Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1173

Chapter 1173 Fury Sword Fire Lotus

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"Heh,talking about geniuses, its not just you alone in this world! These few years, your senior brother, I, wasnt idling. This Bloodshed Flying Sword amalgamated the fiend races transcendent Blood Dao and the human races Sword Dao. In terms of power, its already not weaker compared to the Ten Great Divine Kings, that kind of powerhouses," Ji Canglan said with a faint smile.

Ye Yuan sensed that these blood swords were just like cannonballs.

Even if he used all of his strength, he was still beaten to severe injuries.

With Ye Yuans defensive power, this was simply unthinkable.

"Huhu,stop racking your brain in vain. Do you think that Id give you a chance to catch your breath? Now, senior brother will send you to go reunite with that damn old man of yours!"

Ji Canglan suddenly became resolute!

He suddenly slashed the divine sword at his own palm. Fresh blood immediately sprayed all over the divine sword.

"Bloodshed Flying Sword, go for me!"

Once more, countless blood swords tore through the air and arrived, and actually carried whistling sounds.

This attack, Ye Yuan already had nowhere to hide!

But in the next instant, the expression on Ji Canglans face became extremely fascinating.

A human-size tortoise shell appeared in front of Ye Yuan!

Mystic Art Holy Tortoise Shell!

The originally incomparably swift and fierce blood swords collided onto the tortoise shell and actually could not even stir up a single wave.

Ji Canglans eyes stared like wide-circles, but he refused to believe everything that he saw before his eyes.

Another round of Bloodshed Flying Sword!

However, it still did not stir up any waves.

After the Mystic Art Holy Tortoise Shell, Ye Yuan was currently making use of all of the time to recover essence energy.

Ye Yuans Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art, following the increase in fleshly body power, already cultivated to late-stage ninth level. Right now, the recovery power was very astonishing.

Plus, the medicinal effects of the arcane insight medicinal pill before had yet to fade. The Mystic Art Holy Tortoise Shell was sufficient to resist until he recovered some strength.

Ji Canglan suddenly thought of something and said in astonishment, "This Could this be the lost supreme treasure of the Black Tortoise Clan, the Mystic Art Holy Tortoise Shell?! Damn it, this brats lucky chances are truly heaven-defying!"

Thinking about it, Ji Canglans face turned cold, and he said, "No way! Absolutely cant let him recover strength! Otherwise, the consequences are too ghastly to imagine!"

Instinctively, Ji Canglan sensed a hint of a threat!


Suddenly, Ji Canglans whole body was shrouded in black gas.

Berserk fiendish energy gave people a nerve-racking feeling.


Ji Canglan slit his own palm once more, then smeared his own blood on the divine sword.

The divine sword emitted intense vibrations, appearing extremely unwilling.

Ji Canglan said with a hideous grin, "Being a wedding gown for this seat, thats your honor! Devil Flames Surging to the Sky, suppress for me!"

A cloud of black gas instantly wrapped the divine sword up. The divine swords unwillingness was actually really quashed down.

Ji Canglans fiendish energy was countless times purer compared to the average fiend. Even compared to that Fiendgod Jia Lan, it was not at all inferior too.


Ji Canglan gave a roar, his entire persons aura suddenly skyrocketed.

The explosive muscles utterly shredded his clothes. His facial features also became abnormally savage.

His entire person was just like a rampaging wild beast.

"Ji Qingyun, I want to see how long this tortoise shell of yours can last! Bloodshed Fiend Sword!"

Ji Canglans figure suddenly vanished, like it disappeared into thin air.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The next instant, only to hear a series of loud booms transmit over.

On the Mystic Art Holy Tortoise Shell, fierce exploding sounds came over.

Waves of terrifying energy undulation spread out layer by layer, blasting the entire Medicine King Halls houses and mountain-body into a pile of dust.

This degree of impact was practically already the limits of what divine king powerhouses could attain.

Ji Canglan knew that this Mystic Art Holy Tortoise Shell was definitely not deployed by Ye Yuan. It was definitely a one-time treasure.

As long as he attacked continuously, it could hasten the Mystic Art Holy Tortoise Shells expenditure, and reduce Ye Yuans recovery time from there.

The two people were racing against time!

After the Mystic Art Holy Tortoise Shell, Ye Yuan did not move a muscle. It was as if everything in the outside world had not the least bit of relation with him.

A moment ago, on a piece of empty land in the Vast Heaven Pagoda, stood 1000 identical Fierys in ranks!

Looking closely, these Fierys forms were different.

Some were sitting cross-legged, some were playing with flames in their palms, while some were in a ruminating state.

There were even some that were fighting in pairs.

On the platform, Fierys main bodys eyes were slightly closed, sitting crossed-legged, as if he was comprehending something.

Suddenly, a voice transmitted into the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

"Fiery, I need your help!"

It was precisely Ye Yuans voice!

Fierys snapped open his eyes and responded, "Okay, Big Brother, Im coming right away!"

Finished talking, his entire body trembled. Those 1000 Fiery clones turned into streams of flowing light, pouring straight into his body.

Fiery shut his eyes once more. He was digesting these 1000 Fierys comprehension.

After a hundred breaths, Fiery slowly opened his eyes. Rays of brilliant light appeared in his eyes.

By the side, Long Teng opened his mouth and said, "How is it?"

Fiery said with a light smile, "The first level, I already learned the rudiments!"

Long Tengs entire body trembled, and he said in astonishment, "S-So fast?"

Fiery nodded and said, "Im originally an innate fire spirit physique. Comprehending the power of fire source can be said to yield twice the results with half the effort. Although Divine Dao laws are hard, to the current me, its not something beyond my reach. More importantly, this method that Big Brother came up with is simply too ingenious!"

But Long Teng let out a sigh and said, "Yeah, really dont know how this boys head grew, to actually even think of this kind of cultivation method! Using clones to cultivate the cultivation method, then gathering onto the main body. This is equivalent to having 1000 Fierys cultivating at the same time! Even though the effects are inferior to the main body cultivating by yourself, once these clones come together, the effects are 10 times, even 100 times of the main bodys cultivation speed!"

After Ye Yuan obtained the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art from Teng Yun there, he suddenly came up with a whimsical idea and imparted this cultivation method to Fiery.

Essence fires were born from heaven and earth to begin with, and the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus was also a heaven and earth spiritual plant. With Fierys present cultivation realm, comprehending the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art was truly advancing at a tremendous pace.

While at this time, Fiery already learned the rudiments of the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Arts Divine Dao Chapters first level!

In terms of strength, he was already much stronger compared to ordinary peak void mystic!

"Big Brother is really a prodigious talent! Senior, Im going out to help Big Brother!" Fiery said to Long Teng.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ji Canglan was just like an unceasing war machine, using incomparably powerful offensive power to bombard the Mystic Art Holy Tortoise Shell.

Under his untiring efforts, the Mystic Art Holy Tortoise Shells tremors became stronger and stronger.

Finally, with a bang, the Mystic Art Holy Tortoise Shell was no longer able to withstand his tremendous force and was blasted flying.

"Ka ka,Ji Qingyun, your hour of doom has arrived!" Ji Canglan shouted excitedly, seeing this scene.

But right at this time, there was suddenly an additional figure beside Ye Yuan.

The two figures seemed to have consulted in advance, their movements were virtually synchronized.

Two surges of terrifying Divine Dao power of laws gushed out akin to twin dragons spitting pearls!

"Fury Sword Fire Lotus!"