Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 118

Chapter 118


Liu Ruoshui went ‘mad,’ and Su Yubai gave out the instruction for her to be forcefully sent out of the academy.

When Liu Ruoshui left the academy, she became a wandering soul; at a loss on where to go.

She was once full of ambition and thought that she could rise above over. She was formerly delicate and charming like a flower, pursued by all.

And now, she, Liu Ruoshui, was just a cripple. A walking corpse. Even passersby could not be bothered to look at her.

A day later, an assassin who was tailing her the entire day stabbed her with a knife at her back, finishing off this formerly alluring young lady.

In reality, many people predicted this ending. It was just that there was nobody concerned with Liu Ruoshui anymore.

Liu Ruoshui’s outcome today was reaping the fruits she sowed. Who would sympathize with a black-hearted woman?

After this incident, Ye Yuan then proceeded to read thoroughly the cultivation law jade slip which Feng Ruoqing sent over, and passed her a jade slip he imprinted himself.

Feng Ruoqing was initially worried that going to the Scripture Library to select cultivation law would waste a lot of time. Who knew that Ye Yuan would casually throw her a cultivation law?

She used divine sense to sweep over the cultivation law Ye Yuan passed her and was involuntarily astonished.

This cultivation was simply custom-made for Feng Zhirou! What was different was that this cultivation law was an extreme yin cultivation law!

This made Feng Ruoqing sigh in admiration once again at how powerful Ye Yuan’s master was.

After settling Feng Zhirou’s matter, Ye Yuan directly entered closed-seclusion, and no longer concerned himself with the academy’s affairs.

As for the spar with Wu Luochen, both parties agreed to do it after the Endless Trials.

Wu Luochen could tell that although Ye Yuan’s strength greatly surpassed those of the same rank, he was ultimately a major realm away from him. It was still somewhat premature to fight now, so he also gave up.

Following Ye Yuan’s closed-seclusion, the academy seemed to have returned to its former peace.

Then, the third day after Ye Yuan entered his retreat, another matter caused a huge disturbance in the entire Dan Wu Academy once more!

Following Ye Yuan’s action, the rank one on the Martial Roll, Long Tang, challenged the Nine Heavens Road!

The Nine Heavens Road was illustriously notorious. More often than not, several years, even over a decade would pass before anybody dared to challenge it.

But now, there was actually two students challenging the Nine Heavens Road consecutively within three days. This was explosively big news.

Although Long Tang was rank one on the Martial Roll, there were still not many people who thought highly of him challenging the Nine Heavens Road.

The Nine Heavens Road was too hard!

If Long Tang were already confident a long time ago, he would not have waited until today to challenge it.

Hence, the vast majority felt that Long Tang went to challenge the Nine Heavens Road because he was triggered by Ye Yuan.

Without any doubt, all of the experts on the Martial Roll were highly arrogant, let alone the one standing at the top of the Martial Roll, Long Tang.

A formerly unknown student made it past the Nine Heavens Road. As the number one on the Martial Roll, didn’t Long Tang get beaten?

One had to know that although rank one on the Martial Roll was termed a genius when compared to Ye Yuan who made it past the Nine Heavens Road, the difference was enormous!

Only by making it through the Nine Heavens Road could he prove that the degree of his talent did not lose out to Ye Yuan!

This was a colossal gamble! If he lost this bet, then Long Tang would not even be able to keep his life!

Under these circumstances, expectedly, many students felt that Long Tang was too narrow-minded, and this should not be the conduct of a rank one of the Martial Roll.

As a matter of fact, Ye Yuan’s talent had already long surpassed Long Tang in many students’ heart. He was well-deserving for being number one in the academy!

But Long Tang was unable to accept this reality, so he used his life to wager this name.

Only Zuo Bugui knew about Long Tang’s plan. Although he did not really understand it, it was definitely not acting on impulse.

