Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1175

Chapter 1175 Uneasiness

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At this instant, Ye Yuan felt like all the pores on his body opened up, incomparably light-footed.

The large rock pressing on his heart for over 20 years was finally shattered!

Killing Ji Canglan was giving an account to himself, and even more giving an account to his father who used his life to protect him.

But this road was covered densely with thistles and thorns.

Fortunately, he finally completed it!

But just as Ji Zhengyang said, Ji Canglan was merely a chess piece that was pushed to the front-stage!

The real person pulling the strings was Heavenly Fiendgod Kanuo!

This trip to the Medicine King Hall also let Ye Yuan understand some news concerning Fiendgod Kanuo.

Even though it was just an iota.

But what Ye Yuan was most mindful of was where in the world the Divine Martial Hall, this mysterious sect, was at!

Very clearly, Fiendgod Kanuo was already about to come into being.

If he could not find Kanuo before this and severely injure, even finish him off, the outcome was too ghastly to imagine.

Thus far, the methods that Kanuo exhibited were simply mind-boggling.

This opponent was a hundred times more terrifying than Ji Canglan!

After all, this was an existence comparable to Daoist Absolute Heaven, that kind of Origin Deity Realm.

Unless he could break through to Deity Realm!

But this was an even more impossible task.

Big Brother Yuan!

Yue Mengli already sprinted in front of Ye Yuan with a look of agitation.

Seeing Yue Mengli, Ye Yuan was similarly over the moon.

Li-er, it its great that youre alright! Ye Yuan immediately pulled Li-er into his embrace and said with his true feelings.

To Ye Yuan, it was very rare for him to have this kind of outburst of true sentiments.

Li-er was indeed a special existence to him.

Even Mu Lingxue never enjoyed this kind of treatment from Ye Yuan before too.

Yue Mengli was held in the arm by Ye Yuan. Seeing Ye Yuans true sentiments flowing, she was truly unable to contain her joy, her heart pounding.

Following Ye Yuan for so long, Yue Mengli was deeply aware of the pressure on Ye Yuans shoulders.

To Ye Yuan, who had reincarnated, the Medicine King Hall was a colossal giant.

Growing from a Lower Realms youth without any foundation to the present Divine Realms bigshot, the hardships paid in-between this, only Yue Mengli was the clearest.

If it was just talking about Ye Yuan this identity, she could be said to have watched Ye Yuan grow up.

Now, Ye Yuan personally killed Ji Canglan, finally putting down that heavy burden.

In addition, seeing that she was fine, under the brutal hopelessness of love, that was why he would be like this.

Big Brother Yuan, congratulations on avenging your great enmity! Its been hard on you these few years! I believe that Lord Zhengyang Zis spirit in heaven should be able to obtain comfort, Yue Mengli said in a gentle voice, being in Ye Yuans embrace.

Hugging Yue Mengli, hearing her words, Ye Yuan was filled with emotions, but tears gushed out.

A man would not shed tears easily unless his heart was broken!

Ji Canglans betrayal had once made Ye Yuan furious and perplexed.

Now the truth came to light, Ji Canglan was actually a fiend race spy.

But even so, he and this member of the fiend race had been 500 years of apprentice brothers too.

Ye Yuans current emotion could not be said to not be complicated.

Only after a long time did Ye Yuan walked out from surge of emotions.

At this time, he changed back to that calm and collected Ye Yuan again. It was just that his concern towards Yue Mengli did not lessen in the slightest.

Li-er, I thought

Mentioning this, Yue Menglis expression dimmed too.

After all, the Yue Family suffered grievous losses in this unexpected turn of events and was even almost completely wiped out.

Yue Mengli recounted the matters of Bright Moons change on that day as well as afterward, making Ye Yuan secretly heave a sigh of relief at getting lucky too.

He also did not think that the Innate Battle Soul Physique was actually so powerful.

They said that you you fell onto the demonic path. Along the way, it worried Li-er to death! said Yue Mengli, who had some lingering fear as she explained it.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, What they said was right. Just one more step, and I might not even be able to recognize you anymore!

Yue Mengli was alarmed in her heart. Only then did she know that Sun Mans words were not exaggerating things to raise the alarm.

Did not expect that Bright Moons change actually brought such peril to Ye Yuan.

Seeing Yue Menglis upset look, Ye Yuan said with a smile, You lass, whats with this expression? Could it be that Id be foolish enough to blame this matter on you? Between Ji Canglan and me, we both understand the other too well. Hence, thats why he would use this kind of despicable means to trigger me to fall into depravity.

While talking, Ye Yuans brows suddenly furrowed.

When Yue Mengli noticed Ye Yuans abnormality, she even thought that it was in the sequela left behind in battle earlier and hurriedly asked Ye Yuan, Whats wrong with you? Are you alright?

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, Nothing. Its just since youre already fine, why is my heart still shrouded in a layer of shadow?

This Would it be because of the matter with the fiend race? Li-er said.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, You dont know. I comprehended Sudden Impulse. Even though the matter of the fiend race is serious, its not to the point of triggering Sudden Impulse. The reason why I could rush to Bright Moon City is because of setting off Sudden Impulse. But now

Ji Canglan was dead, Li-er was safe and sound. Logically speaking, Sudden Impulse should be allayed. But the shadow in Ye Yuans heart was still unable to disperse away.

Not good, lets hurry back to take a look! Ye Yuan said anxiously.

Half a month later, when Ao Qian and the rest saw Ye Yuan, a large stone in their hearts finally landed.

Young Master, you finally came back!

When Lu-er saw Ye Yuan, under her agitated feelings, she leaped right into Ye Yuans embrace.

Li-er was aware of Ye Yuan and Lu-ers relationship. From a certain degree, it was even more intimate compared to her.

Furthermore, Li-ers temperament was indifferent and naturally would not have superfluous thoughts.

On the contrary, Yue Mengli was more grateful towards Lu-er.

If without Lu-er, Ye Yuan would probably have long fallen into depravity already now.

Milord, its great that youre fine! These few days, we were worried to death! Ao Qian stepped forward and greeted.

Including the sparse survivors of the Yue Family, they also returned to the dragon clan under Wu Luos command.

Letting go of Lu-er, Ye Yuan swept a glance over everyone, but his brows knitted together.

The people that he was familiar with and cared about were not missing a single one. All of them were here.

Even the Yue Family and the Yue Jianqiu, Yue Lingyu, who were close to him, were completely unscathed.

If so, where in the world was his Sudden Impulse pointing at?

Nothing happened here, right?

Ye Yuan uttered a sentence that made everyone baffled.

Ao Qian was stupefied and said, Nothing. We listened to your order and stayed at the dragon clan the whole time. After that, Wu Luo also brought the Bright Moon Citys city lord over. It was calm and peaceful all the way after that.

Hearing Ao Qians words, Ye Yuan was hit by a wave of inexplicable vexation, but could not find the source of the irritation. He only felt like his chest was about to explode.

Yue Mengli stepped forward and lightly held Ye Yuans hands, and she calmed him down, saying, Since everybody is safe and sound, perhaps there are other reasons? Since were here, stay and make the best use of it to calm your heart down to think about it these past two days. Maybe there will be some gains.

Hearing Yue Menglis words, only then did Ye Yuans heart calm down slightly. He said with a sigh, I can only do this as well.