Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1187

Chapter 1187 Strange Fragrance

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Ye Qing, are you alright? Meng Guang could not help asking very concernedly when he saw Ye Yuans pale face.

As for Lord Deacon, that was a Phaseless Realm powerhouse. He should be fine, right?

The others had blank looks too. They did not know if they should be astonished by the Moonhowl Heavenly Chant Incantations power, or be shocked by Lord Deacon being sent flying.

Ye Yuan clutched his chest and said, Of course not! Lord Deacons one palm, how can I possibly be fine?

He had got to be joking!

His late-stage Tier 9 physical body, even if not employing any essence energy, it was also not what a measly little Phaseless Realm could break.

Furthermore, toward a fiend, Ye Yuan would not show leniency.

Just a moment ago, Ye Yuan utilized late-stage spirit rank dragon wave in the backlash force. A bout of hidden force already quietly slipped into the deacons internal organs.

Within seven days, this surge of vibration force would activate, blasting the deacon into a pile of minced meat!

The deacon scrambled to his feet, the gaze that he turned toward Ye Yuan simmered with anger!

Brat, this seat showed mercy, you actually dared to ambush me? The deacon said furiously.

He wanted to use Ye Yuan to establish his authority. Who knew that he stumbled, his face almost completely lost.

Even though these people were dead people sooner or later, but where would his face be shelved?

Ye Yuan hurriedly said, Lord Deacon, where did this come from? This disciple was injured by you!

The deacon froze, only now seeing the bloodstains on Ye Yuans chest. Clearly, he was already injured.

This way, he really could not continue to make things difficult.

He glared at him in anger and said furiously, All be more obedient for this seat! This seat is warning you, some important places in the sect are all layered heavily with restrictions. If you guys dare anyhow run, once you bump into the restrictions, not even residue will be left!

Done talking, the deacon flicked his sleeves and walked away.

Everyone exchanged glances, all feeling baffled, and could only disperse on a sour note.

Each person returned to their residence. Meng Guang was concerned about Ye Yuan and dropped by to visit him.

Ye Qing, your your injuries are healed so quickly? When Meng Guang saw Ye Yuan, he had a look of surprise.

The current Ye Yuan had a ruddy complexion with a sheen. How was there any hint of getting injured?

Ye Yuan smiled and said, I have medicinal pills on me. A bit of minor injury is no problem.

Meng Guangs eyes narrowed slightly, and he said solemnly, Ye Qing, Elder Brother more or less still has some experience! If the deacons palm landed on me, even though its not to the extent of claiming my life, Id probably have to lie on the bed for ten days to half a month. Your background is probably not simple, right?

Meng Guangs age was not young anymore, and he had struggled at the bottom for a long time. He still had some judgment.

It was precisely so that he took the initiative to strike up a conversation with Ye Yuan.

Building a good relationship with disciples with potential in advance, the road in the sect would also be a little smoother in the future.

But looking at it now, this Ye Qing was likely not just talented so simple.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, Brother Meng, originally, I wasnt planning on telling you. But youre so righteous. Theres no harm in this Ye giving you a few words of warning. This Moonhowl Sect is a tigers lair and dragons den to you! These few days, Brother Meng has to act carefully, understood?

Meng Guang was startled inwardly but did not quite understand why Ye Yuan would say so.

But his thoughts were meticulous and grasped the meaning in Ye Yuans words very quickly. Frowning, he asked, Its a tigers lair and dragons den to me, then it isnt to you?

Ye Yuan smiled and said, Its good that Brother Meng understands! But this matter, I hope that Brother Meng helps me to keep the secret. Otherwise, this show wouldnt be able to carry on. You can rest assured, within seven days, everything will naturally be revealed.

Seven days later was the date of action that Ye Yuan and Teng Yun agreed upon.

Because he wanted to investigate this Moonhowl Sects secrets, so he came over ahead of schedule.

But titanic storms surged in Meng Guangs heart when he heard Ye Yuans words.

His pugilistic world experiences were extensive. He was able to tell that Ye Yuan only revealed these thoughts to him because of his previous actions.

Meng Guang took a deep breath and said, You can rest assured, this Meng still has this bit of moral standing.

Ye Yuans expression became solemn and he said with a nod, You just take it as if you dont know anything. Take care not to act rashly without careful consideration. Otherwise, not even I can save you.

Meng Guangs heart went cold, and he nodded his head solemnly.

Nighttime, Ye Yuan was currently comprehending the Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art when suddenly, a waft of strange fragrance bored into his nostrils.

This waft of fragrance was exceedingly demonic and actually made people have a groggy feeling.

Ye Yuans brows furrowed, and he instinctively became alert.

What powerful fiendish energy! Could it be that theres someone practicing fiend arts? Ye Yuan thought to himself.

Ye Yuan did not dare to alert the enemy, so he dispersed his perception.

Before long, Ye Yuan discovered that there were a few houses nearby that had activities.

After that, several figures slowly walked past his window, melding into the depths of twilight.

Ye Yuan struggled for a while in his heart, but finally still gave up.

He knew that these few people would probably have little chance of returning.

Not that he was cold-blooded, but him saving these people would definitely alert the enemy.

Compared to finding the fiend races base camp, these few people appeared insignificant.

He was not a goody-two-shoes. Things that had lost the main goal because of small gains, he would not do it.

Moreover, these people were totally unsympathetic.

On that day, that deacon wanted to make him the target of attack. These people actually even waved their flags and cheered on by the side with excited looks.

This kind of people, even if you save them, they might not be grateful to you either.

Looks like this delicate fragrance should have something to do with the Moonhowl Sects frequently recruitment of disciples. Tonight, a total of four people were lured away. This batch found a total of 100-odd people. Three months time is just about right. Most likely, that whatever holy sovereign needs to cultivate his skill with the help of living people. right? Ye Yuan guessed so.

Sure enough, as Ye Yuan expected, after these people left, they never came back.

Early the next morning, Meng Guang came to Ye Yuans room secretly.

After he entered, he poked his head out and looked around for a bit before shutting the door at ease.

Ye Qing, did you notice that something seemed to be off last night? Meng Guang said.

Ye Yuan looked at Meng Guang rather surprisedly and retorted with a question, Was something wrong?

Meng Guangs expression changed, and he lowered his voice and said, Last night, no idea where a waft of fragrance came from. At that time, I became alert. However, that fragrance was too powerful. I only held on for a short while and became unconscious. This morning when I woke up, I specially checked on the side-peak. Sure enough, several houses became quiet! The people who came in together with us are gone!

Talking up to here, Meng Guang had a look of lingering fear in his heart.

Actually, yesterday, he was still half-dubious towards Ye Yuans words.

But now, he was jumpy with fear and only wanted to escape this fire pit as fast as possible.

Just as Ye Yuan said, this place was simply a tigers lair and dragons den!

One wouldnt even know how they died!

Ye Yuan smiled when he heard that and said, Looks like Brother Mengs means are not ordinary either! That fragrance is not what ordinary people can resist. Not only did you detect it, but you were also actually able to resist for a while!