Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 117

Chapter 117


Liu Ruoshui’s two eyes were vacant and lackluster, akin to a walking corpse.

Su Yubai took a deep breath and probed her further. “Let me ask you, Liu Ruoshui. Ye Yuan said that you incited Lin Tiancheng to set up his maidservant, Lu-er. Was there such a thing?”

Hearing Su Yubai questioned her, Liu Ruoshui seemed to have some reaction. It was just that the reaction was somewhat sluggish.

Liu Ruoshui only replied woodenly after some time, “Yes.”

Su Yubai’s face darkened slightly and continued questioning, “Why did you want to deal with Ye Yuan’s maidservant?”

“Because . . . I nearly killed him and was scared that he would take revenge in the future.Hence . . . I used every means possible to deal with him. Lin Tiancheng’s strength was hailed as the greatest among the Earth rank students. He originally already harbored hatred for Ye Yuan in his heart. I incited him to lay hands on Ye Yuan’s maidservant. Ye Yuan will definitely find Lin Tiancheng. At that time, I can borrow Lin Tiancheng’s hands to deal with Ye Yuan,” Liu Ruoshui confessed everything like beans pouring out of a bamboo tube.

Su Yubai’s face became increasingly unsightly. Even though he already guessed that the result would be like this, Liu Ruoshui saying it personally still made him feel stifled.

He could not have imagined that there was actually such a miraculous medicinal pill in this world that could make people confess what was hidden deep within their hearts.

If their Su Family could take control of this type of medicinal pill, their power would rise tremendously!

The moment Liu Ruoshui admitted it, all the students started muttering to each other in low voices.

“It’s really her! This woman is really malicious! To actually lay hands on a little girl who was a stranger!”

“She looks so pretty. But she’s actually a femme fatale!”

“Such a venomous woman should be killed directly!”

“I heard that Ye Yuan’s maidservant passed the entry test, and already officially became the academy’s disciple. This woman was actually so merciless towards fellow disciples. Truly wicked!”

The students were stirred up for a moment and felt abhorred by Liu Ruoshui’s actions.

Even if Ye Yuan and Liu Ruoshui had conflicts, Lu-er was innocent!

A young lady was now on the verge of death after being harmed by Liu Ruoshui. She really suffered an undeserved calamity!

At this point, Hu Changsheng said, “Alright, the truth is already out. Go and call Ye Yuan back.”

Not long after, Ye Yuan was then called back. When he saw Su Yubai’s expression, he already knew what the outcome was.

“I wonder what was extracted just now, Elder Su? Did the Truth Pill have an effect?” Although he already knew the result, Ye Yuan still did not wish to give up the opportunity to make things difficult for Su Yubai.

“Humph!Don’t you already know? Why are you still asking?” Su Yubai said grumpily.

He did not believe that Ye Yuan could not tell.

“Ah?What do I know? You have to say. If you don’t talk, how will I know?” Ye Yuan said innocently.

“You!” Su Yubai was enraged by Ye Yuan once again.

“What about me? Just what did Liu Ruoshui say? Talk!”

Su Yubai stared at Ye Yuan, and wished he could slap him to death with one palm!

Ye Yuan clearly knew the result, yet he wanted him to say it out. Wasn’t this asking him to slap himself?

Su Yubai did not care about Liu Ruoshui’s life or death. But he minded his own face and prestige very much.

The Disciplinary Hall placed the highest emphasis on prestige. If he, the first elder, had his face swept clean by Ye Yuan, how would he punish students in the future?

Su Yubai was currently regretting finding trouble. If he knew earlier, he would just directly cripple Liu Ruoshui and be done with it. What was the point of triggering all these?

Right now, he felt that he was simply moving closer to let Ye Yuan hit his face. And this slap from Ye Yuan was pretty damn loud!

“Liu Ruoshui, she said . . . she said . . .” Su Yubai repeated ‘she said’ multiple times but did not continue.

“Aiya.My Elder Su, you will be the death of me! Just what did she say?”

