Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1184

Chapter 1184 Apologizing

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Came out! They came out! Hows the battle situation like?

The array formation dissipated. Two figures gradually emerged.

When Ye Yuan appeared in front of everyone perfectly unscathed, everyone was stunned!

Duan Zhengxiaos gaze turned intense, and he said in disbelief, This How is this possible?

Other people could not feel it, but he knew that the Grand Yan Divine King already displayed the Formations Path Nine Scripts to eightfold!

At that level, how could Ye Yuan possibly be unharmed?

Didnt this mean that Ye Yuan actually has the strength to assail the top five?

This This was too surreal, right?

What kind of foolish thing did he do to actually come and challenge a freak like this?

Duan Zhengxiao currently felt that he really got carried away from entering the Ten Great Divine Kings, to actually court death until he wanted to challenge the Heaven Surmounting Divine King.

For the Heavens Secret Tower to dare publish this ranking and title, they naturally had their reasons.

He, this tenth divine king, almost just kicked the bucket straight away!

If not for the Grand Yan Divine King making it in time, he would most likely be the most tragic one in the history of the Ten Great Divine Kings, right?

Completely unharmed! This This is impossible!

I didnt see wrongly, right? The Grand Yan Divine King already unleashed 70%-80% of his strength and was actually unable to do anything to the Heaven Surmounting Divine King?

My eyes must be failing! In this case, wouldnt the Heavens Secret Towers ranking really have issues? The Heaven Surmounting Divine King should have entered the top five!

Those few geniuses were deeply astounded by this scene. They even thought that Ye Yuan was seeking death previously. Who knew that he was actually completely unscathed!

His opponent was the Grand Yan Divine King, whose name had spread all over the Divine Realm for thousands of years!

Before being titled by the Heavens Secret Tower, the Grand Yan Divine Kings name already shook the Divine Realm, becoming the Divine Realms formation paths number one powerhouse.

Now that several thousands of years had passed, the Grand Yan Divine Kings strength was even more unfathomable.

Ye Yuan, this newly-ascended sixth divine king, actually came out from inside the Grand Yan Divine Kings array formation without a scratch!

Violet Extreme, apologize to the Heaven Surmounting Divine King. This matter will drop at this!

Lu Linfengs one sentence made everyones heart twitch violently.

Was this considered conceding?

Those genius martial artists felt that their worldview had completely collapsed.

The corner of the Violet Extreme Divine Kings mouth twitched as well. But since the Grand Yan Divine King spoke up, he could not run from this.

At once, he could only bow down towards Ye Yuan and said, Heaven Surmounting Divine King, Duan Zhengxiao has offended you. Please forgive me!

At this time, he already did not have any complaints towards Ye Yuan. All that remained was only admiration.

He knew that he was nothing in front of Ye Yuan!

Seeing this scene, everyone had an unreal feeling.

Turned out that the gap between the Ten Great Divine Kings was actually so great?

Or was it Ye Yuan, this newly-ascended sixth divine king, who was too freakish?

It seemed like for Ye Yuan to be able to enter the sixth place domineeringly, it was indeed not by a fluke!

Ye Yuan said coolly, Forget it, I have no intention of vying for this empty reputation. That Heavens Secret Tower stirring this up was also not what I hoped for. Todays matter will be dropped at this. Your strength is decent, better focus on cultivating more! The fiend calamity is coming, conduct yourself well!

Ye Yuans words made Duan Zhengxiaos heart fearful.

Lu Linfeng also interjected at this time and said, Violet Extreme, dont have the heart of a vile character anymore. The Heaven Surmounting Divine King and I are also considered old friends. His character, Im still aware of it. This title of Ten Great Divine Kings is just a burden to him.

Ye Yuan already got to know from Lu Linfeng that this Violet Extreme Divine King was his old friends son who had some fortuitous encounters. That was how he reached his present cultivation realm.