On the contrary, Long Tang was unprecedentedly calm right now! So calm until Zuo Bugui was unable to grasp his depth!

Just several days without seeing him and Long Tang actually underwent such a huge transformation. Could it be that he was really enlightened?

“Are you really going, Old Long?” At the foot of the Nine Heavens Peak, Zuo Bugui and Long Tang stood shoulder to shoulder.

“Naturally,” Long Tang replied casually.

“Sigh.I know that I can’t sway you so I won’t persuade you anymore. I wish you good luck then.”

“En.I will succeed.”

Long Tang was wholly composed as if he was only explaining a fact.

Zuo Bugui and Long Tang had been rivals for such a long time. He knew that he had never been an arrogant and conceited person. But where did he get his confidence?

Just because Ye Yuan made it through? Long Tang was not so superficial, right?

Long Tang went in front of the stone tablet, swore the Heavenly Dao Oath, and resolutely stepped onto the Nine Heavens Road!

. . . . . .

At the back of the mountain, in the abode of the Disciplinary Hall’s First Elder. Su Yubai looked at Su Yishan with a dark face.

“Yishan, you are the future patriarch of the Su Family. How can you not weigh the importance when doing things? You’ve disappointed me greatly in this matter!” Su Yubai reprimanded him relentlessly.

Su Yishan sweated profusely and bowed as he said, “I was wrong, Second Uncle.”

“Do you know where you were wrong?”

“I should not have get involved with that crazy woman!”

Speaking of Liu Ruoshui, Su Yishan also gnashed his teeth in hatred. That woman was a troublemaker, drawing major problems for him.

“You’re wrong! It’s just a woman. With your identity and status, what kind of woman can’t you have? You were wrong not because of provoking that woman, but for provoking Ye Yuan! You clearly knew that this woman came to find you to avoid Ye Yuan and you actually dared to shelter her! If it was just sheltering her, then forget it. But you became enemies with Ye Yuan for her beauty!” Su Yubai’s words shot out extremely fast.

Su Yishan gritted his teeth and said, “Merely a Ye Yuan, who would have thought that he could actually make Wu Luochen work for him? Otherwise . . .”

“Otherwise what? Kill him? If I didn’t make it on time, even if you killed Ye Yuan, you also can’t escape death yourself! Even though the high sect hasn’t come over to name Ye Yuan, his status as a core disciple can no longer be changed. Did you consider the consequences of killing a high sect’s core disciple? You’re the next patriarch of the Su Family. How could you do things without thinking it through?” Su Yubai reproved him.

Su Yishan shuddered. Back then, he was in the heat of the moment. How would he have considered so much?

Now that he thought about it, he was genuinely fearful.

Seeing Su Yishan’s appearance, Su Yubai grunted coldly. “Do you understand now?”

Su Yishan sucked in deeply and nodded, saying, “Many thanks for Second Uncle’s teachings. This child understood.”

“Understood what?”

“Killing Ye Yuan must be a one blow certain kill! Otherwise, hitting the snake and not killing it will result in injuries! Since we’re in the academy and I have no way of killing him, I shouldn’t have taken the initiative to provoke him. The result was getting skunk juice all over me! Second Uncle, this child still underestimated Ye Yuan. The speed of his growth. . . is too quick!” Although he did not wish to admit it, Su Yishan already acknowledged Ye Yuan’s power.

The anger on Su Yubai’s face finally subsided and what replaced it was a satisfied look.

“That’s right! You’re the young patriarch of the Su Family. How you want to play with women is not an issue. But there’s one thing. Never, ever, hold up important things because of women. Why did I want to publicly kill Ye Yuan? That’s because I saw his future threat! Although I didn’t succeed, that was just an accident. Since the matter cannot be done, then we will temporarily put it aside. Why shouldn’t we make good use of such a fine opportunity like the Endless Trials when it’s placed right there. The Endless Trials is our best chance, and also our last chance! Hence, Ye Yuan must die inside the Endless Forest!”