Ye Yuan gave an extremely anxious look, rousing a wave of sniggering from everyone.

To dare make Elder Su lose face like that, Ye Yuan was truly unique in the Dan Wu Academy.

Su Yubai had always been notorious for being cold-blooded and merciless. He had very high prestige in the Dan Wu Academy. Regardless of who landed in his hands, the outcome would never be good. Hence, he had the nickname of ‘Yama King Su’ in the academy.

Of course, nobody dared to say this nickname to his face.

But now, Ye Yuan actually swept Yama King Su’s face away. This made many people feel extremely satisfied!

It’s truly evil will be rewarded with evil!

“Alright, Ye Yuan. Liu Ruoshui already admitted to framing you and your maidservant. Elder Su, carry out according to the academy’s rules then.” Deputy Dean Zhang Songtao who had been silent all this while could not bear to watch on anymore. So he could only stand up to smooth things out.

“Oh,so that’s the case. Scared me to death. I thought that the Truth Pill was no good! You should have said that sooner, Elder Su. How will I know if you don’t talk?”

Ye Yuan gave an innocent face after getting off cheap, making Su Yubai gnashed his teeth in hatred. Yet, he was unable to do anything to him.

At this time, it seemed like the effects of the Truth Pill wore off. Some light returned to Liu Ruoshui’s eyes.

Liu Ruoshui discovered that the atmosphere seemed to be a little off. Suddenly, she recalled the feeling of her divine soul trembling after consuming the medicinal pill and immediately felt that things were bad.

“E-elder Su, I . . . I . . .”

Su Yubai was currently seething with rage with nowhere to explode. The moment Liu Ruoshui spoke, it instantaneously ignited his wrath.

Su Yubai’s face darkened, and he said sternly, “Liu Ruoshui! You conspired with Lin Tiancheng to harm fellow disciples, causing them to be severely injured and on the verge of death! In accordance with the rules, I sentence your cultivation to be crippled, and you to be immediately expelled from the academy! Are you going to do it yourself, or am I?”

Liu Ruoshui’s face paled considerably when she heard that. She kneeled down right away and hugged Su Yubai’s leg, begging, “Mercy, Elder Su! Have mercy! For the sake of Senior Apprentice Brother Su and me . . .”

It was still fine if Liu Ruoshui did not mention Su Yishan. Once she mentioned Su Yishan, Su Yubai became even more incensed. How could he allow her to continue talking? He straightaway kicked her Dantian area, sending her flying out.

“Ah!”Liu Ruoshui gave a miserable cry and flew out.

Su Yubai was a half-step Crystal Formation Realm expert. He kicked out right then in anger. Although he did not use full strength, how could it be something that Liu Ruoshui could withstand?

This kick completely scattered the essence energy which Liu Ruoshui toiled and moiled to cultivate, turning her into a cripple!

“Puu!”Liu Ruoshui sprayed out a mouthful of blood, staining her clothes bright red, making her look utterly miserable.

“Humph!When you plotted against fellow disciples, you should have prepared for today’s outcome! Right now, Ye Yuan’s maidservant is dying. I only crippled your cultivation and expelled you. It’s already considered light. If you continue to not know what’s good for and bite randomly, then it wouldn’t be as simple as evicting you out!” Su Yubai came in front of Liu Ruoshui and warned while looking down from a height.

Liu Ruoshui felt that her Dantian area was completely empty, and knew that she already became a cripple.

Hearing Su Yubai’s threatening words right now as well, she laughed manically. “Hahaha . . . Your Su Family really have no good people! If you have the capability, then kill me, Su Yubai! You don’t let me say it, but I insist on it!Su Yishan wanted my body, saying he would shield me. In the end, he can’t even beat Ye Yuan! You have power and authority, yet you treated me as a sacrificial piece! Su Yubai, I won’t let you off even if I become a ghost!Haha. . .”

Su Yishan also returned right then. When he heard Liu Ruoshui’s words, his face turned completely dark . . .