Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1191

Chapter 1191 Internal Organs Incinerating

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Ye Yuan seemingly felt a seed take root on top of his heart, and sprouting!

That agony of germination virtually made him faint.

That fire essence of yours is indeed powerful. Even my devil vines are actually not a match. But the devil flowers have already integrated with your flesh and blood. Once it burns, your internal organs will be incinerated toashes1! Younger Brother, give up resisting and obediently become Elder Sisters fiend slave. Elder Sister will dote on you well,hehehe

Yue Ji laughed until she shook, appearing very pleased with herself.

This move of hers was different from Fiendgod Jia Lans possession. Therefore, the Soul Suppressing Pearl was unable to unleash effect too.

Your Your Excellency, are you alright?

When Meng Guang saw that heart-penetrating anguished appearance of Ye Yuans, his entire person was thoroughly stupefied.


Ye Yuan cast the art of greater teleportation, grabbed hold of Meng Guangs sleeve, and directly merged into heaven and earth.

Dont resist, go!

With Ye Yuans present strength, he was unable to bring people and display the art of greater teleportation. But merging into heaven and earth was still doable.

When Yue Ji saw the situation, the corners of her mouth curled, and she said with a smile, Want to leave? How can it be that easy?

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A hundred devil vines stabbed straight towards the void, attempting to force Ye Yuan out.

Fury Sword Fire Lotus!

Two kinds of violent Divine Dao laws intertwined together, chopping out of the void, directly grinding those devil vines to smithereens.

However, the remnant force did not diminish, shooting straight for Yue Ji.

This move, Ye Yuan attacked in anger. The power was extraordinary.

Even for Yue Ji, when she saw the power of this sword, her expression changed slightly too.

Devil Vines Locking the Heavens!

Swish, swash, swoosh!

Countless devil vines waved to form an enormous dense web, continuously depleting the Fury Sword Fire Lotuss power.

By the time the Fury Sword Fire Lotuss power was exhausted, Ye Yuan already brought Meng Guang along and got away.

Yue Ji stared in the direction that Ye Yuan disappeared in a daze. It was also uncertain what she was thinking about.

At this time, Da You moved closer and said, Lord Holy Mother, letting them leave just like this?

Yue Ji did not have that sort of seductive expression on her face at this time and had a serious look. But it was akin to that of nobility, holy and inviolable.

This brat isnt simple, to actually fuse Absolute Heaven and Jiang Chen, the two peoples ultimate skills together, displaying such a peerlessly powerful sword! Right now, my injuries are not yet healed and arent suited to get into a fight. If I really press this boy into a corner, I wont gain any benefits either. However, since he got hit by my devil flower seeds, hell definitely become this holy mothers fiend slave within three days. We just have to wait here will do. Hehe, the son of heavens mandate becoming this holy mothers fiend slave, just thinking about it makes me feel happy!

Talking to the back, Yue Ji felt that it was pretty interesting too, and could not help laughing loudly.

Lord Holy Mother is mighty! Da You said respectfully.

Since this stronghold is already exposed, transfer then. This little guy is pretty impressive too; almost letting him succeeded. If not for this holy mother being cautious and did a little tampering in this grand array, wed really fall victim to him, Yue Ji said.

This boys formations path attainments already reached the acme of perfection, virtually reaching the pinnacle of Void Mystic Realm martial artists. This subordinate gathered that his battle with the Grand Yan Divine King, he most likely relied on Formations Dao attainments, thats why he didnt fall into a disadvantage, Da You said.

He was in charge of this stronghold. Regarding Ye Yuan and Lu Linfengs battle, he naturally would not be unaware.

And Ye Yuan was the top priority that they were paying close attention to in the first place.

According to the conjectures from the information all-round, Ye Yuan very likely relied on Formations Dao attainments to remain perfectly unscathed under the Grand Yan Divine Kings Formations Path Nine Scripts.

Yue Ji smiled and said, Its useless, no matter how impressive. Hell become this holy mothers fiend slave very soon.Hehe the thing that Kanuo couldnt accomplish, this holy mother accomplished it with the greatest of ease. These one million years, that old thing was simply wasting time! If not for him fearing this holy mother and let this holy mother out earlier, would there be todays embarrassment?


Ye Yuan held his breath and escaped no idea how far either, finally running out of strength, collapsing onto the ground.

Along the way, Ye Yuans internal organs were already thoroughly flooded by miniature devil flowers.

That intense pain practically made him faint several times.

The devil flowers were like parasites. The faster his essence energy revolved, the faster the devil flowers propagated too.

At this time, the devil flowers virtually occupied his innards. Thick fiendish energy was currently spreading all over his entire body.

Ye Yuans teeth were chattering, his complexion as pale as a sheet.

Lord Ye Yuan? Are Are you alright? I can I do anything at all? Meng Guang said rather flusteredly.

You help stand guard over me!

Ye Yuan squeezed these few words out from the gaps of his teeth and could no longer speak.

O-O-Oh, rest assured, Your Excellency! Unless I die, otherwise, I absolutely wont let people take one step closer! Meng Guang said in a panic.

Ye Yuan falteringly took out a medicinal pill: Tiger Dragon Creation Pill.

This medicinal pill was prepared by Ye Yuan to break through the limits of the fleshly body, in order to break through the last gateway.

According to Ye Yuans cultivation plan, it should be taking the Crimson Firmament Tyrannical Body Pill first, letting the fleshly body break through the late-stage Tier 9, reaching peak late-stage.

After that, consuming this Tiger Dragon Creation Pill, reaching the level of grand completion in one fell swoop from there.

His own medicine pill, Ye Yuan naturally poured forth his greatest efforts.

This Tiger Dragon Creation Pill was an arcane insight rank medicinal pill.

The Tiger Dragon Creation Pill was incomparably overbearing to begin with. Even a late-stage Tier 9 physical body could not withstand that tyrannical power of tigers and dragons too.

An arcane insight rank medicinal pill, the power was even more unimaginable.

A moment of carelessness, and he would die from his fleshly body exploding apart.

But now, Ye Yuan already could not care that much.

Yue Ji was well-worthy of being a heavenly fiendgod-class powerhouse. These devil flowers were too overbearing and did not give him any chances at all.

Since it did not give chances, then Ye Yuan could only create an opportunity himself!

Ye Yuan swallowed the Tiger Dragon Creation Pill in one go. Straight away, the surging medicinal strength immediately started scouring the tendons, bones, and internal organs in his entire body!

Tiger Dragon Creation Pill was the strongest body tempering medicinal pill that Ye Yuan knew. The power of the medicinal strength could be imagined.

Furthermore, he was jumping realms to devour the medicinal pill right now. That berserk medicinal strength was virtually going to blow his fleshly body up!


Ye Yuan lifted his head to the sky and howled, blue veins popping up all over his body, looking exceptionally terrifying.

Meng Guang, who was currently standing guard, quaked in his boots. He knew that Ye Yuan was currently enduring tremendous pain.

But he was powerless to help.

Fiery, begin! Ye Yuan roared.

Fierys body materialized and he said stammeringly, Big Brother, really going to do this? You Youll die!

Hurry! Ye Yuan practically squeezed this word out from the gaps of his teeth.

Fiery drew a deep breath and said, I understand! Ill be careful, Big Brother!

Only to see him knead seals with both hands, firing out a strand of Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame into Ye Yuans body!


Ye Yuans roars sounded again!

Fiery was currently deploying the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame, refining Ye Yuans internal organs!

He was going to forcefully refine that holy mother devil flowers!