Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1177

Chapter 1177 Simple Task

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Ye Yuans eyebrows raised up, clearly rather surprised by Teng Yuns words.

He had always been very curious. If the present Demon Region was so weak, why the human race actually did not come over to annex the region?

It turned out that the demon races strength was actually so terrifying.

As expected, any races strength is not as simple as exhibited on the surface!

The Demon Regions foundation, even Ye Yuan, this former peak Alchemy Emperor actually did not know.

Of course, the previous lifes him was not concerned about these either.

The demon race still has such mighty powers? Ye Yuan said in surprise.

Teng Yun nodded his head and said, In this dragon clan, theres one.

Ye Yuan was stupefied when he heard that. The dragon clan had one?

Ao Yongs strength did not seem to be so terrifying, right?

Teng Yun seemed to have seen through what Ye Yuan was thinking and said with a smile, I know Ao Yong, it isnt him. Hes the previous generation head elder. Who Im talking about is the Azure Dragon Clans previous patriarch! Right now, he already doesnt meddle in worldly affairs. Unless its a clan extermination crisis, otherwise, he wont appear.

Ye Yuan smiled bitterly in his heart to no end. He really did not think that the dragon clans foundation was actually so deep.

Really talking about it, wouldnt the dragon clans old patriarch be even more impressive than Ao Qian?

Then the other two? Ye Yuan could not help asking curiously.

The other two, are not the Four Symbols Divine Beast clans powerhouses. One of them is a powerhouse of the Stone Ape clan, while the other is very mysterious. Ive also only heard a little bit, Teng Yun said.

Only then did Ye Yuan discover that his understanding of the Divine Realm was still truly too little.

When he roamed the Demon Region back then, it was really somewhat the feeling of the ignorant had no fear.

Brother Teng, youve always been investigating the fiend races whereabouts. Do you know where in the world this Divine Martial Hall is at? Ye Yuan suddenly asked.

Mentioning this Divine Martial Hall, Teng Yuns brows knitted together too.

That fiend races major power is too terrifying. Hes incomparably cautious when doing things. Talking about it is shameful, even though the Divine Martial Hall has gradually risen to the surface, I really dont know his whereabouts. Rather, the fiend race has several hidden underground lairs that Ive already pretty much investigated, Teng Yun said.

When Ye Yuan heard this, his eyes lit up, and he said,Oh?About how much does Brother Teng know, no harm in saying. We can get started with these underground lairs!

Teng Yun nodded his head and said, I had precisely this intent! I came to find you this time for precisely this objective as well! These few underground lairs are scattered too broadly. Wanting to wipe them out all at once still expends quite a bit of strength. Hence, I came to find you for help.

Ye Yuan said excitedly, Brother Teng, please say! Heavenly Fiendgod Kanuo is already almost coming into being. Right now, we must seize every minute and second!

Teng Yun nodded his head and told Ye Yuan the information that he investigated one by one.

According to what Teng Yun said, the few fiend race underground dens that he found were all in some inconspicuous small sects, concealed extremely deeply.

But the underground lairs experts were not few!

The fiend races powerhouses were much more numerous compared to powerhouses of the human race.

Above holy sovereign, there was even a holy emperor rank. Fiends who possessed this form of address were all existences capable of contending against the Ten Great Divine Kings level of powerhouses!

And this place that Teng Yun had Ye Yuan go to was called Moonhowl Sect, an unremarkable Rank Six Holy Land at the southern parts of the Divine Realm.

Such a small place, nobody would go and pay attention at all normally.

However, it was a stronghold of the fiend race!

The places that Teng Yun found were all very important strongholds of the Divine Martial Hall. These places, at the very least, all had holy emperor rank powerhouses guarding.

If not for Ye Yuan annihilating the Medicine King Hall with his power alone, he had no plans of letting Ye Yuan take part.

Even so, the Moonhowl Sect that he made Ye Yuan go to was also one of the easiest places.

According to Teng Yuns investigations, Moonhowl Sects strongest person should be a holy sovereign powerhouse.

To Ye Yuan, it should be a cinch.

Even though it was a holy sovereign powerhouse, that was also Han Qing Zi that level of existence. The average person really could not take on this task.

Brother Teng, youre also looking down on this younger brother too much! A mere holy sovereign cant last one move under this Yes hands at all. Wheres the fun in going? Ye Yuan said rather unhappily.

This job was truly somewhat easy to Ye Yuan.

If it were before, holy sovereign powerhouses were indeed too much for Ye Yuan to bear. But now, it was as easy as flipping his hand for Ye Yuan to want to kill holy sovereign powerhouses.

Bloodsoul and the others under Ji Canglan were holy sovereign class powerhouses.

The four of them joined hands and were directly felled by Ye Yuan in the end too.

Teng Yun smiled and said, Younger Brother, dont look down on this mission. Its said that Moonhowl Sect this stronghold is a stronghold specifically for the Divine Martial Hall to gather information. Your mission isnt just to kill people. If theres a possibility, you might even be able to find the location of the Divine Martial Halls lair! Therefore, your mission is actually the most important.

Ye Yuans eyes lit up. Only then did his expression calm down slightly, and he said,Huhu,thats more like it! Relax, leave this matter to me.

Teng Yun nodded and said, At that time, Ill send two helpers to you. How we target the fiend races actions in the future will be entrusted to you!

Ye Yuan said, Brother Teng, no need to send people. Ao Qian the few of them, their strength is still pretty decent.

But Teng Yun shook his head and said, Dont underestimate the fiend races intel! Its too conspicuous for you to bring Ao Qian they all. Its more suitable to bring my people.

Ye Yuan thought about it and got the picture too. He nodded and said, Alright.

There were still two months away from the time the two people agreed upon.

This period of time, Ye Yuan cast away all distracting thoughts and started diving into cultivation.

Presently, Ye Yuans divine soul was already over half-transformed into golden color. His fleshy body also cultivated to late-stage already. Instead, his essence energy realm was still a very long distance away from peak divine king.

When his Essence, Energy, and Spirit, three paths all broke through to the great circle of perfection realm, he would be able to refine the Dao Defying Pill and directly assault the Deity Realm!

It was just that, the nine core medicines that the Dao Defying Pill required was still lacking three kinds at present.

But two of them, the Immortal Orientale Grass and Cloud Exquisite Sunflower, Ye Yuan was not worried.

Ye Yuan knew that these two kinds of spirit medicine were in the Demon Region!

With the dragon clans strength, acquiring naturally would not expend too much effort.

Except, the last kind of spirit medicine, Kunwu Flower, according to what Ye Yuan knew, only the Godsfall Mountain Range had it.

Because this kind of flower grew on top of Kunwu Divine Wood.

Disregarding the Godsfall Mountain Ranges dangers, just this Kunwu Divine Wood itself was dangerous to the extreme!

Even with Ye Yuans current strength, facing the Kunwu Divine Wood, it boded ill rather than well.

Those who had truly seen before Kunwu Divine Wood, all died! Not a single person came back before!

Looks like I must cultivate Essence, Energy, and Spirit all to the great circle of perfection within a year, then enter the Godsfall Mountain Range and find this Kunwu Divine Wood. Only on that day will I have a chance to thoroughly crush the fiend race.Sigh Its another journey where life or death is hard to say!

A month later, Ye Yuan finally broke through to Eighth Level Dao Profound. He was only missing this last step away from Ninth Level Dao Profound, the Divine King Realm!

And right at this time, the Heavens Secret Towers heavyweight bomb was finally thrown out!