Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1192

Chapter 1192 Awaken

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Ye Yuan frenziedly activated the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art and restored the wounds within his body crazily.

The Tiger Dragon Creation Pill was like tidewaters, scouring Ye Yuans internal organs and the meridians all over his body wave after wave!

Ye Yuans internal organs were advancing with incredible speed.

However, because the medicinal strength was too fearsome, the Tiger Dragon Creation Pills impact on his fleshly body was far fiercer than the remolding.

Blackish-red bloodstains seeped out on Ye Yuans muscles.

At the same time, the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame was still tempering Ye Yuans innards impertinently!

Ye Yuan felt like he was just like a balloon at this time. It was as if he might explode at any time!

The Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art was a very powerful cultivation method. Ye Yuan had long cultivated it to the degree of peak Tier 9.

But the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art being hailed as undying and imperishable, that was referring to the Divine Dao cultivation method.

But what Long Teng knew was merely just the first-half.

Under such intense devastation, Ye Yuans body was currently approaching collapse.

Currently, the Tiger Dragon Creation Pill was like floodwaters that breached the bank, while the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art was blocking up the hole.

However, it seemed like the Tiger Dragon Creation Pill was a bit more ferocious in the end. The gap was continuously enlarging, getting bigger.

The reason why Ye Yuan wanted to forcefully increase his fleshly body realm was in order to strengthen the internal organs, and have the innards be capable of withstanding the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame.

At this time, Fiery did not dare to increase the power of the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame at all. Otherwise, Ye Yuans internal organs would directly be incinerated clean.

He carefully controlled the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame power, using it to restrain the holy mother devil flowers growth.

As for whether Ye Yuan could breakthrough or not, it could only completely depend on his fortunes.

But this situation at present was clearly not very optimistic!

Fiery looked at Ye Yuan with a worried look but was powerless to help.

Fleshly body tempering was an extremely painful process. It completely relied on ones willpower to control.


The flesh on Ye Yuans body cracked open inch by inch. Fresh blood sprayed everywhere like a fountain.

When Fiery saw this scene, he could not help feeling torn with anxiety. Gritting his teeth, he said, Hang in there, Big Brother!

However, Ye Yuans consciousness became weaker and weaker.

His entire person was in a completely messed up state. Not only did he have a devil seed planted by Yue Ji, but there was also even the Tiger Dragon Creation Pill ravaging his innards and fleshly body.

Apart from this, there was also Fierys Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame attempting to refine the holy mother devil flowers.

Even if Ye Yuan had an iron-will, he could not withstand such devastation too!

Ye Yuans consciousness was gradually falling into the limitless darkness.

Ye Yuan Ye Yuan

In his confusion and trance, Ye Yuan seemed to have heard someone calling his name in the depths of this darkness.

Whos calling me? Could it be that Im already dead? Ye Yuan said in puzzlement.

Ye Yuan That voice sounded out once more.

Ye Yuans brows furrowed slightly, and he said, Who are you?


A heaven-shocking dragon roar pierced through the darkness, transmitting into Ye Yuans ears.

A silhouette appeared in the darkness. Ye Yuan focused his eyes and look, and could not help shuddering all over.

That figure was actually exactly the same as him!

No, wait, this persons head actually had twohorns1.

Its me!

Who are you?

Im you!

Youre me? What does that mean?

Ive already slumbered for over 500 years in the depths of your consciousness. Today, I finally awakened!

Ye Yuens entire body quivered and he said, You youre the Atavism Dragon Soul?

Haha,youre the one whos the Atavism Dragon Soul! Im you, and youre me!

Ye Yuan did not rejoice in the slightest and instead frowned and said, Im clearly of the human race, why would I possess an Atavism Dragon Soul?

Heh,you only have half-human race bloodline. The other half is naturally the dragon race.

I only have half-human race bloodline? Could it be youre saying that my mother is of the dragon clan?

At this time, titanic storms surged in Ye Yuans heart.

Ever since birth, Ye Yuan had never heard his father mentioned before about his mothers existence.

It was as if he was a motherless child.

Ye Yuan had once asked Ji Zhengyang before about the matters concerning his mother too, but Ji Zhengyang did not utter a single word about this.

He only told Ye Yuan that his mother was already dead.

As a result, Ye Yuan did not think that much either.

Only reaching this life did Ye Yuan feel maternal love from Ren Hongling.

Now, he actually had an inexplicable mother pop out.

Furthermore, this mother even originated from the dragon race.

All of this seemed to be a fantasy tale!

But if not for so, how could he accomplish it with high proficiency when he cultivated dragon race martial techniques?

Even the divine rank dragon wave, Ye Yuan learned it within an inconceivable amount of time too.

Such talent, it was already not enough to use monstrous to describe it.

That is, of course! How can a human possibly possess an atavism dragon soul? The other Ye Yuan gave such an answer.

Then who in the world is my mother?

When he asked this, Ye Yuans emotions were actually somewhat flustered.

After all, towards this incomparably mysterious mother, Ye Yuan still held some awe as well as grievances.

Very sorry, I dont know either! Im just your other half. In this respect, what I know isnt much more than you. This query needs you to unravel it yourself!

The other partys answer greatly disappointed Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan let out a sigh and said, Fine then. Then whats the use of you appearing as well?

To impart you the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art Divine Dao chapter! said the other Ye Yuan coolly.

Ye Yuans entire body trembled, but he still said disappointedly, Its no use, I already dont have time to go comprehend the divine inscriptions.

The other Ye Yuan said, Dont need to comprehend. As long as I fuse into one with you, youll naturally know it!

The moment Ye Yuan heard, he could not help opening his eyes wide and said, You arent joking, right? How can divine inscriptions possibly not need to be comprehended?

The other Ye Yuan smiled and said, The Atavism Dragon Soul is the strongest among all of the demon races physiques, not one of! Because this kind of physique possesses all of the dragon races first ancestors memories! In theory, one is capable of fully reaching the dragon races first ancestors height! As long as one is capable of awakening the inheritance memories, this dragon race descendant will be able to directly learn this cultivation skill and martial technique! Of course, the hardest part about the Atavism Dragon Soul is also awakening!

Ye Yuan was extremely alarmed when he heard. No wonder the White Tiger Spirit was so jealous back then. It turned out that this physique was actually freakish to such an extent!

Divine inscriptions this kind of profound and hard to fathom things, one would actually immediately learn it!

That was also to say that as long as one completely awakened the Atavism Dragon Soul, they would be able to become the second dragon races founding ancestor!

What kind of existence the dragon races founding ancestor was, Ye Yuan was not clear at all.

But Ye Yuan felt that it was very likely an Origin Deity Realm existence!

Then how did I awaken the Atavism Dragon Soul? Ye Yuan asked curiously.

The other Ye Yuan smiled and said, Originally, the first time you awakened should be the moment you corroborate your Dao and become a deity. But with your powerful will plus your unyieldingness and unwillingness to take things lying down, all these made you successfully awaken a small portion of the Atavism Dragon Soul!