Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1182

Chapter 1182 Provoking The Grand Yan Divine King

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Ye Yuans brows raised up, already guessing who the arrival was!

In this Divine Realm, to be able to block his Fury Sword Fire Lotus with the power of array formations, who else could there be apart from the Grand Yan Divine King?

A figure walked out from the void. His hair and beard were slightly white, with his complexion being ruddy. It was precisely the Grand Yan Divine King, Lu Linfeng.

Younger Brother Ji, on account of my face, let him off the hook. How about it? Lu Linfeng said with a slight smile.

Lu Linfeng was very confident that Ye Yuan would definitely give him this face.

After all, his relationship with Ye Yuan was still passable.

Ye Yuan gave him a glance and suddenly said with a smile, Can, but use the Formations Path Nine Scripts to exchange!

Lu Linfengs expression turned slightly stiff, clearly not expecting Ye Yuan to not show any due respect.

The Formations Path Nine Scripts was the fruit of his lifes labor. How could he show it to people easily?

Younger Brother, must you press people like this? Lu Linfeng said with a sigh.

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, I gave him the chance. He also said that he was prepared to die. I thought he was really prepared.

Duan Zhengxiaos expression alternated between green and red, blushing furiously by Ye Yuans one sentence.

Prior to this, he said so because he thought that Ye Yuans strength could not make it.

With his strength, even if he could not win, his life could still be preserved.

It was just that, did not think that Ye Yuans strength was actually so terrifying!

If not for Lu Linfeng rushing over in time, he would probably not even have dregs remaining right now.

This matter, this Lu will be a peacemaker. Leave it at this! Lu Linfengs words exuded prestige that left no room for doubt.

The moment the number three divine king opened his mouth, the Divine Realm had to quake too.

Matters that could let Lu Linfeng come forward were not many.

His authority did not tolerate others provocation.

Except, Lu Linfeng was merely an old acquaintance in Ye Yuans eyes.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, If I say no?

One sentence, and it made everyones faces change!

Domineering! No wonder Ye Yuan was titled as Heaven Surmounting Divine King. This domineeringness rides above the ninth heaven!

The Grand Yan Divine King is a veteran Ten Great Divine King. Not taking action for many years, his strength right now is most likely even more unfathomable. The newly-ascended Heaven Surmounting Divine King actually dares to stroke his whiskers.

Haha,really getting more and more interesting! This trip wasnt wasted! This match is too exciting!

When those genius powerhouses saw this scene, each and every one of them was like injected with stimulants.

They never dreamed that things would have such a dramatic change.

The awe-inspiring newly-ascending tenth divine king, Violet Extreme Divine King, was actually almost instantly killed by the Heaven Surmounting Divine King!

However, the Violet Extreme Divine Kings ranking was still slightly worse than the Heaven Surmounting Divine Kings in any case.

But now, the Heaven Surmounting Divine King actually provoked the Grand Yan Divine King!

Actually, among the Ten Great Divine Kings had an unwritten saying: the divine king powerhouses ranked in the top five and from six to tenth had a chasm.

But this saying was verified this time.

Changes among the bottom five were so huge, but the top five people were as steady as Mount Tai.

The strength of the Grand Yan Divine King, who was ranked third, was too terrifying.

Such a terrifying attack from Ye Yuan earlier was actually extinguished by him without much effort.

Even so, Ye Yuan still dared to sweep away his face like this!

If the Heaven Surmounting Divine King and Grand Yan Divine King came to blows, it would shake the entire Divine Realm tomorrow.

Reaching Lu Linfengs level, the majority did not show joy or anger on their faces.

But his slightly narrowed eyes still could let people detect a hint of sullen anger.

Looks like the Heaven Surmounting Divine King achieved success at a young age and somewhat considers everyone beneath notice! Lu Linfeng said coolly.

Looks like the Grand Yan Divine King is taking advantage of his seniority and doesnt quite know how to conduct himself anymore! Ye Yuan rebutted without the slightest politeness.


Everyone sucked in a cold breath. This really squared up!

A cold light flashed past in Lu Linfengs eyes. His tone gradually turning cold as he said, Younger Brother Ji, you and I are also considered to have been friends. Do you really want to reach the point of losing all decorum?

Ye Yuan looked at him and said with a faint smile, Lu Linfeng, this young master is really somewhat inflated right now and want to seek guidance from you!

This time, Lu Linfeng was finally angered and opened his mouth to say, As you wish!

The moment his voice faded, did not see Lu Linfeng take any action either, Ye Yuan and Lu Linfeng vanished before everyones eyes at the same time.

When Ao Qian and the rest saw this scene, their hearts involuntarily leaped up.

Coming out for so many years, they already knew what kind of existences the Ten Great Divine Kings were.

They could not quite figure out why His Excellency was so brash, insisting on provoking the rank three Grand Yan Divine King.

This opponent was not quite the same as in the past!

Rather, it was Yue Mengli whose eyes swiveled around,with a hint of faint smile surfacing at the corners of her mouth. Clearly, she guessed Ye Yuans intentions.

Miss Li-er, what are you smiling about? Could it be that His Excellency really has confidence in beating the Grand Yan Divine King? Ao Qian said in amazement.

Li-er smiled and said, In terms of strength, Big Brother Yuan shouldnt be the Grand Yan Divine Kings match yet. But for the Grand Yan Divine King to want to defeat him, its probably not easy as well.

Ao Qian and the rest were stupefied when they heard that. All were not quite sure what it meant.

Ye Yuans vision blurred, and he fell into an array formation.

Sensing the power of the array formation a little, Ye Yuan smiled lightly and said, Just sixfold array formation? My Grand Yan Divine King, youre also looking down on people too much!

Your Formations Dao strength, this Lu is all too clear. Sixfold array formation to deal with you is already plenty!

Lu Linfengs voice came from the void, but drifted from place to place, unable to determine his location at all.

Lu Linfeng had once stayed at the Medicine King Hall for a considerable amount of time. In that period of time, Ye Yuan frequently exchanged what he learned with him as well.

Therefore, Lu Linfeng was still very clear about Ye Yuans level.

Even though Ye Yuans strength right now was very strong, Lu Linfeng judged that this sixfold array formation was already enough to deal with Ye Yuan.

Is that so?

The corners of Ye Yuans mouth curled slightly, his figure suddenly disappearing.

He started breaking the formation!

Its no use. The Formations Path Nine Scripts sixfold array formation superimposing, the power, its impossible even for Song Qiuyu to break it. You replaced him, even if your strength is stronger than him en?

Lu Linfeng was calm and certain that Ye Yuan could not break the array formation when his voice suddenly became incomparably surprised!

You How did you do it?

Lu Linfeng was unbelievably astonished. His Formations Dao could be said to be on completely different planes with the Divine Realms Formations Dao!

Ding Zhanguo, who was hailed as the Divine Realms number two, at the very most only reached the level of his twofold array formations.

If ones strength was powerful and broke the formation by force, fivefold was already the limit for Ye Yuans level of strength!

Sixfold, it was absolutely impossible for Ye Yuan to break it.

But Ye Yuan did not break the formation by force.

Ye Yuan was currently wrecking the formation base right now!

The Formations Path Nine Scripts, each superimposing a layer of array formation, the power would rise more than several times.

The difficulty of breaking it naturally went up several times too.

Many array formations overlapping together, even a formations path master could not find where the formation base was at too.

But Ye Yuan was actually making easy progress like he was experienced. In a blink, he already broke a layer of array formation!

Lu Linfengs expression changed and was no longer able to be so calm like before.

Looks like I really underestimated you! Since thats the case, dont blame this Lu for disregarding old sentiments!