Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1186

Chapter 1186 Incredible

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This one is Meng Guang. I wonder how to address this little brother?

Ye Qing.

Brother Ye is already Eighth Level Heaven Enlightenment at a young age. Your talent is truly unparalleled! Entering the Moonhowl Sect this time, youll definitely obtain the sects heavy grooming!

Its just that I obtained some lucky chances a few years back, which arent worth mentioning. Rather, Brother Mengs foundation is quite solid. Your strength is likely far greater than your cultivation realm, right?

Meng Guang could not help looking at Ye Yuan in surprise, secretly alarmed that Ye Yuans eyesight was startling.

His talent was outstanding, and he already comprehended an earth-attribute supreme true intent.

Unexpectedly, this young man whose cultivation realm was even a level lower than his actually saw through with one glance.

This Ye Qing was naturally Ye Yuan who sneaked into the Maplemoon Imperial City.

Hearing about the Moonhowl Sects abnormal activities from Gu Yongtang there, Ye Yuan decided to enter deep into the tigers lair to make a thorough inquiry.

After all, eradicating the Moonhowl Sect was not considered a big deal to him.

But wanting to grasp the fiend races intel, this was the top priority.

Right now, Ye Yuan still knew too little about the fiend races matters.

At this time, these hundreds of people were currently on the way to the Moonhowl Sect. Meng Guang saw that Ye Yuan had an amiable look, so he came up to get closer.

But he did not expect that it was seen through by Ye Yuan with one glance.

When Meng Guang heard this, he could not help saying with an embarrassed smile, Elder Brother, I, was lucky by chance too,haha.Its just a shame that my cultivation has likely reached the end as well. Thanks to the Moonhowl Sect wanting to start a war with the Crimson Feather Sect, thats why they would relax the restrictions of recruiting disciples. Only then could I enter the sect at my age!

Speaking of entering the Moonhowl Sect, Meng Guang had a look of anticipation too.

It was just that in Ye Yuans view, with this departure, it was likely very difficult to come back anymore.

The Moonhowl Sect increasing enrollment of disciples definitely had other motives.

But Ye Yuan could not say much right now as well. One more person knowing this, the success rate of his mission would drop substantially.

After investigating the intelligence of the fiend race clearly, he would naturally eradicate the Moonhowl Sect, and these people would be safe.

Chatting with Meng Guang along the way, they entered the Moonhowl Sect very quickly.

The Moonhowl Sects disciples flowed perpetually in an endless stream, showing a scenery of prosperity. Looking from the outside, there was not the slightest hint of amiss.

But the way Ye Yuan saw it, it was another scenery.

His Essence, Energy, and Spirit, the three paths already gradually approached major accomplishment. The power of the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil was also gradually able to be unleashed.

The fiend energy concealed within the bodies could not hide from Ye Yuans eyes at all.

These Moonhowl Sect disciples were all deeply entrenched in fiend energy and were already no longer normal people.

The entire Moonhowl Sect, only their batch of newcomers were humans.

Ye Yuan observed carefully along the way, secretly memorizing each bearing of the sect in his heart.

But no idea why, ever since entering the Moonhowl Sect, Ye Yuan kept having a feeling of apprehension and jitters.

The Phaseless Realm deacon responsible for recruiting new disciples brought everyone to a side-peak, sweeping a glance over everyone. He said coldly, This place will be your lodging from now on. Starting from now, youre the Moonhowl Sects disciples. Because now is a special time, the Moonhowl Sects cultivation methods and martial techniques will be opened up to all disciples at no charge! Starting from tomorrow, all of you must cultivate well and serve the sect, understood?

Cultivation methods and martial technique opened up for free!Haha,the sect is really great to us!

Heard that the Moonhowl Sects Moonhowl Heavenly Chant Incantation is a Tier 9 cultivation method. If Im able to cultivate this cultivation method, then Id ascend to the heavens in one step!

