Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1168

Chapter 1168 God Corrupting Blood Beads

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Ye Yuan, these people are already devilfied and wont have the slightest bit of feelings towards you at all! If you continue to be sympathetic, the one who dies in the end will be you!

Long Tengs voice sounded beside Ye Yuans ear.

Senior could it be that theres really no way of saving them?

None! Once devilfied, their outcome is only death! Even if you dont kill them now, when you kill their master, they still have to die! Long Teng said with the decisiveness that could chop metal.

Ye Yuan let out a slight sigh and said, Fine then, I got it.

Wisps of divine essence quietly entered the Evil Extermination Sword.

All of a sudden, Ye Yuans sword energy skyrocketed!

Those sword lights emitted by the sword formation were actually directly crushed by Ye Yuans sword energy.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

Streaks of invisible sword energy were emitted from the Evil Extermination Sword, causing Ye Yuans defensive circle to grow larger and larger.

Seeing this scene, Ji Canglan and Bloodsouls expression both changed greatly.

Not good! This brat actually held back strength! Looks like he only couldnt bear to kill his former fellow disciples just now, and thats why he was suppressed by the sword formation, Bloodsoul said with an ugly expression.

Ji Canglans gaze stared at the Ye Yuan inside the sword formation with a glimmer as he gritted his teeth and said, He already cultivated the Evil Extermination Sword Formula to the first levels great circle of perfection realm. The Evil Extermination Divine Swords might is already capable of unleashing 10% of its power!

Such terrifying comprehension abilities! He obtained the Evil Extermination Sword Formula for at most one year plus ago, right? In just over one year, he comprehended Divine Dao laws to such an extent! Bloodsoul said in shock.

The son of heavens mandate is indeed extraordinary! This group of trash couldnt come in handy as expected. Bloodsoul, time for you all to strike! Ji Canglan said in a solemn voice.

Yes, Lord Holy Son! Bloodsoul voiced his assent and left.

Ji Canglan looked at the Ye Yuan inside the battle ring, gaze glinting. It was also uncertain what he was thinking about.

At this time, Ye Yuan turned the sword hilt. A spiral-shaped sword energy spouted out, akin to boring into rocks, directly penetrating the sword lights that came from the sword formation.


The sword energy coming off the Evil Extermination Divine Sword passed through a peak void mystics chest without the least bit of hindrance.

This person was the Medicine King Halls former reclusive grand elder. His strength was even a notch greater than Sun Man.

Even though Ye Yuan did not have much contact with him, he also knew that he was a kindly senior.

The previous lifes Ye Yuan, even though he focused on Alchemy Dao, toward his fellow disciples, he had never put on the airs of a young patriarch before.

Therefore, among these fellow disciples, Ye Yuans popularity was still rather high.

Ye Yuans relationship with these people before his eyes was also very harmonious.

But now, he had to personally end these peoples lives. Ye Yuan was still very uncomfortable in his heart.

It only stood to reason that he hated Ji Canglan even deeper to the core!

This guy completely had no bottom line when doing things!

Following this grand elders death, the Nine Consummate God Killing Sword Formations power naturally became greatly discounted.

Those sword lights were completely unable to break through the 20 feet area in front of Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan sighed lightly and said, Sorry, everyone! Qingyun is useless and is powerless to save the situation! Qingyun will send you all on your way here. This grudge, Qingyun will definitely help you all to avenge!

Done talking, Ye Yuans figure instantly vanished.

Then, one figure after another fell down from the sky.

A hundred powerhouses were slaughtered clean by Ye Yuan very quickly.

Looking at the corpses all over the floor, Ye Yuan heaved a sigh and said, Im an alchemy emperor in vain and couldnt save my fellow disciples. Ji Canglan, our grudge is getting bigger and bigger!

Ye Yuan knew that if he did not kill these people, they would come and deal with him to no end.

Seeing this sight, Ji Canglans eyes also turned slightly intent as he murmured, This brat matured quite a bit these few years! I even thought that some old familiar faces are able to cause some hindrance to him. I didnt think that he didnt even bat an eyelid.

Ji Canglan, youve lost all of your conscience and will die a horrible death! Ye Yuan looked at Ji Canglan and said in a cold voice.

Ji Canglan smiled and said, Lost all my conscience? Im of the fiend race. Dont you think that its laughable to say this kind of words to a fiend? As long as we occupy this Divine Realm, we are the heavens! Rather, you personally killed these seniors of the same sect who had once groomed you before. Dont you have any shame at all? Even if they became fiend slaves, they are at least still alive. But now, even their qualifications to carry on living was personally ended by you!

Ye Yuans expression changed. Clearly, he wavered due to Ji Canglans sentence.

Toward enemies, Ye Yuan had always been decisive in going for the kill. He would not even bat an eyelid.

But towards the people around him, Ye Yuan had always felt tied down.

Even if these people became fiend slaves.

But right at this time, warning bells suddenly sounded in Ye Yuans mind!

Countless blood beads came out from within the void and actually already thoroughly surrounded him unknowingly!

The current Ye Yuan seemed to have fallen into the encirclement of countless land mines. It was as if there was already nowhere to hide.

Puu, puu, puu

Those blood beads all exploded in an instant!

In an instantly, blood rain sprayed everywhere!

Ye Yuans expression changed, and he instinctively executed greater teleportation.

However, it was still too late!

Some blood beads tainted his Evil Extermination Divine Sword.

There were even some that splashed on him!

Ye Yuans clothes and skin could not cause the slightest hindrance to these blood beads.

Once they landed on Ye Yuans body, it actually encroached within Ye Yuans body.

Ye Yuans alarm was by no means insignificant. He hurriedly investigated the change within his body, and his expression could not help changing drastically!

After these blood beads entered the body, they turned into a tuft of blood-red color mist, enveloping Ye Yuans essence energy sea.

Ye Yuan revolved essence energy and actually had an intermittent feeling of sluggishness!

Looking at the Evil Extermination Sword again, those blood beads disappeared too. Clearly, it had also corroded to the insides of the Evil Extermination Sword!

Ye Yuan discovered that the power of the Evil Extermination sword seemed to be greatly reduced!

What the hell was those blood beads?

Looking at this scene, Ji Canglan burst into laughter and said, My good junior brother, youre too careless!

After those blood beads exploded, the entire stretch of the sky seemed to be smeared a scarlet red color, looking exceedingly horrifying.


Four figures walked out from within the void, their face having a mocking look.

Ji Qingyun, the taste of these God Corrupting Blood Beads is still pretty good, right?

Stop struggling. These God Corrupting Blood Beads can defile myriad life under the heavens! As long as stained by a tiny bit, your essence energy will be defiled, unable to be used at all.

Also, under this stretch of sky, the four of our combat power will increase one-fifth! While you will weaken by one-fifth!

Ji Qingyun, youre indeed powerful, too bad that youre too foolish! Those good-for-nothings were completely useless. If they died, then they died. You actually even had compassion for them. But speaking of which, for them to be able to confuse your mind, its also considered putting materials to good use. Now that youre going to die too, do you think they will be moved or not?Hahaha

These four people were precisely four out of the six great protectors under Ji Canglan!