Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1179

Chapter 1179 Challenge

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Heaven Surmounting, this is my title? It sounds like its pretty good.

Ye Yuan mulled over his own title for a bit and felt rather satisfied still.

It was just that he was somewhat curious about what on earth the Heavens Secret Tower was basing on to determine the caliber of strength.

More than just pretty good! I reckon that Heaven Stabilizing Divine Kings face is definitely green! Hes just Heaven Stabilizing, but Your Excellency tower above the heavens! This disparity is not just a tiny bit!Hahaha Jiang Taicang said with a loud laugh.

With him laughing, the others also started chortling with laughter.

These people were all very unhappy with that overweeningly arrogant appearance of Zhuge Qingxuan.

Back then, if not for the Spirit Bristle Divine King making it in time, Ye Yuan would definitely have already died in his hands.

Therefore, this group of people all had a feeling of being bound by a common hatred for the enemy.

Now, Ye Yuan entered the rankings of the Ten Great Divine Kings. Not only was he ranked sixth, he even obtained a Heaven Surmounting title. That Zhuge Qingxuan was definitely repulsed to death.

In truth, they also guessed correctly.

Zhuge Qingxuan was indeed very repulsed right now.

What changes did the Ten Great Divine Kings have, let me hear about it, Ye Yuan asked.

Although he did not have any feelings regarding being chosen for the Ten Great Divine Kings, this did not hinder him in paying a little attention to the status changes of the Divine Realms apex powerhouses.

Hearing Ye Yuans question, Jiang Taicang took the initiative to volunteer and told Ye Yuan about the status changes without omitting any details.

After Ye Yuan heard, he was very surprised too.

But when he heard Sikong Shangs name, a cold light flashed past in his eyes.

Putting aside the grudge of that one palm on that day, the matter of him refining You Wuya into a clone was sufficient for Ye Yuan to have killing intent aroused.

Ye Yuans feelings toward the Tranquil Cloud Sect were very deep. You Wuya was the Tranquil Cloud Sects founding ancestor, but he ended up as one of his clones. This made Ye Yuan unable to accept it.

Even though he had never met You Wuya, his Sword Dao Concept had half that was inherited from him.

This grudge, he must avenge!

Ye Yuan already secretly made up his mind, when the mission this time was over, he would go find the Darkness Divine King to settle this score properly!

The few people were currently chatting when Ao Duo suddenly wanted to see Ye Yuan.

Meeting Ye Yuan once again, Ao Duo felt mixed feelings too.

Back then, the dragon clan wanted the Sacred Dragon Token back from Ye Yuan. Both parties almost came to blows.

The Ye Yuan at that time was still just a genius who astounded others.

But just a few years of not seeing, Ye Yuan already matured into a powerhouse that looked down upon the world that even he had to look up to!

Especially when he knew that Ye Yuan comprehended divine rank dragon wave, the astonishment in his heart could be imagined!

Actually, in his heart, he already acknowledged Ye Yuans identity as the dragon lord.

To be able to cultivate dragon wave to divine rank, if one was still not able to be called the dragon lord, he was unable to answer to his subjects at all.

Dragon Lord! Ao Duo gave a bow respectfully.

Ye Yuan said coolly, Patriarch doesnt have to be so courteous. Youre still the patriarch, just call me Ye Yuan will do. I wonder what Patriarch came to find this Ye for?

His tone was very calm, but it exuded prestige that left no room for doubt.

Ao Duo did not insist either and said, Young Master Ye, there are many powerhouses outside the clan wanting to challenge you. They said

Ye Yuan smiled and said, Just say whats on your mind.

They said that Young Master Ye, youre not fit to enter the Ten Great Divine Kings! Ao Duo said cautiously.

This bunch of self-righteous fools! Ao Qian said in a cold voice.

A bunch of things that dont know the immensity of heaven and earth. They havent met a true genius before, Jiang Taicang also grumbled.

Toward this, Ye Yuan did not care a whit and said with a faint smile, No need to care about them. As long as they dont cause trouble, up to them to say what they like. This young master isnt so free as to prove my strength to them. Ao Qian, you go outside and stand guard. If anybody causes trouble, no need to pull punches.

Ao Qian received the order and said, Yes, Milord!

Ye Yuan was disdainful to stoop to the level of those so-called geniuses. But ever since after the Heavens Secret Tower published the news, the human martial artists that headed to the dragon clans totem territory to raise a clamor outside became more and more.

Five days later, the powerhouses that gathered outside the dragon clan actually already reached a hundred people!

Among these 100 people, the weakest was a Void Mystic powerhouse too.

But these people mostly did not look too old. They should all be young geniuses.

If not for this news that the Heavens Secret Tower announced, one would probably not know that there were actually so many Void Mystic powerhouses in the Divine Realm.

Of course, the Divine Realm was too large. Reclusive sects and ancient families were too many to count.

Super holy lands were merely the strength on the surface.

The Divine Realm had trillions of martial artists. Such a vast number, the void mystic powerhouses naturally would not be just that few.

What was truly few were the pinnacle powerhouses.

Because Divine Dao inheritances were too few!

Ye Yuan, you coward! If you have the capabilities, come out and accept our challenge!

An Eighth Level Dao Profound actually dare proclaim to be of the Ten Great Divine Kings! How is your skin so thick?

If you dont have strength, dont put on an act in front of people! Hurry up and announce to the world, voluntarily withdraw from the Ten Great Divine Kings!

When Ao Qian heard those words, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

If not for Ye Yuan warning in advice, he would have long flung a tight slap over.

Where did this snotty brat come from, truly, the ignorant were fearless.

These so-called powerhouses, His Excellency could poke them to death with one finger. To actually dare raise such a hue too.

Suddenly, his brows raised up. A feeling of danger welled up in his heart.

Not just him, those young powerhouses clamoring clearly all detected it too.

A middle-aged man strolled over in the air leisurely, bringing along an extremely terrifying aura!

He came before Ao Qian and said coolly, Call Ye Yuan out. Im here to challenge him.

Facing this middle-aged man, Ao Qian actually had a feeling of palpitating with anxiety and fear.

In this world, those capable of making him have such a feeling were clearly not simple people.

But Ye Yuan said before not to let these people disturb him. Ao Qian still carried out the order loyally, saying coolly, His Excellency is in closed-seclusion and isnt free to take on challenges!

That middle-aged man did not reveal a surprised look. He said just indifferently, If hes not coming out, I can only go in to find him!

Finished talking, he lifted his foot and walked towards inside the totem territory, directly disregarding Ao Qian.

The middle-aged mans haughty attitude also thoroughly infuriated Ao Qian. His figure moved, directly blocking in front of the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man did not say a word. A palm wormed out like a ghost, directly smacking towards Ao Qian!


This palm actually directly ignored Ao Qians divine king domain, smacking onto his chest!


Ao Qian immediately spewed out a mouthful of blood, his body flying out horizontally.

Seeing this scene, the dragon clans powerhouses expressions changed drastically.

While those experts who came to challenge Ye Yuan all revealed an expression of taking pleasure in other peoples misfortune.

This time, a tough character finally came!

Even for the Azure Dragon Clan, wanting to deal with this middle-aged man was likely somewhat enough to choke on, right?

This middle-aged mans strength was indeed very strong. That palm just now was incomparably bizarre. Not a single one of them actually saw clearly how the other party attacked!