Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1172

Chapter 1172 Bloodshed Flying Sword

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Ye Yuan, a-are you alright?

The Vast Heaven Pagodas restriction also automatically removed at this time.

Long Teng rushed straight out of the Vast Heaven Pagoda and looked Ye Yuan concernedly.

Ye Yuans complexion was deathly pale, the blood on his chest gushing out like a fountain, looking exceedingly frightening.

Wounds carved out on the physical body by a divine sword were not that easy to heal.

Ye Yuan revolved the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art crazily, but the wounds healed rather slowly.

I Im fine! Ye Yuans complexion was white as a sheet as he said strenuously.

K-Kill him!Argh !

Ji Canglans mouth emitted a howl.as if exhausting all the strength in his body.


After this sound was made, Ji Canglans body actually cut off at the waist!

Seeing this scene, Bloodsoul trios expressions changed drastically!

They never would have thought that this round, it was actually Ye Yuan who won.

Ye Yuan only had his chest injured, while Ji Canglan was cut in half at the waist!

Similarly, using a divine artifact, the wound was likewise unable to heal.

But without a doubt, Ye Yuans situation right now became even more dangerous!

Bloodsoul three peoples reactions could not be said to not be fast. They dashed out, charging toward Ye Yuan.

Long Tengs expression changed greatly and was just about to take action, but was stopped by Ye Yuan.

Let me!

Finished talking, Ye Yuan muttered words under his breath. A mysterious and hard to fathom Divine Dao law slowly emerged.

The Vast Heaven Stone Stele suddenly turned big from small, smashing towards the three people.

Bloodsoul trio did not think that Ye Yuan still had such a fallback. Caught unprepared, they were immediately suppressed by the Vast Heaven Stone Stele!

The Vast Heaven Stone Stele that carried Divine Dao laws directly crushed the three people into smithereens.

Even the black gas that condensed into them were also directly annihilated by the Vast Heaven Stone Stele.

The Vast Heaven Stone Stele and Evil Extermination Sword were originally the fiend races jinx.

Ye Yuan could already draw out a portion of the Vast Heaven Stone Steles power presently. How could it be what Bloodsoul trio was capable of withstanding?

Of course, this was primarily still due to Ye Yuan severely injuring them previously with the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm. Their current strength was already greatly discounted as well.


Finished suppressing Bloodsoul trio, Ye Yuan also vomited a large mouthful of blood.

Utilizing divine essence and the power of Divine Dao laws, especially under the circumstances of being severely injured, it increased the burden on his body even more.

Ye Yuan! Long Teng hurriedly went to support him.

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, Im fine! Senior, you go back inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda first! This battle isnt over yet!

Long Tengs expression flickered incessantly, but finally still nodded his head and returned inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda unwillingly.

Presently, this level of battle was already not what he was able to take part in.

At this time, a bloody light shot up into the sky from Ji Canglans body. The place where he was severed at the waist actually rejoined together, looking very harrowing.

Very clearly, he was making the best use of time to recover his strength.

This sword of Ye Yuan did not cut his vital parts.

Even ordinary martial artists could not be killed, let alone a fiend like Ji Canglan.

Ye Yuans Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art also revolved to the limits, recovering his wound.

At the same time, he even swallowed a Tier 9 medicinal pill.

How devious, Junior Brother! At this time, Ji Canglan who was inside the blood light spoke up.

His tone was icy-cold. Clearly, he took Ye Yuans blow earlier greatly to heart.

He was baiting Ye Yuan step by step but did not expect that Ye Yuan was just meeting one ruse with another, and even deliberately sealed the Vast Heaven Pagoda for him to see.

In the end, he fell into Ye Yuans scheme!

This round, it was still him who lost by a notch!

You were conniving too! Saving them just now is probably in order to be a scapegoat for you, right?

He had no reservations earlier in letting Bloodsoul and the rest to deliver themselves up for Ye Yuan to kill, in order to aggravate Ye Yuans injuries. This way, he had even more time to recover from his wounds.

Ji Canglan knew that Ye Yuan still had the strength to spare. If Ye Yuan did not shrink back from getting severely injured and directly came over to kill him, he practically did not have strength leftover to retaliate.

Merely a bunch of trash! Dying for me is their glory! Ji Canglan said without a care.

You truly deserve death!

H-Haha,my little junior brother, already reached this point today, do you still not understand me?

Hence, I came to kill you!

You cant kill me! This battle, the one who dies is you!

Is that so? Then lets go another round, how about it?

While talking, Ye Yuan slowly stood up. Ji Canglan in the blood light was taken aback with shock and said in horror, You How can you possibly recover so quickly?

Ye Yuan said coolly, Since you know that I obtained the Medicine Gods Soul Canon, cant you guess it?

A-Arcane insight rank? Ji Canglan said in horror.

Arcane insight rank medicinal pills contained Divine Dao laws.

Healing medicinal pills were naturally able to dispel the power of laws that divine artifacts left behind on the wounds.

So can you go and die already?

Ye Yuans indifferent voice sounded out. A sword slashed towards the Ji Canglan inside the bloody light.

But in the next second, Ye Yuans expression changed drastically. All the hairs on his body stood on its end.

Ye Yuans alarm bells sounded off, and he chose to greater teleport at the first moment!

Bloodshed Flying Sword!

A bizarre voice suddenly came out from inside the bloody light, vastly different from Ji Canglan normally.

However, when countless blood-colored flying swords were magnified limitlessly in Ye Yuans pupils, Ye Yuan felt tremendous pressure!

Without holding back in the slightest!

Sword Intent Connecting to Divinity!

Ye Yuan mustered up essence energy, activating the Evil Extermination Divine Sword to the limits!

A dense sword web welcomed the approaching blood-colored flying swords!

These flying swords were not real swords, but one after another of dense sword energy!

Sword energy and blood energy fused together.

Puu, puu, puu

Very soon, Ye Yuans sword web and the blood swords collided together.

The first strike, Ye Yuan almost spewed out a mouthful of blood.

This was a clash of Divine Dao laws!

However, it seemed like Ji Canglan was a level higher!

Ye Yuan revolved the Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art and Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art, and forcefully suppressed his rolling blood energy.

At the same time, the Evil Extermination Sword in his hand did not stop for a second, dancing until it was impenetrable.

For a moment, Ye Yuan seemingly had his chest struck by countless heavy hammers!

The wounds from before did not heal right away.

Under the attacks of these countless blood swords, his wound split apart once more.


Finally, this wave of blood swords was withstood by Ye Yuan. But the injuries on his body worsened several times!

On Ye Yuans white long robes, it was already stained full of blackish-red bloodstains.

Ji Canglan was indeed not so easy to deal with!

In the blood light, Ji Canglan slowly walked out.

His severed body actually pieced together completely once more at this time.

Little Junior Brother, this move is still passable, right? Youre also too careless. The fiend races recovery ability is rated as perverse. Even you recovered, would I not recover? Ji Canglan said to Ye Yuan with a wide grin.

The blood within Ye Yuans body was in turmoil. At this time, he could not even speak.

Those blood swords looked very sloppy and ordinary, but the power was unbelievably terrifying.

The Evil Extermination Divine Sword that he deployed with divine essence was actually unable to ward off the impact that the power of laws brought to him!