Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1183

Chapter 1183 Fated Person

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Everyone looked over. That area of space seemed to have nothing, completely transparent.

But the undulations faintly leaking from inside made people incredibly alarmed.

They knew that the Grand Yan Divine King and Heaven Surmounting Divine King were currently in the array formation, undergoing a fierce match of powers.

All of a sudden, this surge of undulation intensified several times all at once!

En?Whats happening here? The power of the array formations seems to be strengthening!

Its said that the Grand Yan Divine Kings Formations Path Nine Scripts is able to evolve nine-by-nine, 81 peak Tier 9 array formations. These nine-by-nine, 81 array formations, all nine types superimposing together, is one script of the nine scripts. Dealing with average Void Mystic powerhouses, one script is sufficient. The undulations just now have probably already reached six scripts! Now it wouldnt have already broken through to seven scripts, right?

Dont you all forget, Ye Yuan is a Tier 9 Array Emperor powerhouse too. His formations path is very impressive!

Looks like the Heaven Surmounting Divine King caused considerable problems for the Grand Yan Divine King!

Sevenfold array formation superimposing, Ye Yuan immediately felt the pressure multiply!

Even though Ye Yuans Formations Dao attainments were already extremely strong, compared to the Grand Yan Divine King who comprehended Formations Dao consistently over several thousands of years, he was still a grade inferior.

However, Ye Yuans advantage lay in that he was very clear about Lu Linfengs series of tricks.

The Formations Path Nine Scripts was originally the Array Formations Three Volumes advanced version. Even though the power could not be mentioned in the same breath, then again, the Array Formations Three Volumes was where the Formations Path Nine Scripts foundation lay.

Ye Yuan obtained the Array Formations Three Volumes and had long grasped it thoroughly, deducing the Nine-Nine Illusionary Spirit Heaven Slaughter Formation from there!

Although he could not break the Formations Path Nine Scripts, Lu Linfeng himself similarly felt incomparably flabbergasted.

He thought that the sixfold Formations Path Nine Scripts was completely enough to deal with Ye Yuan. But he discovered to his dismay that his array formations were just like a hollow man in front of Ye Yuan.

Those concealed killing mechanisms, Ye Yuan was actually able to see through at a glance!

Sevenfold, still not enough!

Eightfold, still not enough!

Tsk tsk,not seeing for many years, you, this old fellows Formations Dao, have taken great strides in progress again! Ye Yuan said composedly.

One sentence, nearly angered Lu Linfeng until he spat blood.

You brat, you are truly monstrous! What in the world did you experience over these 20 years? Not only has your Martial Dao reached the acme of perfection, but even Formations Dao also shows a great trend of catching up to this Lu as well! Forget it! Since even eightfold cant do anything to you, Ill let you have a taste of ninefolds prowess!

When saying this, Lu Linfengs inner-heart was falling to pieces.

For so many years, there was really no one who was able to force him to this extent.

Who knew that when he was just about to display the ninefold Formations Path Nine Scripts, Ye Yuan suddenly said, No need, I cant withstand the ninth level. This matter ends here! That whatever Violet Extreme Divine King, you have him scram further away. Dont come and provoke this young master. Otherwise, theres no mercy under my sword!

Even with Lu Linfengs several thousand years of accumulation, he broke down due to Ye Yuans one sentence too.

You say fight and we fight, you say stop and we stop?

However, Lu Linfeng really stopped.

He was very curious how on earth Ye Yuan accomplished it.

He had long discovered that Ye Yuans understanding of the Formations Path Nine Scripts surpassed his imagination.

It seemed to stem from the same line as him!

He also discovered that Ye Yuans Formations Dao standards actually still had a very great difference compared to him.

But Ye Yuans technique had the effects of overcoming a great force with little strength.

The incomparably mysterious Formations Path Nine Scripts to everyone in the world seemed like a lady who stripped naked in front of Ye Yuan. It was without any secrets to speak of.

Lu Linfengs figure emerged, his expression slightly dark as he looked at Ye Yuan and said, You deliberately goaded me into taking action?

