Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1171

Chapter 1171 Who Won Who Lost?

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The sound of metal clashing.

Ye Yuans eyes blurred. A certain kill sword was actually blocked by Ji Canglan!

After a time interval of 20 years, it was the first time the apprentice brothers, the two people, were so close.

However, Ye Yuans expression changed.

The sword in Ji Canglans hand was actually a divine artifact too!

Huhu,you seem very surprised that I have a divine artifact in my hands? Ji Canglan said with a smile that was not a smile.


The two peoples essence energy swept out, separating from each other.

Bloodsoul trio heaved a long sigh in relief, feeling lucky to survive a disaster.

M-Many thanks to Lord Holy Son for the rescue! This subordinate is incapable and disappointed Lord Holy Son! Bloodsouls sweat poured profusely as he cupped his fists and said.

Ji Canglan snorted coldly and said, If not for that you guys still have a bit of use, you think that this seat will save you all? A bunch of good-for-nothing, cant even cause him a bit of harm!

Ji Canglan had prepared many contingencies and even thought that he was able to seriously wound Ye Yuan.

Who knew that apart from making Ye Yuan display some trump cards, he did not cause much damage to Ye Yuan at all.

Bloodsoul and the rest did not dare to refute, hurriedly retreating.

With Holy Son taking action, there was naturally no need for them anymore.

Moreover, Bloodsoul discerned in shock that they could not poke their noses into this battle at all.

It was too easy for Ye Yuan to want to eradicate them.

The undying body was simply a joke in front of Ye Yuan.

Ji Canglan toyed with the divine sword in his hand and said with a look of amusement, Back then, the deity realm powerhouses that died in Divine Masters hands were too many to enumerate. Just a divine sword, no need to make such a big fuss.

Ye Yuans gaze turned intent, and he opened his mouth and said, The divine master that you speak of, could it be one of the heavenly fiendgods, Kanuo?

Ji Canglan smiled and said, Looks like you know quite a bit. Its just that Holy Mother Devil Flower has already come into being. Even though she was seriously injured by the divine sword, as long as she recovers and joins hands with Lord Divine Master, do you think that you still have hope?

Ye Yuan gave him a very meaningful glance and said, Are you roping me in?

Ji Canglan did not have the intention of denying, saying, Junior Brother, youre a smart man and should know the logic of a fine bird choosing a tree to perch on. A war without any hopes of victory, why do you need to take up a difficult job beyond your reach?

With your understanding of me, dont you think that saying these words is somewhat wasting your breath? Do you think that I would agree? Ye Yuan said with a mocking laughed mockingly.

Ji Canglan said, Times have changed! Since you personally saw Holy Mother Devil Flower come into being, I believe you should know that you absolutely have no chances of victory! Absolute Heaven had Jiang Chen this Origin Deity Realm powerhouse aiding him. But beside you? Who else is there? Without a deity realm existence, Divine Master Kanuo and Holy Mother Devil Flower are even more undefeatable!

Ye Yuans brows involuntarily knitted together when he heard that.

When Ji Canglan saw, he continued, Actually, those days together with you and Master, I was very happy too. But I had no command over myself! The survival order of the fiend race is like the mortals king to his subjects: a thought to live, a thought to die! Talking about it, you might not believe it. Divine Master sealed my divine soul in the divine soul of a human. Hence, thats why you all were unable to detect it. But for so many years, Ive already been corroded by the human soul. One can say that Im a half-fiend, half-human freak right now. Regarding Masters incident, I can only say very sorry.

You have to know, the son of heavens mandates final fate is death! Absolute Heaven was like that, Fang Tian 50 thousand years was similarly like so. In terms of meritorious exploits and great achievements, who can compete with the sons of heavens mandate in the human races history? But you take a look, among the sons of heavens mandate you know of, who else is there?

Ji Canglans words could be said to touch the chords of ones heart.

He was talking about it until Ye Yuan actually hesitated for a moment.

He did not say things like whatever dominating the Divine Realm, only he alone reigned supreme, so on and so forth. Because he knew that Ye Yuan was not interested at all.

Moving with feelings, understanding with reason, was the best way to rope Ye Yuan in.

However, Long Teng inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda somewhat freaked out when he saw Ye Yuans wavering appearance.

Ye Yuan, the fiend race mustnt be trusted! This Ji Canglan is diabolic and wildly ambitious, you mustnt fall for his tricks! Long Teng said anxiously.

Junior Brother, we were fellow disciples for 500 years. These 500 years to me, this half-human, half-fiend freak, it indeed warmed my heart. But Kanuo? On the day I was born, I was sealed up by him, becoming this grotesque appearance! I can tell you a secret. Now that the Divine Realms Heaven Dao is missing, Kanuo already lost interest in it. After conquering it, he still wants to think of a way to return to the place he came from! At that time, well reestablish order in the Divine Realm and maintain the present state. Isnt that good? Ji Canglan strung along skillfully.

With this, Long Teng panicked even more and said, Ye Yuan! Dont listen to his lies! He

You shut your mouth for this young master! Ye Yuan suddenly shouted.

Ji Canglan froze when he heard that but then he saw Ye Yuan took out the Vast Heaven Pagoda and casually fired out several spells. Long Tengs voice could not longer transmit out.

When the Long Teng inside saw the situation, he was even more flustered like an ant in a hot pan.

But Ye Yuan had already completely controlled the Vast Heaven Pagoda now. He, the artifact spirit, was completely helpless.

When Ji Canglan saw the situation, he could not help rejoicing in his heart.

Looked like his persuasion took effect!

You said just now, hell think of a way to return to his original place? What does this mean? Ye Yuan asked in a solemn voice.

Ji Canglan said, The fiend race isnt a race of the Divine Realm at all! As for how in the world they came, very sorry, I dont know either.

Ye Yuan furrowed his brows and started musing. This news was indeed an earth-shattering news to him.

But I heard Kanuo said before, they

A light flashed. Ji Canglan suddenly shot forth!

He was waiting for a chance where Ye Yuan became inattentive by talking until now.

He did not hope at all for Ye Yuan pledge allegiance to the fiend race. But he knew that Ye Yuan would definitely be interested in the fiend races history.

Hence, he dug a pit step by step, waiting for Ye Yuans momentary absent-mindedness.

When experts exchanged blows, an instant was sufficient!

Deliberate in counsel, prompt in action

Ji Canglans sword was quick to the extreme!

Compared to Ye Yuans greater teleportation, it did not lose out to it either.

It was just that Ji Canglan did not think that at virtually the same time, Ye Yuan moved too!



Two long swords intersected and passed, separating upon contact!

Far away, Bloodsoul and the rest could not refrain from swallowing their saliva.

That scene just now was seriously too exciting.

Even they were taken in by Ji Canglan too and even thought that Lord Holy Son was really recruiting Ye Yuan.

But who knew that in an instant, the situation suddenly changed!

Bloodgrudge, they Who won? Bloodsoul could not resist asking the Bloodgrudge beside.

Bloodgrudge shook his head and had a nervous look too.


Fresh blood suddenly sprayed out of Ye Yuans chest, and he unconsciously kneeled but stopped halfway.

Hahaha Lord Holy Son is indeed formidable! Seeing this scene, Bloodsoul the three people could not help being overjoyed.