Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1178

Chapter 1178 Heaven Surmounting Divine King

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This is also too ridiculous, right? Ji Qingyun really became one of the Ten Great Divine Kings? Furthermore, hes even rank six?

What the hell is the Heavens Secret Tower doing? Brewing for 2000 years, they came up with such a lousy thing?

Just based on annihilating an obsolete sect, one can enter the rankings of the Ten Great Divine Kings? When did the Ten Great Divine Kings become so worthless?

Its true that Ji Qingyuns strength is decent, but to say that hes able to rank at number six, Im not convinced no matter what!

The new issue of Ten Great Divine Kings was finally fresh out of the press, but it stirred up a huge debate.

The old issue of Ten Great Divine Kings in sequence were: Heaven Stabilizing Divine King, Zhuge Qingxuan; Spirit Bristle Divine King, Teng Yun; Grand Yan Divine King, Lu Linfeng; Soul Martial Divine King, Zhong Zizhen; Darkness Divine King, Sikong Shang; Heavenly Book Divine King, Song Qiuyu; Single Chord Divine King, Li Tianyang; Profound Wind Divine King, Weng Yifan; Void Distance Divine King, Yi Xing; as well as Iron Spear Divine King, Wang Huanzhou.

These Ten Great Divine Kings had always been viewed as the human races strongest!

For 2000 years, this kind of concept was rooted deeply in peoples hearts.

Someone among them being replaced, the people were virtually unable to accept it.

And the new issue of Ten Great Divine Kings, apart from the top five who were as steady as Mount Tai, the last five position, the changes were huge.

This result was being called into question!

The new issue of Ten Great Divine Kings, sixth place, Heaven Surmounting Divine King, Ye Yuan; seventh place, Heavenly Book Divine King, Song Qiuyu; eighth place, Void Distance Divine King, Yi Xing; ninth place, Profound Wind Divine King, Weng Yifan; and tenth place, Violet Extreme Divine King, Duan Zhengxiao!

The Ten Great Divine Kings actually had two people who were squeezed out!

The Heavens Secret Tower announcing that there were newcomers joining, everyone thought that there was only one person.

No one would have thought that two were actually swapped out all of a sudden!

If the Violet Extreme Divine King, Duan Zhengxiao, ranked as the tenth divine king, everyone was still able to accept it.

About Ye Yuan rising as the sixth divine king in one go, this was something that everyone was unable to accept no matter what.

Furthermore, Ye Yuans title was rather different from the others.

Heaven Surmounting this title, was even more domineering than Heaven Stabilizing!

This title was not anyhow given.

The Ten Great Divine Kings titles were either the area they were skilled in, or the inheritance that they obtained, or that their comprehensive strength was exceptionally formidable!

And Heaven Stabilizing Divine Kings title was because his comprehensive strength was exceedingly powerful.

But Ye Yuans title, Heaven Surmounting, it seriously made people somewhat scratched their heads in puzzlement.

Furthermore, his ranking actually surpassed the Heavenly Book Divine King right away. This made people even more unable to understand.

Of course, apart from Ye Yuan, the Violet Extreme Divine King Duan Zhengxiao that suddenly emerged, also made everyone very curious.

Before this, nobody had heard of such a character before at all.

But for him to be able to push out the Single Chord Divine King and Iron Spear Divine King, his strength definitely could not be underestimated.

Rather, the Void Distance Divine Kings strength seemed to have a considerable breakthrough again, and actually overpowered the Profound Wind Divine King, becoming the eighth divine king.

At this time, inside the Holy Citys Heavens Secret Tower, a distinguished guest was welcomed. It was the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King Zhuge Qingxuan!

Separated by a black curtain, the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King said to the person behind it, Is the Ten Great Divine Kings Ranking published by your esteemed tower this time ill-considered? That Ye Yuan, this seat has exchanged blows with him before. Hes completely a trash that fails to make the cut! Just the likes of him is able to enter the Ten Great Divine Kings too?

Although the Heaven Stabilizing Divine Kings tone was somewhat sullen, he still maintained restraint.