Duan Zhengxiaos face turned red, and he said, It It was this Duan who was impetuous.

Lu Linfeng looked toward Ye Yuan meaningfully and said, Ji brat, it was this Lus eyes that saw wrongly. I didnt think that your Martial Dao talent was actually so outstanding! The few of us old fellows have roamed the Divine Realm unobstructed for several thousand years and have never encountered adversaries. It looks like this time, a match really appeared. But this Lu has to offer you a piece of advice too. In all things, act within your ability. Take care not to force yourself.

Ye Yuan was naturally aware of what Lu Linfeng was referring to and said smilingly, Can eggs remain unbroken if the nest is overturned? Old Man Lu, this isnt my burden alone!

Lu Linfeng let out a long sigh and immediately left.

A farce wound up here.

Haha,Milord, youre truly too incredible! Even the third-place Grand Yan Divine King couldnt do anything to you! Jiang Taicang welcomed with a big laugh.

Ao Qian also looked at Ye Yuan with a look of awe and said, Milord is truly becoming more and more unfathomable!

But Ye Yuan shook his head and said with a laugh, My current strength is still far from that Old Man Lu! I reckon that he didnt even bring out half of his strength! Looks like the Ten Great Divine Kings ranked in the top five, their strength truly cannot be estimated!

Everyones faces turned stiff, not expecting that it was such an outcome.

Regarding Lu Linfengs strength, Ye Yuan was rather surprised too.

He had a feeling that Lu Linfengs current strength likely already exceeded the Formations Path Nine Scripts.

As for what it was, Ye Yuan could not tell either.

But it was certain that Lu Linfengs current strength was likely not much worse off compared to the Spirit Bristle Divine King as well.

The strength of the Ten Great Divine Kings top three were likely already very close.

These few years, everybody was improving!


Ye Yuan was just about to return to the dragon clan, but a figure followed behind them tremblingly.

Ye Yuans brows furrowed, and he said to that person, If youre not leaving, could it be that you still plan on challenging me?

That person hurriedly waved his hand. Of course, he only had one hand.

This person was precisely Cao Yunzhi!

Y-Your Excellency, this lowly one knows his mistake! I I beg Your Excellency to take in this lowly one. This lowly one is willing to follow by Your Excellencys side and be a little follower! Cao Yunzhi hurriedly said.

Ye Yuan gave him a glance rather surprisedly and suddenly said with a smile, Give me a reason to take you in!

Cao Yunzhi drew a deep breath and said, These few days, this lowly one has been observing Your Excellency constantly, and feel that youll definitely be an earth-shaking mighty figure in the future! Following by your side, not only can this lowly one obtain many benefits, perhaps I can still leave behind my name for generations! In the future, I might not be unable to reach the boundary of the Ten Great Divine Kings!

Cao Yunzhis words made Ye Yuan stunned.

Actually, Ye Yuan had long guessed his objective. It was just that, he never thought that this guy would actually say it out so frankly.

After saying finish, Cao Yunzhi looked toward Ye Yuan with a flustered look.

This was his true thoughts without concealing anything.

Because he knew that by giving an exaggerated tale, it was impossible for Ye Yuan to believe.

Except, he did not know whether or not Ye Yuan could accept this kind of material idea.


A medicinal pill flew in front of Cao Yunzhi. He instinctively used his remaining hand to catch it.

One look, his gaze involuntarily turned intent, and he was immediately wildly ecstatic in his heart!

Transcendent-grade, Sublimating Regeneration Pill! T-Thank you, Your Excellency!

Cao Yunzhi bowed furiously towards Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan bestowing the pill showed that he had already accepted him.

Furthermore, with this transcendent-grade Sublimating Regeneration Pill, his severed arm could completely recover to its former state!

Ye Yuan said coolly, Compared to hypocrites, I can still accept a genuine vile character. But, under my leadership, if you were to have any devious thoughts, dont blame me for being ruthless! You have no second chance!