye Yuan pooled this set of sword formation together!

Huhu,in order to deal with you, I forcefully used secret arts to increase the cultivation realms of your former old friends. Now, the Nine Consummate God Killing Sword Formation is already gathered, only waiting for you to come and enjoy it, Ji Canglan said with a big laugh.

Most importantly, these powerhouses in front of Ye Yuan were all the Medicine King Halls backbone in the past.

These people, Ye Yuan had gotten along with them for several hundred years and was all too familiar!

My good junior brother, I know that youre especially softhearted towards friends, so as the senior brother, I carefully prepared this set of sword formation for you. In a while, you have got to show some leniency when you attack. Dont hurt them!Hahaha!Ji Canglan laughed very smugly.

He had lived with Ye Yuan for several hundred years and was all too clear about Ye Yuans temperament and weaknesses.

Including Bright Moon Citys sudden turn of events, Ji Canglan also made use of Ye Yuans this sort of weakness.

Ji Canglan could be said to be taken every conceivable possibility into account, predicting that Ye Yuan would fall into depravity.

But did not expect Lu-er this variable to appear.

The moment the array formation opened up, sharp sword intent roamed around inside the grand array.

Ye Yuans expression could not help becoming solemn. This array formation was indeed extraordinary!

Any one of them was far from being Ye Yuans match.

But combined together, they actually had a feeling of invincibility.

Even if Ye Yuan comprehended the Domain of Sword, he actually had a feeling of danger too.

This Lu Linfeng is truly damnable! Just simply modify it a bit will do, so serious for what? Our Medicine King Hall clearly didnt have that many powerhouses, did you specifically alter the array formation for Ji Canglan?

Ye Yuan had long already cussed Lu Linfeng several hundred times in his heart.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh

Streaks of sword light slashed past, charging straight for Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuans expression changed. The Evil Extermination Sword suddenly moved out.


Ye Yuan attacked like lightning, weaving the Evil Extermination Sword densely until airtight. Only then did it barely withstood the power of the sword formation.

Even so, he felt his blood and qi in turmoil too.

Ever since comprehending the Domain of Sword, it was still Ye Yuans first time encountering such a powerful foe.

Just now, when those sword lights came over, they looked plain and ordinary, but Ye Yuan suddenly sensed an immense threat.

He felt like his Domain of Sword most likely could not resist the might of those sword lights!

Sure enough, the moment it started, Ye Yuans pressure soared.

Ye Yuan had no time to praise this array formations marvelousness. In virtually an instant, he was quashed to the extreme!

These sword lights, through the Nine Consummate God Killing Sword Formations enhancement, the power was tremendous.

Even if Ye Yuans fleshy body was powerful, he was blasted until the webbing between his thumb and index finger went numb too.

Before long, Ye Yuans webbing between his thumb and index finger seeped out blackish-red bloodstains.

Haha,how satisfying! I really didnt think that this sword formation actually had such great power! This brat comprehended the extremely powerful Domain of Sword among Divine Dao domains and actually cant withstand it either, a black-robed man came beside Ji Canglan and said with a loud laugh.

This black-robed man was called Bloodsoul, one of the six great protectors under Ji Canglan.

Ji Canglan smiled and said, Divine Dao domains need to have Deity Realm cultivation to support it! Him, a Seventh Level Dao Profound, comprehending the Domain of Sword, its impossible to be invincible too.

Bloodsoul sighed in wonder and said, I was really unaware that you actually reserved such an impressive back-up move!

Ji Canglan said, This sword formation was deduced according to Divine Dao array formations by the Grand Yan Divine King among the present Divine Realms Ten Great Divine Kings. The power can virtually rival the Ten Great Divine Kings. Back then, Ji Zhengyang that old thing expended a tremendous price before managing to get him to take action.

I didnt expect that the present human race actually still had such a level of existence! Looks like he isnt easy to provoke! Bloodsoul said with an emotional sigh.

So what? As long as Divine Master comes into being, the Ten Great Divine Kings are merely ant-like existences! The Ten Great Divine Kings are also just Dao Profound Realm in the end. But Divine Master is a genuine Deity Realm existence! Ji Canglan said.

Bloodsoul was very much in approval and said with an excited look, Indeed! Right now, everything is ready. Theres only lacking the east wind! Before long, our fiend race will rule over the Divine Realm! At that time, all of the humans will be our slaves!Hahaha

Ji Canglan smiled slightly but did not say much.

At this time, Ye Yuan was already suppressed to the extreme.

In front of these sword lights, he actually did not have the slightest strength to retaliate!

He also tried to cast greater teleportation earlier, attempting to teleport out.

But inside such an abstruse and profound array formation, he was actually unable to cast greater teleportation!

At this instant, Ye Yuan seemed to be confined firmly inside the sword formation.

Under the attack of the sword lights, Ye Yuan was already gradually teetering on his feet. Quite a number of sword lights even brushed by him; he had a narrow escape each time!

Seeing this scene, Bloodsoul laughed loudly and said,Haha,this brat cant hold on anymore! If I had long known, Id have sent this sword formation to go and finish him off. Coming up with so many tricks, the effects were actually inferior to this sword formation!

Ji Canglans face turned black. A burst of killing intent locked onto Bloodsoul. Nobody will take you for a mute even if you dont speak!

Bloodsoul smiled awkwardly and said,H-Haha,I was just saying.

Even though Ji Canglan expressed his displeasure, in the depth of his heart, he actually thought so too!