He knew that that mysterious powerhouse behind the black curtain, even he could not figure out as well.

Inside this Holy City, Zhuge Qingxuan could be said to have everything under control.

Only this Heavens Secret Tower was a thorn in his heart.

Talking about over 2000 years ago, Heavens Secret Towers entrance was very domineering!

At that time, Zhuge Qingxuan still did not have Heaven Stabilizing, this title, and was also not deep like the ocean at present.

At that time, he was still daring and high-spirited. Towards this mysterious organization that ventured in domineeringly, he naturally turned his nose up at it.

But he did not even see the face of this mysterious powerhouse and already retreated in defeat.

Towards that mysterious old man behind the curtain that he had never seen before, the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King was incomparably apprehensive.

Even if 2000 years had already passed now, and his strength already could not be mentioned in the same breath too.

Behind the black curtain came an aged and turbid voice. Times have changed.

The Heaven Stabilizing Divine Kings brows furrowed, clearly very displeased with this answer.

From Ye Yuan leaving the Holy City, just how much time had passed?

Ye Yuans strength already improved to such a degree?

Then, what did all his years of bitter cultivation count for?

Then this Heaven Surmounting title, what does that mean? the Heaven Surmounting Divine King asked again.

Staying silent for a second, a voice came from behind the black curtain once more. Heavens secrets, they cannot be divulged! Very soon, youll understand.

The Heaven Stabilizing Divine King gave a cold snort and said crossly,Humph!Your esteemed self is still pretending to be mysterious just as before!

The other party was silent. For some time, it was somewhat awkward.

The Heaven Stabilizing Divine King appeared slightly embarrassed and said with furrowed brows, I hope that the Heavens Secret Tower will strike Ye Yuans name off the Ten Great Divine Kings. For this, the Holy City can pay a corresponding price!

Heavens secrets are heavens secrets. They are not to be changed! the aged voice echoed again, not giving the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King the least bit of face.

Regarding Ye Yuan being chosen, Zhuge Qingxuan was very displeased.

Ye Yuan almost annihilated the entire Holy Citys Dao legacy with his strength along.

Even though those people were all ant-like existences to Zhuge Qingxuan, this face was slapped resoundingly.

Therefore, upon hearing that Ye Yuan was actually selected for the Ten Great Divine Kings, Zhuge Qingxuan was very ticked off.

The Heaven Stabilizing Divine King was not an amiable person in the end.

Seeing the other party not giving the slightest bit of face, he was finally enraged.

Humph!Your esteemed self set up the Heavens Secret Tower in my Holy City, but wont even give this bit of face! This face wants to take a look today, at just what your true face looks like!

Zhuge Qingxuan gave an angry shout. The Brahma Heart Sutra already revolved, grabbing towards the black curtain.


Right as Zhuge Qingxuan grabbed the black curtain, a pale light halo rose up, and actually bounced Zhuge Qingxuan back!

Not seeing you out.

Behind the black curtain, that aged voice sounded out once more, neither too fast nor too slow, commanding awe without being furious!

Zhuge Qingxuan snorted coldly, flicked his sleeves, and left.

He hid his palm inside his sleeves, but it was already numb.

Zhuge Qingxuan never thought that 2000 years had already passed, he actually still could not even see the other partys face!

On this day, Ye Yuan exited seclusion.

Milord, youre truly too incredible! Heaven Surmounting Divine King, this name is domineering!Hahaha Jiang Taicang said with an excited look.

Something that others use several thousand years before accomplishing, His Excellency only used less than 30 years and achieved it! Milord, at present, youre the Divine Realms most scalding hot powerhouse!

Inclusive of Ao Qian, when they heard this news, they were all shocked to the core.

They never would have thought that His Excellencys strength was actually already horrifyingly to the max!

Back then, when they followed Ye Yuan, they more or less still somewhat looked down on Ye Yuan in their hearts.

But with the passing of time, the speed of them being brought into submission by Ye Yuan would virtually increase every minute and every second.

Ye Yuan still had not figured out the situation, but he also picked out that he seemed to have really entered the Ten Great Divine Kings!