Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1193

Chapter 1193 Not Waiting Overnight To Take Revenge

Chapter 1193: Not Waiting Overnight to Take Revenge!
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Ye Yuan, at this time, was like a sieve, spraying blood from head to toe, looking very savage and terrifying.

If not for the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art, he would have already died God knows how many times.

Fierys complexion flickered incessantly, tears already welling up in his eyes, his entire body shaking.

He knew that Ye Yuan already reached the brink of death and likely could not hold on much longer.

Y-Your Excellency, nothing must happen to you! You Quickly wake up!

Meng Guang was powerless to do anything by the side and was full of worries.

He felt that Ye Yuan was an extraordinary great figure. Just now, if it were somebody else, they would probably have long left him behind.

But Ye Yuan did not forget to bring him away before he left.

To Ye Yuan, he was just an insignificant minor character.

But Ye Yuan brought him along without any hesitation.

At that moment, he was absolutely a burden to Ye Yuan.

Hence, the agitation in Meng Guangs heart could not be expressed using words.

But now, Ye Yuans entire person looked very miserable. He had clearly already reached the verge of death.

But just as Fiery and Meng Guang lost all hope, a miraculous scene occurred.

Those cracked open wounds on Ye Yuans body were actually slowly healing!

Ye Yuan, who was originally on his dying breath already, his life force thriving once more as well.

Even though this process was rather slow, but he was indeed recovering.

The Tiger Dragon Creation Pills medicinal strength was still overbearing, but the recovery speed of Ye Yuans body had already surpassed the speed of his destruction.

Under the powerful protection of the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art, Ye Yuans body was frenziedly absorbing the Tiger Dragon Creation Pills medicinal strength.

His fleshly body was also breaking through rapidly!

Ye Yuan awakening the Atavism Dragon Soul one time, he immediately comprehended the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Arts Divine Dao chapter.

Just like the other him said, he did not need to comprehend at all and immediately understood it.

It was just a shame that his awakening this time only had the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Arts first level.

The Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Arts Divine Dao chapter was similarly divided into nine levels. For Ye Yuan to want to cultivate the cultivation method at the back, he still required another fortuitous awakening.

Furthermore, to really unleash the might of the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art, one required a corresponding level of physical body to match it.

With Ye Yuans current physical body, even if he comprehended the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Arts first level, it was also completely different compared to a Deity Realm powerhouse casting it.

Without going through mystic qi flooding the body and achieving Deity Realm, the so-called grand completion realm was merely a joke.

The power of Deity Realm was not what Dao Profound Realm could surmise.

Of course, even so, with the augmentation of Divine Dao laws, Ye Yuans speed of recovering the fleshly body increased more than 10 times over!

The Atavism Dragon Souls first awakening was normally when breaking through to Deity Realm. Ye Yuans awakening this time was still because it was triggered by the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art in the end.

Hence, the inheritance that he grasped was pitifully little.

But the awakening this time was not that useless either.

Apart from the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art, he even grasped another dragon race martial technique!

Under the Tiger Dragon Creation Pills overbearing medicinal strength, Ye Yuan broke through to peak Tier 9 very quickly!

But it was not over yet. The medicinal strength of the arcane insight rank Tiger Dragon Creation Pill was too tyrannical.

Ye Yuans fleshly body rushed toward the realm of Tier 9 grand completion.

Following the increase in realm, plus the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Arts recovery ability, the medicinal strength of the Tiger Dragon Regeneration Art was no longer able to cause any damage to Ye Yuan.

His appearance already recovered to his original appearance.

When Fiery saw the situation, he could not help being overjoyed.

Double up, Fiery! Ye Yuan suddenly opened his mouth and said.

Yes, Big Brother! Fiery said with an excited look.

Pulling through the most difficult hurdle, there were no more obstacles at the back.

Two days later, Ye Yuans fleshly body finally broke through to Tier 9 grand completion!

At this point, Ye Yuans Essence and Spirit, two paths, both reached the realm of grand completion, only missing an essence energy realm.

As long as essence energy realm reached peak Divine King, he would reach the qualifications to assault the Deity Realm!

As for the realm of Void Mystic, Ye Yuan did not need to go through it at all.

Moreover, his concepts comprehensions had long already thrown Void Mystic Realm powerhouses behind God knows how many times.

Fiery, use your full power, refine! Ye Yuan commanded once more.

Fiery drew a deep breath, instantly urged the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame to the limits, and started refining the holy mother devil flowers!


Ye Yuans complexion instantly turned red. That agony of being immolated instantly spread throughout his entire body, making him perspire profusely.

Fiery had already comprehended Divine Dao laws currently. The might of the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame, even if Ye Yuan reached grand completion realm, it was hard to resist it too.

Ye Yuan revolved the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art and crazily recovered the internal injuries.

Although the holy mother devil flowers were impressive, facing the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flames full-power refinement, they were finally refined away bit by bit too.

However, the most terrifying thing was not the holy mother devil flowers that grew, but those roots that had already penetrated into the internal organs.

To Ye Yuan, right now was cutting away the flesh to treat the wounds!

He was guiding the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame, continuously burning his internal organs, completely eradicating those stubborn roots.

This pain was enough to make the average martial artist go crazy and commit suicide!

Seeing that Ye Yuan was fine, Meng Guang finally heaved a sigh in relief.

But at this time, his heart could not help feeling sympathy again.

He saw through some inklings and knew that Ye Yuan was using this sort of method to remove the holy mother devil flowers.

From Ye Yuans sweat-covered forehead, he could guess how terrifying the pain Ye Yuan was suffering at this time.

But Ye Yuan actually did not even furrow an eyebrow!

This perseverance, this willpower, they made Meng Guangs countenance greatly moved.

He could not help secretly heaving a sigh, thinking to himself that it was indeed no accident that Ye Yuan could have todays accomplishments.

People only saw him rise with comet-like speed, but did not know how much effort that an ordinary person could not imagine was put in behind him.

This was a true powerhouse!

Finally, Ye Yuan spat out a long turbid breath.

Meng Guangs entire body trembled, and he sighed with admiration as he said, Your Excellency is truly a god!

These few days of experiences, if it were others, they would probably have already died no less than 10 times.

But Ye Yuan relied on his willpower and forcefully pulled through.

This left him no choice but to admire.

Ye Yuan slowly got up and said smilingly, If I couldnt resist, I would have to die. How to choose between life and death is very simple, right?

Meng Guang smiled bitterly and said, Talking about it is easy, but with Your Excellencys situation back then, probably 10 out of 10 people would choose death, right?

After all, a fate worse than death seemed to be more terrifying than death.

Ye Yuan smiled and did not say anything.

Fiery asked concernedly, Big Brother, how is it?

Ye Yuan smiled and said, Huhu, never been better than right now!

Fierys eyes lit up, making out that Ye Yuans words seemed to be insinuating something.

Big Brother, then we Fiery asked probingly.

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, Not waiting overnight to take revenge! That old demon hag made this young master suffer such a huge loss. Not teaching her a bit of a lesson, shell really think that this young master is easy to knead!