Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1181

Chapter 1181 Displaying Strength

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Violet Extreme Divine King!

Everyone did not expect that the newly-ascended Violet Extreme Divine King of the Ten Great Divine Kings actually came to challenge Ye Yuan too!

This time, it was interesting.

Please return, not interested!

Ye Yuan forcefully threw down a sentence, turned around, and left.

Duan Zhengxiaos expression darkened, immediately turning into an arc of violet light, howling towards Ye Yuan.

Greater teleportation!

But Duan Zhengxiao struck thin air.

Ye Yuans brows furrowed, and he said in a cold voice, This young master isnt free to play this kind of competing game with you all! If you keep on pressing people, dont blame this young masters sword for showing no mercy!

Truthfully speaking, Ye Yuan was very annoyed with these guys.

The calamity of the fiend race was about to erupt soon. These few guys actually even fought here and there for some empty reputation. No idea what was the point.

Once the two great heavenly fiendgods recovered strength, even Zhuge Qingxuan could only be a slightly larger ant too.

The rest were completely not enough to look at!

But Duan Zhengxiao smiled and said, Why does Brother Ye have to be like this? This Duan is only finding you to have a spar. Why is there a need to push people a thousand miles away? Or is it apart from this art of greater teleportation, the rest is all undeserved reputation? Is the Heaven Surmounting Divine King just a fleeing divine king?

But the moment Ye Yuan heard, he smiled.

Such a third-rate goading technique, your esteemed self is truly looking down on this Ye too much! Whatever Heaven Surmounting Divine King, thats just the Heavens Secret Towers own wishful thinking. The thing that you, the Violet Extreme Divine King, regards highly, isnt even a fart in this Yes eyes!

Heh,talk is cheap! If you really dont care, why not come forward right away to deny it? Other people are fishing for fame and praise, are you cracking yourself up to be a clear stream? What a joke! Duan Zhengxiao mocked.

Ye Yuan discovered that he was completely unable to communicate with this guy.

He had ulterior motives, viewing everybody as harboring evil intentions.

Ye Yuan could not be bothered to care about him anymore. He just said indifferently, Whatever makes you happy! Three days! Ill only give you all three days time! If youre still clamoring here, kill without mercy! Ao Qian, lets go!

Done talking, Ye Yuan brought Ao Qian back to the dragon clan.

Duan Zhengxiaos expression flickered incessantly but did not have the courage to chase after.

Even though the dragon clan declined, people who slightly had a bit of experience were all aware that such a major clan had extremely deep foundations and could not be provoked.

To really charge into the dragon clan, Duan Zhengxiao really did not have that gall.

But toward Ye Yuans threat, he did not take it to heart.

He decided to wait for three days outside the dragon clan!

He wanted to take a look if Ye Yuan really had some reliance or he was putting up a bold front!

The big talk was already let out.

Three days later, if Ye Yuan did not dare to come out, then he was outwardly strong and inwardly weak, completely nothing to fear.

Milord, this bunch of fellows are provoking like this, could it be that were letting it go just like this? Ao Qian said rather indignantly.

Reobtaining new life, Ao Qian discovered that the world was already completely different.

The present 20 thousand years later, the experts were really too many!

One that randomly came out almost slapped him to death with one palm.

Fortunately, His Excellency helped him to take revenge.

But Ye Yuan heaved a slight sigh and said, If not for the fiend calamitys eruption being near at hand, just based on him having killing intent towards you is already the death penalty! But right now, human powerhouses who are able to cultivate to such a boundary are too few already. It can be said that killing one means one less.

Only hearing Ye Yuan said so did Ao Qian know his painstaking thoughts.

That bit of unhappiness from before also vanished into thin air.

Ao Qian had experienced the calamity 50 thousand years ago. Even though he did not join the battle at the front lines, the dreadfulness of the battles situation was fresh in his mind.

