Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1174

Chapter 1174 Avenging The Great Enmity

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Two mighty Divine Dao law powers intertwined together, but it was not as simple as one plus one equals two.

Fiery was born from the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus, while the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus was Ye Yuans clone.

Between Fiery and Ye Yuan could be said to be connected in mind and soul.

The synchronization of the two people casting arts was in complete unison!

Two kinds of Divine Dao laws superimposing together, mutually augmenting each other, the power was far from what an independent Divine Dao law could compare to.

This sword was unimaginable strong!

Ji Canglans pupils constricted, wanting to escape. But it was already too late to change moves.

With a clank, Ji Canglans long sword was directly smacked flying, flying out of his hand.


The Evil Extermination Divine Sword stabbed viciously into Ji Canglans body, destroying his life force!

The Evil Extermination Divine Sword originally countered evil things the most.

Fierys law of fire similarly could purify myriad things under the heavens.

This sword was virtually fatal to Ji Canglan!


Right at that instant Evil Extermination Sword stabbed into Ji Canglans body, a mass of black gas suddenly flew out from the top of his head, fleeing away.

The black gass speed was exceptionally swift. But in front of Ye Yuan, who knew the art of greater teleportation, it was futile even if it was any quicker.

"Want to leave?"

Ye Yuan gave a cold laugh. Greater teleportation was instantly displayed.

How could the Ji Canglan without a physical body compare to Ye Yuans speed?

One teleportation and it was a distance of 20 thousand feet.

The black gas did not escape very far yet and was already blocked from the front by Ye Yuan.

20 feet!

Domain of Sword!

Ye Yuan already firmly locked onto the Ji Canglan in the middle of escaping.

At this time, a layer of pale white flames suffused at the borders of the Domain of Sword.

Looking from far away, it was like a fireball.

"Enmity of killing ones father, the hatred of losing ones wife! Do you think that Id let you escape?"

Ye Yuans voice seemingly came from the underworld, bone-piercingly cold.

The enmity of over 20 years all erupted at this instant.

This short 20 years plus, the thing that Ye Yuan thought about day and night was to take revenge!

For the sake of this goal, Ye Yuan could be said to have had narrow escapes.

From a carefree young master who pursued Dao wholeheartedly, he became someone who was resolved to excel, a powerful martial artist who specialized in the Martial Dao.

The transformation experienced in-between this could not be said to not be great.

Now, it was finally within sight.

"Qingyun, you and I were apprentice brothers at any rate! Furthermore, I didnt kill sister in law, she isnt dead yet!"

Actually, Ji Canglan also did not know whether Yue Mengli was dead or not.

But right now, in order to live, he naturally stuck to his guns that she was not dead.

Only this way, could he have a chance to live on.

Sure enough, when Ye Yuan heard these words, his expression could not help changing, and he said, "Wheres Li-er!"

"You let me go first. Otherwise, youll never see her again!" Ji Canglan threatened.

Ye Yuan smiled coldly when he heard that and said, "Do you think you have the qualifications to bargain with me?"

"Why wont I have the qualifications? My good junior brother, I understand you too well! I know that youll definitely let me leave, isnt that right? You couldnt even deal a blow to those devilized former fellow disciples, could it be that youll kill me for the sake of your beloved?"

Ji Canglan had an unflinching look. He understood Ye Yuan too well.

For Ye Yuan to be able to acknowledge Yue Mengli, his fiance, it showed that he loved Yue Mengli deeply.

With Ye Yuans personality of valuing loyalty and relationships greatly, he absolutely would not dare to deal a killing blow to him.

This was his final counterweight and also the heaviest counterweight.

Because Ye Yuan would give in obediently!

"Do you think that Ill believe your words? If you have Li-er in your hands, would you wait until now?" But Ye Yuan was not easy to hoodwink as he said with a cold sneer.

But Ji Canglan was not flustered nor rattled and similarly said with a cold sneer, "Do you think that if I caught the Yue Familys little lass, Id hide her here? To me, she isnt just a death-exemption gold token that simple! Youre the child of destiny; want to break your destiny, the Yue Familys lass is the crux! Previously when I deliberately spread the news of her demise, it was in order to make you fall into depravity. I didnt think that you actually pulled through! But now, shes my death-exemption gold token. If you dont believe me, just make a move. Youll become the culprit who causes her death indirectly."

Ye Yuan hesitated!

Even if he did not believe Ji Canglans words at all, he did not dare take this risk either!

Even if there was only a one-in-ten-thousand possibility, Ye Yuan could not use Yue Menglis life to make a gamble either.

This kind of thing, he, Ye Yuan, could not do it.

If Yue Mengli died because of him, even if he avenged his great enmity, what was the use?

When Ji Canglan saw Ye Yuans expression, he could not help being thrilled in his heart. Striking while the iron was hot, he said, "You dont need to doubt either, with that lasss strength, do you think that shes able to escape my encirclement and suppression? Bloodrains strength, youve witnessed before. Do you feel that the Yue Familys lass can escape from his hands?"

Ye Yuans brows furrowed. This time, he really wavered.

According to his estimations, even if Li-er progressed at breakneck speed, it was also impossible to be Bloodrains match.

This way, the likelihood of what Ji Canglan said increased greatly.

"I can let you go, but I want to see Li-er!" Ye Yuan said in a cold voice.

Ji Canglan said coolly, "The Yue Familys lass is already being escorted to the Divine Martial Hall. The Divine Martial Hall definitely already knows that my fleshy body is already destroyed. If I dont hurry back within three days, the Yue Familys lass will be dead for sure. You dont have a choice!"

Ji Canglan said whatever came to his mind, but said it with assertive eloquence.

He was originally incomparably cunning. Even for Ye Yuan, it was hard to see through any flaws too.

Finally, Ye Yuan slowly opened up the Domain of Sword. That soul-stirring pale white flames also gradually extinguished.

Seeing this scene, Ji Canglan was wildly elated in his heart. But he did not have the slightest ripple.

"Hahaha My good junior brother, well meet again!"

Ji Canglan laughed smugly. That cloud of black gas turned into a streak of flowing light and headed for the horizon.

But right at this time, a beautiful figure gradually appeared in Ye Yuans line of sight from another direction!

"Big Brother Yuan! Are you alright!"

This beautiful figure was none other than precisely Yue Mengli, who rushed over looking travel-worn!

The person who understood you the most in this world would be your enemy and your beloved!

Seeing Bright Moon Citys and Vastsun Citys miserable states, Yue Mengli knew right away that Ye Yuan definitely came to find Ji Canglan to take revenge.

Under this kind of circumstance, it was practically impossible for Ye Yuan to have a second choice!

Therefore, Yue Mengli rushed over without stopping.

At virtually the same time, Ye Yuan and Ji Canglan both discovered Yue Mengli!

Ji Canglan had his seven earthly souls scared out of him, urging fiendish energy to the limits, wanting to get away from Ye Yuans range.

Ye Yuans entire body shuddered too. Virtually without thinking, the Fury Sword Fire Lotus suddenly attacked!


A lotus flower-shaped pale white sword energy tore across the sky, flying straight for Ji Canglan.

Even if Ji Canglan was any quicker, how could he be as fast that this streak of sword energy that tore across the sky and arrived?

"Ahhh Ji Qingyun, you wont have a good end!"

A shrill, miserable cry spread throughout the sky and gradually turned into nothing.

The Evil Extermination Swords awe-inspiring sword energy and the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame purifying power directly incinerated that cloud of black gas into nothing!

The haughty and domineering Ji Canglan finally died under Ye Yuans sword.