Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1188

Chapter 1188 Sneaking Into Luoyan Hall

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Meng Guangs expression was very ugly. He really became scared.

I say, Younger Brother Ye Qing, dont make a fool out of your elder brother! I know that my bit of capabilities, you completely turn your nose up at it! Younger Brother, you cant leave me in the lurch!

Meng Guang originally thought that entering the Moonhowl Sect could benefit from some of the sects glory. He did not expect that it was delivering a lamb into the tigers maws. How could he not be anxious?

Except, he knew that with his strength, there was absolutely no way he could escape.

Ye Yuan was his savior right now.

Ye Yuan smiled when he heard that and said, Hold your horses, Brother Meng. I have a Mind Clarity Pill here. Grind it to powder. After consuming 20%, you can naturally resist that fragrance. These few days, try your best not to go out. I still have some things to do. After this matter is over, Ill naturally bring you away.

Meng Guang received the medicinal pill and looked. It was actually a transcendent-grade Tier 9 medicinal pill!

He drew a deep breath. His gaze when looking towards Ye Yuan was filled with complexity.

To be able to casually take out this grade of medicinal pill, this Ye Qing was definitely not an ordinary person!

The medicinal effects of a transcendent-grade Tier 9 medicinal pill were too strong. With Meng Guangs strength, he could not withstand it at all. Hence, it could only be ground into powder and consumed a little bit.

But this little bit was already sufficient!

Meng Guang gritted his teeth and said, Thank you very much, Brother Ye Qing! If Im able to escape this fiend den, this Meng will definitely work like a horse to repay brother!

Sending away Meng Guang, Ye Yuan tidied up a bit and headed straight out.

Ye Yuan was going to select cultivation methods. Over there, he saw quite a few martial artists who came together.

When these people saw those Tier 9 cultivation methods, each and every one of them was incomparably excited.

Little did they imagine that there were already a few companions around them who disappeared.

This batch of disciples were mostly itinerant cultivators. They did not know each other at all.

They acted alone. Even if there were people missing, they would only think that they were practicing in closed-seclusion.

Ye Yuan naturally did not really go and choose cultivation methods. He was deliberately delivering himself to the doorstep to let that deacon find trouble.

As soon as he entered the skills-hall, Ye Yuan knew that he was targeted by someone.

Furthermore, this persons strength was very powerful!

Ye Yuan was virtually certain that this person was most probably that so-called holy sovereign powerhouse!

In a secret place, the deacon stood behind the holy sovereign obediently.

This young man is merely an ordinary Eighth Level Heaven Enlightenment and didnt conceal his strength. Furthermore, didnt he also come to choose cultivation methods and martial techniques today? It seems like he should just have an indifferent personality and dont have any special aspects, the holy sovereign said softly.

Yes, Master. It was this slave who worries too much, the deacon said with humble reverence.

En.this batch of disciples are pretty good quality. That lord is very satisfied. Later, there will be great rewards! said the holy sovereign.

The deacon was overjoyed and hurriedly said, Thank you, Master! This is all what this slave should do.

Theres at most one year still, and Lord Kanuo will be coming into being. At that time, our fiend races strongholds in the Divine Realm must all be fully activated. Our place here will be the important stronghold for connecting to various lands. Hence, we mustnt make any mistakes! In this one year, buck yourself up 120%, not a single bit of mistake is allowed! Especially the Devil Sound Transmission Array, understood? the holy sovereign said.

The deacon hurriedly said, This slave remembers!

Although Ye Yuan knew that someone was spying on him, he was unable to hear what they were talking about.

If he heard the holy sovereign talk about that lord, he probably would not be so composed.

In this stronghold, there was actually an existence even stronger than a holy sovereign!

Relaxing vigilance towards Ye Yuan, Ye Yuans actions over the next few days became much smoother.

Through several days of investigation, Ye Yuan could basically confirm that the main peaks Luoyan Hall was most likely where the hub of the transmission array was located!

Ye Yuan possessed the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil and was simply a natural scout.

He did not need to sneak around furtively like others and keep a sharp lookout.

He just strolled around the vicinity of the main peak very casually. Everything was laid bare in his eyes.

After all, he was a newcomer disciple. Familiarizing with the environment around the main peak was very justifiable.

As for some more secretive places, with Ye Yuans methods, those fiends were clearly unable to discover him.

That Luoyan Hall was a very unassuming palace. But the defense was very strict.

Those guards did not look very strong on the surface. But when Ye Yuan used the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil to observe from far away, the Luoyan Halls guards were most likely divine king-rank fiends!

Genuine fiends and not devilfied fiend slaves.

Such strict defenses were bound to guard some extremely important things.

Then what thing was the most important in this Moonhowl Sect?

Of course, it was the information transmission array!

These few days, the new disciples lost some more people one after another.

Meng Guang secretly broke into a sweat with fright, secretly heaving a sigh of relief at getting lucky.

Consuming Ye Yuans medicinal pills, that waft of fragrance was indeed unable to affect him anymore.

If not for Ye Yuan, perhaps he would be among those people who disappeared.

On the sixth night, Meng Guang finally saw Ye Yuan come over.

My goodness! Younger Brother Ye Qing, you finally came! These few days, I was akin to sitting on pins and needles. If you still didnt come, Id probably go crazy! Meng Guang complained.

Death was not scary. The process of waiting for death was whats scary!

Ye Yuan smiled and said, Lets go, Ill bring you to take a look at this Moonhowl Sects true face!

Meng Guangs expression turned stern, and he followed Ye Yuan away.

Ye Yuan had long observed it before. There were ten visible tips and three hidden tips around Luoyan Hall.

Only when he resolved all of these at the same time could he enter Luoyan Hall without a sound.

Younger Brother Ye Qing, what exactly are you trying to do? Meng Guang said with divine sense transmission.

Ye Yuan had him eat a Breath Concealing Pill. The two people hiding in the dark, those fiends could not discover it either.

Ye Yuan smiled slightly, his figure suddenly disappearing from where he was!

In the dark night, 13 arcs of cold light flashed by.

Those 13 guards all died under Ye Yuans sword!

Meng Guangs eyes widened into circles, looking at this scene in disbelief.

Only at this time did he know just how terrifying the strength of this Brother Ye Qing who had always called him brother was!

How was this some Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artist? This was clearly a Divine King Realm powerhouse!

Instantly killing 13 Phaseless Realm guards in one breath and did not even give off any hint of happenings. This strength, probably only Divine King Realm powerhouses could achieve it, right?

Of course, this was what Meng Guang had in mind.

But in reality, those 13 guards were divine king-rank experts in itself!

Ye Yuans strength, he was completely unable to gauge it.

Brother Ye Your Excellency, you youre actually a divine king powerhouse! Coming before Ye Yuan, Meng Guang was stammering even when talking.

Divine kings were remote existences to him.

An existence that he was unable to attain for all his life.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, Considered so. Come on, go in!

Ye Yuan brought Meng Guang and passed through all sorts of restrictions very casually, and entered inside Luoyan Hall.

In-between this, killing was naturally inevitable.

It was just that with Ye Yuans means, nobody was able to react at all and were instantly killed.

Even that holy sovereign, Ye Yuan had the confidence to one-shot too, let alone these guards.

Entering the great hall, Ye Yuan was stricken dumb with amazement by the scene before his eyes.