Looks like entering the Moonhowl Sect was indeed a wise decision!

The deacons one sentence stirred everyones emotions up.

Seeing these peoples agitated expressions, the corners of the deacons mouth curled up.

These fools, death is at hand, and they are still unaware. Do they really think that theres free lunch in the world?The deacon sneered coldly in his heart.

He glanced around the crowd, but his gaze stopped on Ye Yuans face.

The others all had excited looks, only Ye Yuan alone had a wooden expression.

His behavior was truly too conspicuous in a group of people.

Actually, Ye Yuan really wanted to act a bit more realistically. But having him dance for joy with these guys, he seriously could not do it.

He currently had a whole bunch of Divine Dao cultivation methods that he did not have time to cultivate. How could he take fancy on a puny little Tier 9 cultivation method?

In other words, acting required talent too.

What? You seem to hold the sects cultivation methods in contempt very much? The deacon looked at Ye Yuan and said with a smile that was not a smile.

Ye Yuan did not expect that this guy suddenly came to find trouble with him.

Although he did not know how to act, putting up an act still had to be done.

At once, he bowed down slightly and said, Whats Lord Deacon saying here? Disciple is just not too good at expressing my excitement.

Actually, Ye Yuan really felt that he said it very sincerely.

But his expression was so offending in the deacons eyes.

Heh,I think that you just look down on it! Since thats the case, this seat will demonstrate to everybody! As for you experience the power of the Moonhowl Heavenly Chant Incantation well! Rest assured, this seat will suppress the palm force to the Heaven Enlightenment Realm. The deacon said with a smile that was not a smile.

Hearing these words, Meng Guangs expression changed, and he hurriedly gave a bow and said, Lord Deacon, Brother Ye really had no intention of offending you. He has this indifferent temperament to begin with. I chatted with him a lot along the way. He mostly had this expression.

Meng Guang had good intentions, but coming forward at this time made the deacon even more displeased.

He was devilfied and filled with a foul and evil-foreboding air to begin with. One or two jumping out, he felt that he had a need to demonstrate his authority.

The two of you, just the first day of joining the sect, could it be that you want to rebel? The words that this seat said, could it be that you want to make this seat take them back? Or do you guys want to be expelled on the first day? said the deacon as he put on a cold face.

Meng Guang saw Ye Yuans frail body, gritted his teeth, and said, If Your Excellency really wants to demonstrate the cultivation method, Meng Guang is willing to accept this palm on his behalf!

Ye Yuan could not help feeling slightly surprised. He and Ye Yuan had never met before and just exchanged a few more words on the road. Ye Yuan did not expect that Meng Guang was actually so protective of him.

However, he did not put this deacon in his sights.

Lord Deacon, this disciple is willing to let you demonstrate the Moonhowl Heavenly Chant Incantation. Its just your strength is powerful. You need to go easier when attacking! Ye Yuan said.

When the deacon saw the situation, the corners of his mouth curled slightly, and he said, You can rest assured, its just demonstrating the cultivation method a little.

He would not kill Ye Yuan, because these people were all asked for by upstairs. But he planned on making Ye Yuan lie in bed for a month.

Meng Guang could not help panicking the moment he saw it. But Ye Yuan gave him a comforting look.

Martial artists were mostly cold and detached. Those like Meng Guang were in the minority.

When the others saw that the deacon wanted to display the power of a Tier 9 cultivation method, each and every one of them was the same as being injected with stimulants.


The deacon revolved the cultivation method and smacked a palm out!


Ye Yuan forcefully pressured himself to spew out a mouthful of blood, his body directly flying out.

But the deacon himself was also sent flying out.

Furthermore, he flew even further than Ye Yuan!

Everyone had dumbfounded looks, what the hell was this?

Ye Yuan struggled to his feet, wiped away the fresh blood from the corners of his mouth, and said with a heartfelt sigh, Lord Deacons palm art is incredible! Our Moonhowl Sects cultivation method is truly amazing!