Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Preparing for the Trials

"If it was before Ye Yuan tackled the Nine Heavens Road, I had full confidence in killing him. But I don't have that much confidence in killing the current Ye Yuan even though he can't defeat me," Su Yishan said with knitted brows.

Su Yishan had exchanged blows with Ye Yuan. He estimated that his strength was roughly around rank 50 or so on the Martial Roll.

He naturally would not take to heart this level of strength. But if Ye Yuan was bent on running, he really had no certainty of holding Ye Yuan.

After all, Ye Yuan would not stand there and wait stupidly for his Heaven Flipping Palm.

Su Yubai retrieved a pill bottle and passed it to Su Yishan. "This bottle contains Spirit Essence Pills. After you consume then, take these two days to breakthrough to the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm. After you reach the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, killing him shouldn't be difficult, right?"

Su Yishan's eyes shone, and he quickly received the medicinal pills.

To the top ten geniuses on the Martial Roll, the allure of the Spirit Essence Pill was enormous. This could be seen from Su Yubai and Long Tang's wager.

After reaching the Spirit Condensation Realm, the difficulty of breaking through realms would increase tremendously. With Spirit Essence Pills, it would be equivalent to saving a great deal of time for cultivation.

Some people when they get stuck in the minor realm, it would be half a year gone. At that time, it would not be so easy if they wanted to catch up to others.

It had already been a while since Long Tang got the Spirit Essence Pill, but he did not use it this whole time. One could see that he viewed the Spirit Essence Pill equally importantly.

Su Yishan said confidently, "Not difficult. Of course not difficult at all! As long as I breakthrough to the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, killing Ye Yuan will be a simple matter!"

Su Yubai nodded his head. Clearly, he felt that this speech was not exaggerated.

Su Yishan was the best seedling in the Su Family. Otherwise, he would not be so heavily nurtured. After breaking through to the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, Su Yishan's combat prowess would surely advance into the top five!

Among the top five students on the Martial Roll, only Long Tang was at the Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm. The rest were all at the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm.

Su Yishan enjoyed resources far beyond other people. If he could not even get into the top five, then he could forget about his position as the young patriarch.

Taking care of Ye Yuan was naturally easy for the top five on the Martial Roll.

"I've already asked your father to send out the Chang brothers to cooperate with you to eliminate Ye Yuan! They are currently already concealed inside the Endless Forest. Once the Endless Trials begins, they would target Ye Yuan. At that time, make contact with them, and come up with a foolproof plan. You must kill Ye Yuan! Remember, if you don't move, then stay low. Once you move, you must kill! You absolutely mustn't give Ye Yuan any breathing space! Understand?" Su Yubai said in a low voice.

This was not a discussion anymore, but an order.

He knew that Su Yishan more or less had a young master's attitude and might feel it was beneath him to cooperate with those retainers.

But no matter what, achieving the goal of killing Ye Yuan was the most critical objective among priorities. The others were of no significance, including Su Yishan's pride.

. . . . . .

Long Tang charged out of the sea of fire looking rather ragged.

However, looking at his eyes right now, it was filled with indescribable luster.

"So, this is the Nine Heavens Road! Although it's exceedingly treacherous, it's also a limitless treasure trove!" Long Tang gasped in admiration.

Long Tang could not compare to Ye Yuan. The first stage's concepts to Ye Yuan was simply unqualified to make the cut.

But to Long Tang, these concept checkpoints were remarkably perilous. But after the dangers, Long Tang managed to grasp some things, letting him reap many benefits.

Long Tang did not continue rushing. He meditated on the spot to comprehend his harvests just now.

Long Tang's strength lied in his perception. Otherwise, what right did he have to seat at the first place of the Martial Roll when he was only at the Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm?

In the top five, only Long Tang alone was at the Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm. His combat prowess was evident.

One had to know that there was a minor stage gap between the Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm and the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm!

Hence, he could also comprehend some things which others were unable to on the Nine Heavens Road. It was just that this way, his clearing speed became exceptionally slow, showing a sharp contrast from Ye Yuan clearing the checkpoints.

After two days had passed, Long Tang merely made it past the first stage.

"No way. Isn't Senior Apprentice Brother Long going to have his face slapped until it swells like a fatty's like this? It's already so hard for him to make it past the first stage. What should he do about the later stages?"

"Sigh. This also can't be helped. If I were rank one on the Martial Roll with my position being challenged like that by Ye Yuan, I might also come and challenge the Nine Heavens Road too!"

"Forget it. Looking at Senior Apprentice Brother Long, I reckon that it's going to be very tough to come down from up there. After all, not everybody can create such miracles like Ye Yuan."

"En, I think so too. Although Senior Apprentice Brother Long is incredible, everyone unanimously agreed that his degree of monstrousness is inferior to Mo Yuntian. If Senior Apprentice Brother Long had confidence in challenging the Nine Heavens Road, he would have come long ago. Why wait until today?"

"Sigh, forget it. Let's leave. It's going to be the Endless Trials in two days. With Senior Apprentice Brother Long's speed, I reckon that he won't make it in time.

As the Endless Trials approached, many students dispersed from the Nine Heavens Road. The foot of the Nine Heavens Peak promptly became deserted.

. . . . . .

One day later, Ye Yuan exited seclusion.

There was still one day before the Endless Trials began. He needed to prepare some things to bring into the Endless Forest.

Ye Yuan knew that this trip would definitely be very perilous!

He already offended Su Yubai and Su Yishan thoroughly. They did not dare to make a move within the academy, so they definitely would not let go of the chance called the Endless Trials.

But this journey to the Endless Forest was imperative for Ye Yuan. He had no choice but to take this risk for Lu-er!

The medicinal pill Ye Yuan was planning on refining for Lu-er was called the Essence Yang Pill, a high-grade Tier 2 medicinal pill in the Divine Realm.

This pill was extremely difficult to refine, and the herbs required were also exceptionally harsh.

There were three core ingredients in the Essence Yang Pill. All of them were exceedingly rare herbs. Only this sort of dangerous, yet resource-rich place like the Endless Forest would have it.

Also, Ye Yuan happened to know the location of one of the core ingredients. This core ingredient was precisely the Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python inner core!

That was also because Ye Yuan took note of it back when treating the Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python poison for that brawny man, and asked for the whereabouts of the Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python. But he did not expect that it would really come in handy now!

One might say it was coincidental, but in reality, it was inevitable.

Ye Yuan was infatuated with the Alchemy Dao in his past life and would naturally be very interested in rare medicinal herbs. This sort of good habit also carried forth till today.

The Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python possessed a divine beast bloodline. Its inner core's attribute was extreme indomitable yang, perfect for restraining Lu-er's frost poison.

And the other two core ingredients were similarly extreme yang plants. One was called Crimson Soul Grass, the other was Pine Yang Fruit.

Although these two items were hard to find, they were not undetectable. Through Huyan Yong, Ye Yuan already roughly knew the possible locations where these two herbs would appear.

But the Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python had incredible might. It was a middle-rank Tier 2 demonic beast; equivalent to a human second stage Spirit Condensation Realm expert. This was also an extremely thorny problem for Ye Yuan.

However, Ye Yuan still had another objective for going to the Endless Forest, which was to break through to the Spirit Condensation Realm!