Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1169

Chapter 1169 Blood Condensing Holy Physique

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The six great protectors under Ji Canglan were Bloodevil, Bloodsoul, Bloodcurdle, Bloodextinction, Bloodgrudge, and Bloodrain.

Bloodrain, who was finished off by Ye Yuan under his bedeviled state, was one of them.

Bloodevil transported the Bloodsoul Beads to the Divine Martial Hall. Currently, at this place, there were only four great protectors remaining.

But these four great protectors were clearly not some simple people.

The moment they made a move, they already overpowered Ye Yuan.

Currently, Ye Yuans essence energy was sluggish and was completely unable to muster up an effective attack.

Furthermore, this kind of essence energy having corruption effect, it seemed to be spreading.

In the end, Ye Yuans understanding toward the fiend race was still too little.

He did not think that Ji Canglan actually still had such means.

But the four great protectors words made Ye Yuan extremely enraged.

Huhu,are you very infuriated? You humans just love this sort of useless anger.

Your rage is so scary. Use your wrath to come and kill me!Hahaha

Tsk tsk,truly a pretty good expression! I just love seeing this kind of outraged but helpless expression of humans!

The four people chimed in one after another, taunting Ye Yuan.

Unable to circulate essence energy, Ye Yuan was already a lamb awaiting slaughter now.

Ji Canglans brows furrowed, and he said, Stop talking crap. Kill him, in case the night is long, and dreams are fretful!


The four people received the order, raising their blades in unison and charged over towards Ye Yuan.

But right at this time, a sudden turn of events occurred!


A dragon roar that reverberated through the clouds surged to the sky. But this time, Ye Yuan did not transform into a massive dragon.

Even so, the dragon pressure on his body was not the slightest bit weaker compared to turning into a dragon.

To Ye Yuan, fighting in human form was still more carefree.

Caught off guard, the terrifying dragon pressure actually directly sent the four people flying out.

Since Im unable to use essence energy, then Ill just use the power of the fleshy body! Ye Yuan said very indifferently.

Despite being sent flying by the air billow, Bloodsoul the four of them did not get any injuries.

Seeing this scene, Bloodsoul could not help smiling as he said, Your fleshly bodys strength doesnt even reach peak Tier 9! Dealing with the four of us, its still death!

The power of sanguinary, Ye Yuan had once seen on quite a few people before.

But those people compared to these four people before his eyes, the disparity was too great.

A bloody light shot to the skies. The four people carried a strange blade momentum and charged over towards Ye Yuan.

As expected, just as they said, under this stretch of blood-colored space, the four of their strength skyrocketed.

Ye Yuan could distinctly sense that these four peoples strength indeed surpassed ordinary void mystic powerhouses significantly.

The four people superimposing together, the momentum was even more impressively shocking.

Ye Yuan pulled out the fire rod and clashed together with the four people, and actually did not fall into a disadvantageous position in the slightest!

Ye Yuans dragon wave was long cultivated to late-stage spirit rank. The increase to his strength was not just a tiny bit.

Even if not utilizing essence energy, Ye Yuan could similarly battle with powerhouses that surpassed peak void mystic by relying on the dragon races martial techniques.

How is that possible? You Youre actually not affected by the God Corrupting Blood Heaven! Bloodsoul said in astonishment.

As Ye Yuan fought, he said disdainfully, A true dragon fleshy body is an extreme yang and indomitable physique of the world. With just the likes of your despicable means, how can it have constraining effects on me?

Damn it, this brats tricks really emerge in an endless stream! Bloodcurdle said angrily.

Following the increase in cultivation realm, Ye Yuans true dragon bloodline had long reached sacred rank already!

The dragon races bloodline was one of the noblest bloodlines in the world. How could it be suppressed by this Godbane Blood Heaven?

The proud dragon race would never lower their heads to anybody.

Not even the fiend race!

Seeing this scene, Ji Canglans gaze flickered incessantly. Clearly, he was quite surprised.

The son of heavens mandate! The son of heavens mandate! Not seeing him for just a short 20 years or so, just how many trump cards does he have! However, it already reached this point. His trump cards should be used up, right?

Thinking to the back, the corners of Ji Canglans mouth unconsciously revealed a hint of a smile.

He naturally knew that the son of heavens mandate was difficult to deal with. The reason why he set up so many contingency plans was in order to exhaust Ye Yuans trump cards!

The few of you, stop playing! Quickly finish him! Ji Canglan said rather annoyedly.

Hearing Ji Canglans voice, the four figures retreated explosively, instantly pulling apart the distance from Ye Yuan.

Sigh,how boring! Hard to come across such an interesting fellow, cant even play a while more, Bloodsoul said helplessly.

Forget it, Lord Holy Son is already unhappy. If we still dont take it seriously, hell probably directly erase us, Bloodcurdle said.

But this brat is really strong! Under the circumstances of not employing essence energy, he actually fought to a draw with the four of us. No wonder hes the son of heavens mandate. This strength is truly terrifying! Bloodextinction said.

No matter how great his strength is, its only this and nothing more as well! Come on! Bloodsoul said coolly.

Finished talking, the four people actually turned into a cloud of blood mist with a bang!

Four long sabers actually combined into one!

Ye Yuans gaze turned intent, revealing a stunned look.

This move seemed to be somewhat extraordinary!

The six of them are of the Blood Condensing Holy Physique! The terrifying aspect of this kind of physique is that they can each battle individually, and they can also merge into one body. Youre very lucky that Bloodrain was killed by you and that Bloodevil isnt at the Medicine King Hall either. But dealing with you, the four of them should be adequate.

Ji Canglan explained by the side very coolly. Clearly, he was very confident in the four of their combined attack.

The six great protectors combined bodies attack, it was rather demanding for even him to deal with it as well.

These six great protectors were created by the divine master expending a tremendous price.

Divine Master spent several thousand years before creating 24 Blood Condensing Holy Physiques.

Once these 24 Blood Condensing Holy Physiques combined into one, even if the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King, Zhuge Qingxuan was here, it would be more than he could chew off too.

The activities that the fiend race carried out in secret these few years were mostly completed by these 24 Blood Condensing Holy Physiques.

Under the circumstances where the divine master was unable to emerge, these 24 Blood Condensing Holy Physiques could be said to be his representatives.

The divine master sent six great protectors to come and assist Ji Canglan in one go. The importance he attached on Ji Canglan could be seen.

Of course, Ji Canglan did not disappoint him either.

Ever since the Medicine King Halls change, Ji Canglan did a lot of things openly and covertly.

Just the speed of collecting Bloodsoul Beads was several dozens of times faster than in the past.

This colossal project, Ji Canglan also thoroughly completed it not long ago.

All along, the divine master was very satisfied with Ji Canglans performance. The sole exception was Ye Yuan.

All of a sudden, Ye Yuans gaze turned sharp!

Those four exploded clouds of blood mist suddenly gathered together, becoming a person!

But this persons aura was completely different from those four people previously.

Just judging from the aura, this persons strength was very terrifying!

Huhu,savor it well, this final hour! Ji Canglan said with mockery.

Hearing that, Ye Yuan beamed broadly and said, Since you know that Im the son of heavens mandate, then you should be prepared for a reckoning! This level of tricks and you want to kill the son of heavens mandate?

Ye Yuans mocking laugh made Ji Canglans expression changed.