Only all the way until some years back, when Long Teng spilled out the matters back then, did he know how treacherous that great battle 50 thousand years ago was.

Milord, Ao Qian was shortsighted and harbored resentment toward milord. Milord, please punish! Ao Qian said as he blushed in shame.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, Its good that you can understand. This matter wasnt your fault.

In a twinkle, three days already passed. Those genius powerhouses did not leave. But they did not dare to approach the dragon clan anymore either, all hiding far away.

Ye Yuan already used his strength and thoroughly awed these people.

It was just that, they very much wanted to see just who was stronger or weaker between these two mighty newly ascended divine kings of the Ten Great Divine Kings.

Ye Yuan still hasnt come out until now. He wouldnt really be making an empty show of strength, right?

An empty show of strength? Didnt you see when he cut off Cao Yunzhis hand, that ruthlessness? Such an existence is already not what you and I can pry into!

True! But this Violet Extreme Divine King is an existence on the same level as Ye Yuan. Even if theres a gap, it wouldnt be that large either, right?

En,makes sense! If Ye Yuan is able to overwhelmingly defeat Duan Zhengxiao, that shows that the Heavens Secret Towers ranking shouldnt be off. But if Ye Yuan just barely triumph, or is evenly-matched with Duan Zhengxiao, then this ranking still has exaggerations.

A group of people discussed softly. This showdown between two great divine kings really drew peoples attention.

These few days, quite a few people came to challenge Ye Yuan in succession too. But seeing such a line-up, how could each and every one of them still dare to be arrogant?

Currently, outside the dragon clan, there was only Duan Zhengxiaos solitary figure.

Looks like you still havent given up!

Ye Yuans cold voice sounded out. Everyones spirits were roused.

The great battle was commencing!

Duan Zhengxiao smiled slightly and said, Have a match with me, and Ill give up.

Ye Yuan gave him an indifferent glance and said, Ill only unleash one move. Theres only life or death, no victory or defeat!

A mocking expression appeared on Duan Zhengxiaos face, and he said, Has this Duan ever been scared? Just go ahead and make your move!

Ye Yuan shook his head helplessly and sighed as he said, You cultivated for many years before entering the ranks of the Ten Great Divine Kings. Truly cant bear for you to die before your seat even warms up. But since youre seeking death wholeheartedly, then this young master will send you off!

Toward Ye Yuans words, Duan Zhengxiao naturally turned a deaf ear to it.

Finished talking, Ye Yuans aura suddenly changed. Two terrifying surges of Divine Dao laws suddenly enveloped the entire space.

Duan Zhengxiaos expression changed greatly. All of a sudden, a violet light shone resplendently!

Seeing that Ye Yuan had such an outrageous aura, how could Duan Zhengxiao still dare to conceal his abilities? A terrifying violet light instantly expanded out, like a divine king domain.

This violet light looked dangerous to the extreme. It was not coincidental for him to be able to squeeze the Single Chord Divine King and Iron Spear Divine King out.

However, facing the Violet Extreme Divine Kings violet light, Ye Yuan directly chose to ignore it!

His Domain of Sword did not fear the violet light at all!

Divine domain! Duan Zhengxiao cried out in shock.

This time, he was really stunned, even fearful!

He finally knew that Ye Yuan was not putting up a pompous but empty show of power with him, and even less joking around with him!

Ye Yuan really had the ability to kill him!

At this time, he very much wanted to repent towards Ye Yuan.

But Ye Yuans Fury Sword Fire Lotus was already unleashed!

Two mighty Divine Dao laws intertwined together. They were virtually destructive energy.

Duan Zhengxiao had a look of despair. He was unreconciled to it. He had just been chosen for the Ten Great Divine Kings for a couple of days.

Could it be that he was dying just like this?

Suddenly, Ye Yuans expression turned stern. The surrounding space became somewhat erratic and illusionary.


A violent tremor occurred in the space, but Duan Zhengxiao was completely unscathed!