Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1180

Chapter 1180 Show Mercy

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Haha,beautifully done! This guy is too arrogant! Teach him a good lesson!

Ye Yuan is a scaredy-cat. We came to challenge him, and he actually doesnt even dare to show face. With this, his true form is going to be exposed, right?

Hey, whats your name? Your strength is so formidable! In my view, you should be the one entering the Ten Great Divine Kings!

These people were continuously blocked outside by Ao Qian. They were naturally unhappy in their hearts.

Seeing Ao Qian being beaten until he spat blood at this time, each and every one of them all started gloating over others misfortune.

That middle-aged man also felt pleased with himself inwardly when he saw that he was receiving everyones praises.

Through over 2000 years of development, the Ten Great Divine Kings already became the symbol of holiness in the Divine Realms martial artists hearts.

They were every martial artists idol and also the goal that each martial artist strove towards.

Because the Ten Great Divine Kings were the Divine Realms true absolute summit!

This middle-aged man was naturally here, aiming for fame too.

Cao Yunzhi! the middle-aged man uttered his own name indifferently, having the demeanor of an expert.

This name, naturally nobody heard of it before.

But he believed that starting from today, this name would be known by the entire Divine Realm!

The Ten Great Divine Kings were also nothing more than this!

Over a thousand years ago, Cao Yunzhi obtained a Divine Dao inheritance by chance and entered closed-seclusion to cultivate ever since.

Who would have thought that the moment he exited seclusion, he got the news of Ye Yuan pulling off an upset and entering the Ten Great Divine Kings?

He immediately realized that his chance to make a name for himself came!

As long as he defeated Ye Yuan, he would naturally have the qualifications to replace Ye Yuan, becoming one of the Ten Great Divine Kings!

Therefore, he came.

Just the likes of you wish to get in my way too? Cao Yunzhi shot him a contemptuous glance and said coolly.

The whole process of this palm was incomparably strange from beginning to end. It was simply impossible for Ao Qian to guard against.

But being looked down upon by a snotty brat, Ao Qians chest was simply about to explode.

Grandpa Ao will fight it out with you!

Ao Qian gritted his teeth. The power of his divine king domain opened up fully, charging over towards Cao Yunzhi.

Who knew that Cao Yunzhi was completely condescending toward Ao Qian and said with a scornful look, Already spared you from death just now. Since youre seeking death yourself, this Cao will send you off!

Done talking, Cao Yunzhis peculiar palm appeared once more!

Ao Qians pupils constricted. A feeling of incredible danger welled up in his heart.

This palm was absolutely a lethal palm!

Wanting to avoid it but Cao Yunzhis palm followed closely like a shadow. It was simply unavoidable!

Its over just like this? Ao Qian thought helplessly.

He also did not think that after seeing the light of day anew, the strength of this Divine Realms martial artist was actually formidable to such a degree already.

A person that randomly came out, he was already not a match.

Looks like these 20 thousand years really held him up for too long!

Cao Yunzhi saw Ao Qians expression of resigning himself to fate, but he did not show the slightest hint of stopping.

Killing people to establish power, this was what he currently had in mind!!

But right at this time, a surge of killing intent suddenly locked onto him.

The countenance of Cao Yunzhi, who realized the danger changed, his figure retreating explosively.

When he looked again, there was already an additional youth by Ao Qians side.

The young man was currently looking at him, killing intent faintly arising.

Seeing Ye Yuan, Cao Yunzhi was stupefied. Soon after, a surge of anger from humiliation welled up in his heart.

He was actually scared into retreat by an Eighth Level Dao Profound youth!

Ye Yuan frowned as he looked at Ao Qian, and suddenly made a move like lightning, tapping on his body.


Ao Qian spat out a mouthful of congealed blood, his complexion immediately becoming much rosier.

What a vicious palm art. Was he the one who injured you? Ye Yuan asked.

Ao Qian slowly nodded his head, then bent his body and gave a bow towards Ye Yuan.