Ye Yuan smiled and said, A mere Duan Zhengxiao, do you think Ill place him in my sights?

Ye Yuan said these words rampantly, but he had the capital to be rampant.

The high and mighty tenth divine king in other peoples eyes was merely a rookie who could be one-shotted at any time in Ye Yuans eyes.

Where did you learn the Formations Path Nine Scripts from? Lu Linfeng said grimly.

I say, when I made you impart me the Formations Path Nine Scripts back then, you cherished your own old broomstick. You probably never would have dreamed that I would obtain the Formations Path Nine Scripts legacy, right? Ye Yuan said with a smile that was not a smile.

Lu Linfengs expression changed, and he said in shock, So, you reincarnated in the Endless World!

With Ye Yuan saying so, how could he still not understand?

The Array Formations Three Volumes, he only left it in the Endless Worlds Grand Yan True Sect.

Ye Yuan obtaining the inheritance, he definitely reincarnated in the Endless World.

The expression on Lu Linfengs face was very fascinating. He never would have dreamed that in an accident arising from many causes, Ye Yuan actually reincarnated in his hometown, and even obtained his Formations Dao inheritance.

Seeing Lu Linfengs expression, Ye Yuan was secretly pleased inwardly.

This guy, back then he pestered and begged him incessantly, his profound and inscrutable appearance made Ye Yuan very displeased.

When he obtained the Array Formations Three Volumes back then, Ye Yuan fantasized about Lu Linfengs expression today.

Now, seeing that he indeed had an expression of having eaten a fly, Ye Yuan wished to roar with laughter.

You left behind three volumes of stone books back then, awaiting a fated person. You probably never dreamed that this fated person was actually me, right? Ye Yuan said smilingly.

Lu Linfeng was speechless.

Oh,right, also this!

Ye Yuan held up his palm. The mini Vast Heaven Stele appeared in his palm.

Lu Linfengs expression turned intent, and he said in amazement, Vast Heaven Stele! You You actually obtained the Vast Heaven Stele! Then the Vast Heaven Pagoda

A light flashed on Ye Yuans palm. The Vast Heaven Stele flew into a small pagoda. It was precisely the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

Right now, Im the Vast Heaven Pagodas owner! Ye Yuan said with a wide grin on his face.

Lu Linfeng was again speechless.

He seriously had nothing to say. This brat was here to repulse him on purpose.

Back then, he only made it to the seventh level in the Vast Heaven Pagoda. Ye Yuan actually directly pulled the Vast Heaven Pagoda up by the roots.

He left behind the Array Formations Three Volumes, awaiting a fated person, wanting to accept the person as his disciple. But this person was actually Ye Yuan!

This This was truly fate making a mockery of men!

Only after a long time did Lu Linfeng let out a long sigh and said, Is the Grand Yan True Sect still alright? In a twinkle, several thousand years went by. I even forgot that I had once left behind this inheritance. I didnt think that

When Lu Linfeng ascended to the Divine Realm, it was actually a bumpy road too.

No matter how talented the person, being able to reach Lu Linfengs kind of height, they were bound to have suffered considerable trials.

When he truly rose up and became a notable figure of the Divine Realm, it was already 2000 years later.

At that time, the Grand Yan True Sect was already just an ant-like existence. He would not go and pay attention at all.

But now, hearing Ye Yuan mentioned the Grand Yan True Sect, it involuntarily stirred up Lu Linfengs memory.

Ye Yuan heaved a sigh and said, The Grand Yan True Sect had long perished 5000 years ago!

Lu Linfengs entire body trembled, and he said, What did you say?

Ye Yuan did not conceal it either, recounting the past of the Fierce Gale World invading and the Grand Yan True Sect forsaking themselves for a righteous cause, filling Lu Linfeng with a vicissitude of emotions too.

So thats how it is. It looks like I shouldnt have left behind Dao teachings back then in the Endless World! Lu Linfeng sighed emotionally and gave Ye Yuan a very meaningful glance.