Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1176

Chapter 1176 Explosive News

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Hey, did you hear? The Medicine King Hall was uprooted overnight. Now, it has already utterly fallen into pieces!

No way, right? Prior to this, the Heavenly Sword Sects sect master personally took action, Void Mystic powerhouses came swarming into full force, but they returned in great defeat. The Heavenly Sword Sect was like this, who else can do it to such an extent? Could it be the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King personally took action?

Heh,ignorant and ill-informed much? The Heavens Secrets Towers news already came out. It was done by Ji Canglans junior brother, Qingyun Zi! Furthermore, he slaughtered the Medicine King Halls experts clean. Ji Canglan died under Ji Qingyuns sword too!

Hiss Ive long heard that Ji Qingyuns Martial Dao in this life is very strong. But this is also too ludicrously strong, right? In a short 20-something years time, he grew from a Lower Realms martial artist to such a terrifying powerhouse?

Honestly speaking, when I heard this news, I didnt dare to believe it either. But the Heavens Secrets Towers information has never been wrong before. Ji Qingyuns strength has likely already reached the peak of Void Mystic Realm! Hes already very, very close to the boundary of the Ten Great Divine Kings!

The impression that Ji Qingyun gave people on Alchemy Dao was too deep, resulting in everybody overlooking his Martial Dao talent. I didnt think that his Martial Dao talent is actually so heaven-defying too! Speaking of which, the Medicine King Hall acted furtively these few years, but they were more and more contrary acting against peoples will when doing things, annihilating an entire sect at the drop of a hat. This action of Ji Qingyun is also considered executing justice on heavens behalf.

Such scenes of discussion took place at every corner of the Divine Realm.

The complete collapse of a super holy land was absolutely an earth-shaking matter in the Divine Realm.

Previously, when the Heavenly Sword Sect was virtually wiped out, it already added many topics of conversation for everyone in the world.

But the Medicine King Halls destruction was clearly a better topic of conversation. For some time, it became the hot topic of the Divine Realms martial artists.

It was just that up till now, there was still no one who realized at all, what kind of a malignant tumor Ye Yuan helped them to clean up.

If this malignant tumor continued developing unchecked, it was sufficient to devour the entire Divine Realm.

These martial artists were still living in their own world.

But half a month later, the topic of Ye Yuan annihilating the Medicine King Hall was replaced by another heavyweight bomb!

The Heavens Secret Tower announced a piece of even more explosive news. The new ranking of Ten Great Divine Kings was going to be published in the Holy City a month later!

Furthermore, the Heavens Secret Tower spread the news out that this time, the Ten Great Divine Kings would have newly-ascended powerhouses, pushing out the original Ten Great Divine Kings!

As for how many newcomers were there, the Heavens Secret Tower had a very secretive attitude.

This topic drove people even crazier compared to Ye Yuan destroying the Medicine King Hall!

This action of the Heavens Secret Tower clearly signified that the rankings of the Ten Great Divine Kings this time definitely had some changes!

Furthermore, this change would not be small!

One had to know that the Heavens Secret Tower published the first issue of the Ten Great Divine Kings 2000 years ago.

Ever since then, apart from selling information, the Heavens Secret Tower no longer made changes to the rankings of the Ten Great Divine Kings.

The Ten Great Divine Kings practically became the Divine Realms strongest ten people.

Positions as steady as Mount Tai.

All the way until today, this arrangement was finally going to be broken!

In the wake of newcomers joining, would a decisive battle that concerned reputation stir up among the Ten Great Divine Kings?

Would the old batch of Ten Great Divine Kings challenge the newly-ascended Ten Great Divine Kings?

Would the rankings among the Ten Great Divine Kings have changes or not?

A series of questions became the major discussion that swept across the entire Divine Realm!

Especially in the Holy City, this discussion reached an even more seething extent.

In the streets and alleys, everyone was virtually discussing this matter.

Which newcomers do you guys think will be joining this issue of Ten Great Divine Kings?

To talk about the newcomer whose cutting edge shows the most recently, I feel that it should be Ji Qingyun! He destroyed the high and mighty Medicine King Hall with his power alone. In terms of strength, it should be sufficient to rival the Ten Great Divine Kings, right?

I think thats far fetched! Its true that the Medicine King Hall was destroyed, but Ji Qingyuns Martial Dao foundation is too shallow in the end. How he destroyed the Medicine King Hall, nobody knows either! Isnt it said that he has quite a few Void Mystic powerhouses by his side? I heard that there was a peak Void Mystic powerhouse following by his side in Tranquil Sun City. If I were to say, destroying the Medicine King Hall was most likely largely his credit!

Apart from Ji Qingyun, I feel that it can only be some reclusive familys powerhouses! The Xu, Hu, Chen, and Feng, four great families, have been isolated from the world for a long time. It should roughly be time to come into being as well.

Heh,dont you forget, the last issue of Ten Great Divine Kings didnt have ancient families disciples! They all obtained heaven-defying lucky chances, thats how they transcended everything and became peerless powerhouses!

En,what you said is right. This way, the selection of Ten Great Divine Kings this time is really baffling!

At this time, Ye Yuan, who was far away in the Demon Region, was indifferent to this news.

Whatever ranking of Ten Great Divine Kings was merely empty reputation to Ye Yuan.

Through the recuperation of over half a month, Ye Yuan already recovered from the Medicine King Hall battle.

Along with the passage of time, that hint of shadow shrouding Ye Yuans heart also gradually relaxed vigilance.

After all, the people who were related to him were currently all perfectly unscathed in front of him. This was enough.

But on this day, the Spirit Bristle Divine King suddenly descended upon the dragon clan.

The moment Teng Yun saw Ye Yuan, he scolded laughingly, You brat, youre also too reckless when doing things! Ji Canglans current strength is already not beneath Wang Huanzhous, but you actually went out to the Medicine King Hall by yourself without due consideration!

The name Wang Huanzhou out of Teng Yuns mouth was the Iron Spear Divine King, who was ranked last among the Ten Great Divine Kings.

Him saying so, served to show that he quite approved of Ji Canglans strength.

Teng Yuns gaze never left Ye Yuan before, as if it was his first time knowing him.

He was truly extremely surprised that Ye Yuan was able to massacre the entire Medicine King Hall.

One had to know that not long ago, Ye Yuan still did not have the slightest strength to retaliate in front of Zhuge Qingxuan.

In a twinkle, Ye Yuan was actually already capable of killing an existence comparable to the Ten Great Divine Kings by himself.

Even if it was just the last place, it was also sufficient to see the terror of Ye Yuans improvement.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, Putting aside my great hatred with him, just him daring to touch Li-er, this point is enough for him to die ten times over!

Ye Yuans thinking at that time was very simple, which was to kill people!

This grudge, he was already unable to carry on enduring.

Even if he was not fully confident at that time, he slaughtered up to the Medicine King Hall too.

Teng Yun smiled and said, Right now, there is a hubbub of discussion spreading outside that youre going to enter the Ten Great Divine Kings this time. Looking at your appearance, seems like you arent patting yourself on the back at all!

The moment Ye Yuan heard, he said smilingly, Merely empty reputation. Even if I dont enter the Ten Great Divine Kings, it also doesnt mean that Im inferior to the Ten Great Divine Kings. Dont you think so, Brother Teng?

Teng Yun smiled as he nodded his head and said, Actually, the Ten Great Divine Kings are only the human territories Ten Great Divine Kings. It cant represent the Divine Realms true strength. At the very least, this demon race has three people whose strength that even I have no assurance in prevailing over them.