Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1189

Chapter 1189 Enemies Meet On A Narrow Path

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The interior of this great hall had its own space, loaded with a whole bunch of array formations, giving people a sense of dizziness.

This What place is this? How could there be such a complicated transmission array? Meng Guang said in shock.

The Moonhowl Sect is the fiend races underground stronghold, in charge of collecting intelligence and transmitting information. The transmission array here was likely already reached the grade of 10 thousand. It looks like our luck is pretty good. This place should be a rather important stronghold for the fiend race.

Seeing this colossal and complex transmission array, Ye Yuan also felt very lucky.

With his strength, finding some useful information from inside these transmission arrays naturally could be done.

Fiend Fiend race? Meng Guang was frightened by this term.

Ye Yuan gave him a glance and said, The fiend race has long penetrated to every corner of the Divine Realm already. In less than three years, the fiend calamity will definitely erupt.

Meng Guang opened his eyes wide. He was thunderstruck by the news Ye Yuan brought until he was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

While he was still in astonishment, Ye Yuans figure already moved and started extracting the information inside the transmission array.

These transmission arrays were intertwined and already gave birth to god knows how many.

If it were others, they would not even know where to begin.

But to Ye Yuan, this was not something hard.

No matter how complicated this array formation was, it was all controlled by a central grand array.

What Ye Yuan wanted to do was to grasp this hub!

As long as he grasped the grand arrays hub, he would be able to extract the information inside the entire grand array as he pleased.

However, such a convoluted grand array, even if it was Ye Yuan, it could not be controlled in a short while.

Meng Guang finally came back to his senses from the shock. He discovered that he was actually attempting to control the grand array!

He Hes actually even a Tier 9 Formations Emperor?

Meng Guang felt like his own brain was somewhat inadequate to use.

Although he did not know array formations, he could still tell what Ye Yuan was doing.

In his view, this grand array was as vast as the stars in the sky.

But under Ye Yuans hands, seemed like it was not that complicated.


Following a liberating roar, that man on the bed immediately became a dry corpse, toppling over.

An extremely charming, beautiful madam slowly sat up. The corners of her mouth showing an alluring smile.

Joy-killing little thief, you interrupted Grandaunts mood. Forget it, let Da You go take care of it. Such a nice taste mustnt be wasted!

The beautiful madam casually struck out a streak of black energy, which disappeared.

After that, she extended a slender finger and beckoned towards another man.

That mans desire was stirred up all at once and pounced towards the beautiful madam like an animal.

Hehe,just like that, this lowly one likes that youre so rough.

Time slowly trickled by. Ye Yuans rate of progress also became faster and faster.

Meng Guang by the side was dumbstruck by Ye Yuans formations path attainments.

Who in the world is Brother Ye Qing? These These methods are also too heaven-defying! Such a grand array, even Tier 9 Formation Emperors probably cant control it so easily either, right? Meng Guang exclaimed in shock.

Ye Yuan was currently completely absorbed in controlling the array formation, looking as if he was about to wrap up on a successful note.


Ye Yuans brows furrowed, figure instantly vanishing where he was.


The place that Meng Guang was originally standing at already had a huge crater blasted out at this time.

Ye Yuan dragged Meng Guang, appearing in another corner.

Meng Guang had yet to understand what was happening, but when he saw that large crater, he knew that he already toured one round and back from the gates of hell.

Beside the large pit, stood a middle-aged man in opulent clothing, looking exceedingly dignified.

When did this person approach him?

It was me who saw wrongly! Turns out you really have problems! said the middle-aged man in fine clothing with a look of mild fury.

This person was precisely that deacons master, and also the Da You from that beautiful madams mouth.

This Da You, Ye Yuan did not take him to heart at all and coolly, Youre the holy sovereign in charge of this base?

Da Yous brows furrowed as he said, A measly Eighth Level Dao Profound actually dares to speak this way to this seat! Reckless thing who doesnt know death!

Whos reckless and doesnt know death, youll know right away.

Ye Yuans nonchalant words sounded out. Greater teleportation was instantly displayed!

Da Yous expression changed drastically, and fiendish energy suddenly surged.


An intense collision occurred. Da Yous body immediately shot out, smashing brutally into the wall.

Regarding this outcome, Ye Yuan was rather surprised as well and said, Looks like your strength is still considered pretty good among holy sovereigns, to actually be able to block my sword!


Da You immediately rushed out from the debris and looked at Ye Yuan with a look of solemnness.

Evil Extermination Sword Formula! Youre Ye Yuan! Da You was covered in blood all over as he said savagely.

Clearly, he already guessed Ye Yuans identity and was very apprehensive.

But the expression of Meng Guang by the side changed greatly, and he muttered, Ye Yuan! Heaven Surmounting Divine King! Brother Ye Qing is actually the Heaven Surmounting Divine King!

Meng Guang was incomparably shocked in his heart. The Heaven Surmounting Divine Kings fame recently was too resounding.

The entire Divine Realm, virtually nobody did not know!

Taking on the Grand Yan Divine King and not falling into a disadvantage, nearly exterminated the Violet Extreme Divine King with one sword. This battle achievement made the Heaven Surmounting Divine Kings name spread.

I I actually addressed the Heaven Surmounting Divine King as my brother?

Meng Guang instantly felt somewhat flustered.

The Ten Great Divine Kings, this level of existence, was simply akin to gods to him.

Becoming aware of Ye Yuans identity, Meng Guang had an unreal feeling.

Regarding Da You being able to guess his identity, Ye Yuan was not surprised.

After all, he controlled the fiend races information source, and he already revealed his strength. There was no way he could not guess.

Since you know this young master, then you can go on your way with ease of mind.

Ye Yuan did not have the intention of being long-winded with him. Brandishing his sword, he attacked once more.


Inside the great hall, was filled with rumbling sounds everywhere.

Ye Yuans sword light formed an all-round suppression against Da You.

However, this Da You was very formidable as well.

Ye Yuan felt like his strength was likely even stronger than Ji Canglans!

To be able to be responsible for such an important base, this Da You was bound to be an extremely powerful existence in the fiend race.

Even if he did not reach the level of a holy emperor, it was probably not too far away either.

Fury Sword Fire Lotus!

Not taking him down after a long battle, Ye Yuan finally brought out his killing move.

A terrifying power crushed over towards Da You akin to a bulldozer.


Terrifying energy undulations practically toppled the entire building structure.

However, Ye Yuans expression changed. Because this sword did not hit Da You.

A black flower suddenly bloomed in the air, appearing incomparably sublime.

The black flower gradually transformed into a figure.

A coquettish until it made peoples blood flow speed up beautiful woman appeared in front of Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan drew a deep breath, his gaze filled with solemness when looking at the beautiful woman.

Teehehe So, its you, boy. Truly, enemies meet on a narrow path! Elder Sister was just having a good time earlier but had my spirits dampened by you, this boy. Since thats the case, stay behind and accompany elder sister then. Elder Sister will definitely wait upon you comfortably, said the beautiful woman with a seductive smile.