Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1170

Chapter 1170 50 Thousand Years Later Divine Rank Dragon Wave Reappears

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Ji Canglans gaze turned sharp!

He saw that Ye Yuan actually slowly withdrew the Sacred Dragon Token!

Ye Yuan slowly shut his eyes. All the muscles in his entire body were trembling rhythmically.

Sigh,is this freak finally going to use it? Over 50 thousand years later, finally seeing it once again!

Inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda, Long Teng had been paying attention to the battle situation all along.

When he saw Ye Yuan keep the Sacred Dragon Token, he knew that this little freak was going to unleash a big move.

Ye Yuan had long cultivated the dragon wave to spirit rank perfection realm. As for divine rank dragon wave, that was just something of the legends.

However, in 100 thousand years, one person who truly cultivated dragon wave to divine rank, it was Long Teng!

What the dragon clans divine inscriptions recorded was precisely how to train dragon wave to divine rank!

With Long Tengs overwhelming talent, he comprehended the divine inscriptions and attained divine rank dragon wave. That was how he became the dragon clans strongest in these 100 thousand years.

But Long Teng spent close to 500 years comprehending divine rank dragon wave back then.

But Ye Yuan merely just spent a day!

From spirit rank dragon wave to divine rank dragon wave, same as all comprehensions of divine inscriptions, the hardest was crossing the threshold.

But this crossing of the threshold was too easy to Ye Yuan.

Even if Long Teng had long been prepared in his heart, he was also dumbstruck with amazement by Ye Yuans comprehension speed.

Truly worthy of being the Atavism Dragon Soul! This kind of comprehension ability can simply be rated as heaven-defying! A physique that is hard to encounter once every million years, truly inconceivable! This boy is full of secrets everywhere on him. Just how did this Atavism Dragon Soul of his come about? Long Teng shook his head and said with a sigh.

He also could not understand till now, Ye Yuan was clearly a human martial artist, why would he possess a dragon races physique that was hard to come across once every million years!

The Blood Condensing Holy Physique wielded a long blade in his hand, his aura astonishing.

Along the way, Ye Yuan had encountered martial artists who used the sanguine power several times. But compared to this Blood Condensing Holy Physique, it was simply a small apprentice meeting a great sorcerer.

Go to hell! Blood Dyeing the Sky!

A bold and uninhibited blade carrying an unreasonable crushing force shot straight towards Ye Yuans face.

Looking from the sides, that sharp blade light virtually split the blood-colored sky into two halves!


At the same time, a virtually materialized golden dragon claw similarly tore apart the sky and welcomed that blood-colored blade light!

Blade light versus dragon claw, it made peoples necks shrink back!

Everyone all thought that this dragon claw would absolutely be split by the blade.


Under everyones stares, two terrifying waves of energy collided together, kicking up a brilliant energy undulation.

Soundless energy instantly spread throughout the entire Medicine King Hall!

Many fiend race martial artists did not even let out a miserable cry and were utterly obliterated by this surge of energy.

The two streams of energy actually entered a deadlock in mid-air.

This blade that was sufficient to split apart everything was actually forcefully caught by the golden dragon claw!


The two surges of energy started vibrating fiercely. Suddenly, Ji Canglans expression changed.

That indifferent look from before was long replaced by shock already!

This This is the dragon races divine rank martial technique! This guy he comprehended divine rank dragon wave? Ji Canglan said shock written all over his face.

Ji Canglan had been on undercover among the human race for a long time, but he was still very clear about some of the Divine Realms secrets.

The dragon races martial technique was completely established on the basis of dragon wave.

And the hallmark of dragon wave breaking through to divine rank was golden color!

That seemingly corporeal golden dragon claw clearly showed that Ye Yuan comprehended divine rank dragon wave!


A huge bang came over, startling the Ji Canglan, who was ruminating in his thoughts.

After stalemating for a short while, the golden dragon claw actually crushed that unparalleled blade light!

This was not over yet!

The golden dragon claw directly smacked down towards the Blood Condensing Holy Physique.


Amidst miserable cries, the Blood Condensing Holy Physique was directly smacked into a cloud of blood mist.

Four clouds of black mist escaped from under the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh

Those blood mists actually condensed four figures once more with the black gas as the center. Who could it be if not Bloodsoul the four of them?

The divine rank Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm actually did not strike them dead in one palm!

Bloodsoul had a look of lingering fear in his heart. The color on his face also faded away a lot, appearing very pale.

Clearly, even though this palm did not smack him dead, it also greatly reduced his strength.

Haha,whats the use even if this palm was any more powerful! The few of us are of undying bodies! You cant kill us!Haha

Bloodsoul let out a crazed laugh, while Ye Yuan, who had no movements all along, suddenly opened his eyes!

Ji Canglan had been paying attention to Ye Yuans direction all along. Ever since after executing the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm, Ye Yuan shut his eyes all the way. It was also uncertain what he was doing.

At this time, Ye Yuan suddenly snapped open his two eyes. Rays of brilliant light shot out of his eyes. Ji Canglan cussed in his heart!

Be careful! Ji Canglan yelled out.

Bloodsoul was startled and hurriedly cast movement technique, wanting to escape.


Of the four people, three people got away. But there was a figure who was directly hacked into blood mist by Ye Yuan once again.

It was just that this time, Ye Yuan did not give him the chance to revive.

Inside the Domain of Sword, Ye Yuan directly ground everything up, including that cloud of black gas.

Bloodextinction, dead!

Bloodsoul the three of them revealed thunderstruck expressions, looked at Ye Yuan, and said with an expression like they had seen a ghost, You You resolved the God Corrupting Blood Bead? How did you do it?

That scene earlier, Ye Yuan did not have the slightest feeling of sluggishness when casting martial technique.

Evil Extermination Swords power recovered to its peak condition again.

Very clearly, Ye Yuan already completely resolved God Corrupting Blood Bead!

It was just that, Bloodsoul did not dare to believe at all how Ye Yuan did it.

A hint of a cold sneer flashed across the corners of Ye Yuans mouth as he said coolly, A mere corrupting object, whats hard about removing it? To think that you all still treated this lousy thing as a treasure!

The moment Bloodsoul heard, his face could not turning stiff.

Lousy thing?

The God Corrupting Blood Bead was an existence that could even corrupt divine artifacts. When it reached Ye Yuans mouth, it actually became a lousy thing?

The God Corrupting Blood Bead was naturally not a lousy thing. But they did not know that Ye Yuan had a Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame on him and could purify myriad objects under the heavens!

These God Corrupting Blood Beads were merely man-made.

However, a peak Tier 9 Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame was the purest, most unadulterated power of fire essence in the world!

As long as Ye Yuan was given some time, purifying tainted blood was naturally accomplished with ease.

After the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm, Ye Yuan was already silently revolving Fiery, eliminating the corrupted blood inside his essence energy sea and inside the Evil Extermination Sword clean.

This sudden attack caught the four people off guard.

Resulting in Bloodextinction being instantly eradicated!

No! I I dont believe it! The God Corrupting Blood Bead is our lifeblood sanguine power! How can you possibly resolve it?

Bloodsoul had a savage look, his eyes filled with disbelief.

Ye Yuan said coolly, It doesnt matter whether you believe or not. Either way, freaks like you all wont be existing anymore right away.

Done talking, Ye Yuans figure suddenly vanished!

Bloodsouls gaze turned intent, but Ye Yuan already quietly arrived by his side.