Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1185

Chapter 1185 Mystic Rank Token

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The Violet Extreme Divine King went to challenge the Heaven Surmounting Divine King and returned in great defeat? The Heaven Surmounting Divine King and the Grand Yan Divine King matched powers, and both were completely unscathed? You Youre talking rubbish here, right?

Heh,on that day, there were a hundred Void Mystic experts present. How can it be rubbish? I heard that the Heaven Surmounting Divine King nearly killed the Violet Extreme Divine King with one sword. If not for the Grand Yan Divine King making it in time, the Ten Great Divine Kings would likely have to change members again!

Hiss But how can an Eighth Level Dao Profound martial artists strength possibly be so powerful?

Although hard to believe, such are the facts! To be able to be named as Heaven Surmounting, Ye Yuans strength definitely cant be judged with common sense! Did you forget, the rise of the Ten Great Divine Kings fame back then, was accompanied by countless skeletons! This time, its clearly much more lukewarm. If those hundred Void Mystic powerhouses were really soft in the head, this Divine Realm would most likely have a hundred fewer Void Mystic powerhouses!

The ranking of the Ten Great Divine Kings being fresh out of the press attracted attention all over the world in the first place.

With so many people present during the dragon clans battle, this news naturally could not be held back and spread out very quickly.

In the wake of shock, people realized an anomaly: the Heaven Surmounting Divine Kings strength was truly incomparably terrifying!

Although many people did not believe the rumors of cutting down the Violet Extreme Divine King with one sword, whether or not Ye Yuan had the qualifications to enter the ranks of the Ten Great Divine Kings, no one doubted it already.

As for whether or not the ranking was accurate, that was really depending on ones personal opinion.

Unless there was a ranking battle held among the Ten Great Divine Kings, otherwise, nobody would know the accuracy of this ranking.

And just as the dragon clans battle sparked heated discussions, Ye Yuan already set off in secret, heading towards the Divine Realms southern parts Nanzhao Region.

The Moonhowl Sect was precisely a Rank Six Holy Land in the Nanzhao Region.

Ye Yuan walked into a medicinal shop in the Maplemoon Imperial City. The shopkeeper welcomed with a smile.

Sir, may I ask what spirit medicines are required? Although our store is small, there is a great variety of spirit medicines.

I want a piece of blank paper, 2 maces of Wandering Flower, three taels of Dark Winterplum, four pounds of Willow Moon Pearl. I wonder if your shop has it? Ye Yuan said with a faint smile.

This was the secret code that the Spirit Bristle Divine King told him, and this small medicine shop was precisely the place to get in contact.

When that shopkeeper heard Ye Yuans secret code, his expression involuntarily changed. But immediately, he revealed a look of doubt and contempt.

Not only does our small store has these, but there are also even five pounds of Zi Tongren, six taels of White Heart Lotus, seven maces of Su Huanzhen, only lacking eight stalks of Soul Extinguishing Needles! Sir, come in, please! Xiao Tong, closing for half a day today. Seal off the shop.

Although his face showed disdain, he still responded with the secret code and invited Ye Yuan into the inner-hall.

The reason why the shopkeeper revealed a look of contempt was because he saw that Ye Yuan only had Heaven Enlightenment Realm cultivation.

So he was very perplexed what in the world upstairs sent this brat here for?

Very clearly, Teng Yun did not tell the shopkeeper who he sent over this time.

Therefore, when he saw Ye Yuan, he inevitably despised him.

Coming to the inner-hall, the shopkeeper cupped his fists and said, This old man is Gu Yongtang. I wonder how do I address this little brother?

Ye Yuan, Ye Yuan said lightly.

The shopkeeper froze. Why was this name exactly the same as the newly-ascended Heaven Surmounting Divine King?

But he did not think that this Ye Yuan was the other Ye Yuan.

How could the Ten Great Divine Kings possibly be a Heaven Enlightenment Realm rookie?

Little Brother Ye, not that this Gu is looking down on you, its just that your cultivation What can you do coming to the Moonhowl Sect? Gu Yongtang said with a frown.

Ye Yuan smiled indifferently but fished out a token.