Seeing Ye Yuans actions, Cao Yunzhis expression changed.

Not only was his palm art incomparably profound, it even contained hidden force, injuring people imperceptibly.

He comprehended for over a thousand years before having a preliminary understanding of this Divine Dao law.

He did not expect that not only did Ye Yuan see through with one glance, he even resolved it effortlessly.

Who are you, boy? To actually dare intervene in this Caos affairs! Cao Yunzhi looked at Ye Yuan and said coldly.

You dont even recognize me and actually dare to come and challenge me? Truly, the ignorant are fearless! Ye Yuan said coolly.

Cao Yunzhis expression changed, and he said in surprise, Youre Ye Yuan? I heard that youre only Seventh Level Dao Profound. Didnt think that you broke through so quickly!

But Ye Yuan did not pay attention to his surprise and said grimly, Scram! Before I change my mind!

This Cao Yunzhi was clearly someone who obtained a Divine Dao legacy. The fiend race crisis was about to erupt soon, such a person could be considered a talent.

Hence, even though Ye Yuan had killing intent aroused, he did not make a move to kill.

The moment Cao Yunzhi heard, he was tickled.

Even though he came into being not long, he was not a fledgling. How could he be scared away by a sentence from Ye Yuan?

Hahaha,boy, I admit that youre rather different. But entering the rankings of the Ten Great Divine Kings, youre not qualified enough yet! An Eighth Level Dao Profound actually entered the ranks of the Ten Great Divine Kings, this is simply a joke! Cao Yunzhi suddenly let out a roaring laugh.

Cao Yunzhis words made those geniuses guffaw with laughter to no end.

Haha,yeah, Eighth Level Dao Profound isnt even Divine King. To actually dare proclaim as one of the Ten Great Divine Kings, truly no sense of shame.

A measly Eighth Level Dao Profound actually dare threaten Brother Cao, truly have no idea of death or danger!

Said it long ago, this guy is completely undeserved reputation! Even if an Eighth Level Dao Profound was strong, how strong could he be?

But Ye Yuan was disinclined to bother with these ridicules. He looked at Cao Yunzhi nonchalantly and suddenly said, This young master already gave you a chance!


Cao Yunzhi only had time to say a word and already lost sight of Ye Yuans figure.

Alarm bells suddenly sounded!

Except, it was already too late!


A miserable cry sounded out. Cao Yunzhis wrist was severed off!

Ye Yuan looked at Cao Yunzhi coldly and said, You should be rejoicing that Ao Qian is fine. Otherwise, it wouldnt be a hand so simple.

Cao Yunzhi was in pain until he sweated profusely, fresh blood spouting wildly from his wrist area.

His wrist was chopped off by a divine artifact. Wanting to stop the bleeding was not that simple.

Also, you all, want to challenge me, sure. But you need to be prepared to die!

Ye Yuans gaze swept over those geniuses.

The group of originally incomparably noisy geniuses was utterly silent at this time.

Just now, not a single one of them saw clearly how Ye Yuan attacked.

Just a blink of an eye, and Cao Yunzhis hand was gone!

Such means were simply appalling to the ear.

One had to know that Cao Yunzhi injured the peak Void Mystic Ao Qian to severe injuries with one palm just now.

But Cao Yunzhi could not even withstand one move in front of Ye Yuan!

Everyone glanced around, looking at each other, all uncertain what they should do.

Only at this time did they know that for Ye Yuan to be able to enter the list of Ten Great Divine Kings was not an undeserved reputation!

Heaven Surmounting Divine King, indeed powerful! This art of greater teleportation, probably only the Void Distance Divine King can compare in the Divine Realm, right?

Right then, a euphonious voice sounded out.

In the void, a young figure walked out slowly.

Seeing the arrival, Ye Yuans brows furrowed.

Huhu,Im Duan Zhengxiao. Coming here this time, it is specially to seek guidance from Heaven Surmounting Divine King, the young man said smilingly with clasped hands.