When Gu Yongtang saw the token, his expression could not help changing greatly.

Mystic Rank Token! Subordinate Gu Yongtang, pays respect to Mystic Lord, Your Excellency! Gu Yongtang hurriedly gave a bow.

This token was given to him by Teng Yun, but he was not told what purpose it had. He just said that he could display it when he arrived at the place.

Looking at it now, this token was still pretty useful to be able to make a peak Void Mystic powerhouses bow his head in submission.

Speaking of which, Ye Yuan didnt even know what the name of the organization was until now.

Teng Yuns mysterious appearance made Ye Yuan feel somewhat at a loss.

Get up. A peak Void Mystic powerhouse concealing in this Maplemoon Imperial City is actually able to persevere until now and not die. It can only be said that youre too lucky, Ye Yuan said coolly.

Gu Yongtang was stunned and said rather uncertainly, I wonder what Mystic Lord, Your Excellencys words mean?

Ye Yuan smiled and said, Although you suppressed your realm, people who are powerful can see through your ins and outs at a glance. Its also that this small shop of yours is too inconspicuous, thats why it would be overlooked by people. Its just that when you take action, its a little too troublesome.

Gu Yongtang could not help choking when he heard that. He knew that what Ye Yuan said was right.

Because his cultivation realm was too high, many things could only be investigated secretly, but not looked into openly.

It was indeed somewhat inconvenient to act.

The fiend races genuine powerhouses could see through his actual situation with a glance.

Suppressing cultivation realm, this sort of thing, could only bluff rookies.

This is an Essence Sealing Pill, eat it. As long as you dont deliberately utilize essence energy that surpasses the realm, you wont be exposed. Even if the fiend races peak Void Mystic powerhouses came, they cant see through your actual situation either! Ye Yuan casually threw out a medicinal pill and said.

Gu Yongtang involuntarily received the medicinal pill, but his gaze looked towards Ye Yuan in incredible shock.

He finally understood why this one in front of him was just a measly little Heaven Enlightenment Realm!

Coupled with the Mystic Rank Token and guessing, Gu Yongtang got an answer that made him immensely shocked.

Could Mystic Lord, Your Excellency be the newly-ascended Heaven Surmounting Divine King? Gu Yongtang asked probingly.

Someone capable of refining the Essence Sealing Pill, this kind of high-grade Tier 9 medicinal pill, was named Ye Yuan, and even possessed a Mystic Rank Token, apart from the Heaven Surmounting Divine King, who else could there be?

Ye Yuan did not deny it either, saying with a nod, Precisely so.

Gu Yongtang hurriedly said, Subordinate was impolite, Heaven Surmounting Divine King pray do not take offense!

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, No worries. Talk about the intelligence that you found.

Gu Yongtang nodded his head and started recounting the information that he found in this stronghold.

This Maplemoon Kingdom was subordinate to the Moonhowl Sect. The entire royal family had long been controlled by the fiend race.

As for the Moonhowl Sect, Gu Yongtang only intercepted and captured an intelligence personnel by chance. He discovered that the other party was of the fiend race, so he became suspicious about the Moonhowl Sect.

Any real definite evidence, Gu Yongtang did not grasp them at all!

When Ye Yuan heard, he shook his head to no end as well.

Messing around for a long time, its equivalent to doing nothing! Ye Yuan smiled helplessly and said.

Gu Yongtangs old face turned red, but he defended himself, Subordinate was afraid of alerting the enemy, so it was inconvenient to come forward on many occasions.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, I really dont know what Teng Yun was thinking. Investigating intelligence this sort of thing, he actually sent a peak Void Mystic over. Furthermore, actually came in such a flagrant manner.

Gu Yongtang shut his mouth and said nothing. Such words were not what he could interject.

Ye Yuan asked again, Then pray tell, did the Moonhowl Sect has any abnormal activities in this period of time recently?

Gu Yongtang thought about it and said, There really was! Originally, the Moonhowl Sect recruited a batch of disciples at Heaven Enlightenment Realm and below every two years. But in this recent one to two years, they have already shortened this cycle to three months.