Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1194

Chapter 1194 Nine Transformations Golden Body

Chapter 1194: Nine Transformations Golden Body
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Lord Holy Mother, the matters over here are already settled properly. We can withdraw at any time, Da You said to Yue Ji with a bow.

En, let them withdraw at once then, Yue Ji said coolly.

Da You thought about it and said, Lord Holy Mother, three days time is about to pass. Would that Ye Yuan have

Yue Jis face turned cold, and she said, Are you doubting this holy mothers ability?

Dont look at how Yue Ji was seductive and moving, having a grin on her face all day long. She was a true fiend who absolutely killed people without batting an eyelid.

Even if Da You was her subordinate.

Subordinate dares not! Da You hurriedly said.

Yue Ji suddenly changed expressions and said brimming with confidence, Even the Absolute Heaven of a million years ago, if he got hit by the flower poison, he had to obediently become my fiend slave too. Could a mere Dao Profound Realm brat still overturn the heavens? Look didnt he come?

Yue Ji was just talking when Ye Yuans figure appeared in her line of sight.

Teehee, obedient Little Brother, quickly come over and let Elder Sister dotes on you well, Yue Ji said as she beckoned Ye Yuan with a smile.

Ye Yuan did not speak either and just flew over to Yue Jis side.

Yue Ji was smiling and even said to the Da You beside smugly, Saw that, Da You? This is the son of heavens mandate. Now, hes this holy mothers fiend slave! Later, when we find Kanuo that fellow, this holy mother has to show off properly!

But Da Yous brows pressed together, and he said, Lord Holy Mother, something seems to be not quite right!

En? Yue Ji froze. Looking over toward Ye Yuan, her expression could not help changing drastically.

At this time, Ye Yuan was merely a thousand feet away from her. But a hint of a mocking smile flickered across the corners of his mouth.

All of a sudden, Evil Extermination Sword attacked!

Fury Sword Fire Lotus!

Piercing cold killing intent locked onto Yue Ji firmly. Two mighty Divine Dao laws flagrantly attacked!

The distance of a thousand feet was crossed in a flash.

Yue Jis reaction could not be said to not be quick. Terrifying fiendish energy instantly erupted, wrapping herself up in protection.


This sword slammed onto that cloud of black qi solidly. The energy undulations stirred up by two great Divine Dao laws smashed that cloud of black qi in deeply.

That cloud of black qi was directly smashed flying ten thousand feet away!

Hahaha, old hag, just your bit of means also wish to subdue Lord Ye Yuan? Arent you guys involved in intelligence gathering? Dont you know that Lord Ye Yuans title is Heaven Surmounting? Meng Guang looked at here from far away as he said mockingly with a loud laugh.

The black qi dissipated, revealing Yue Jis and Da Yous figures.

Yue Jis expression was ashen pale. A trace of blood covered the corners of her mouth too.

But Da Yous situation was much worse than her. There was not an intact spot from head to toe, his entire physical body practically shattered mushy.

Old witch, hows the taste of this sword? Ye Yuan asked with a smile that was not a smile.

The sneak attack just now succeeding, Ye Yuan immediately felt very liberated in his heart.

Since reincarnating, Ye Yuan had experienced countless times of life and death. But there had never been one time as perilous as a few days ago.

He even almost became somebody elses slave.

Although he survived the crisis, Ye Yuan still had indignation stifled in his heart.

One sword succeeding, this turbid breath of Ye Yuan was also finally released.

Yue Jis expression was very ugly. She was still showing off with Da You earlier, and now Ye Yuan gave her a slap with a backhand.

The power of this sword was unbelievably astonishing. Even if it was her who was subjected to it, she suffered a considerable hidden loss too.

Of course, the more important thing was that her face was utterly lost.

Impossible! The toxin of the devil flower is incurable! How did you do it? Yue Ji still did not dare to believe it and questioned.

As a heavenly fiendgod, an existence comparable to Origin Deity Realms, Yue Jis confidence was not without reason.

Even she was unable to break through to the deity realm today, her methods were also not what ordinary humans could understand.

But this time, she miscalculated!

Incurable, is it? Isnt this young master perfectly well right now? Old witch, its best you dont be too confident when conducting yourself as a person! Oh, this young master forgets, youre not a person. Even as a fiend, dont be too confident as well. Be careful of getting your face slapped! Ye Yuan scoffed.

Yue Jis expression flickered incessantly, becoming like a different person from that cheerful and lively appearance.

She was not surprised by Ye Yuans sword, she was surprised that Ye Yuan was actually able to eradicate the devil flowers.

Humph! Boy, do you think that by resolving the flower toxin, youre this holy mothers match? You dont think that that sword really had any effect against this holy mother, right? Yue Ji said with a cold smile.

Ye Yuan said coolly, Stop feigning! Its true that youre formidable, but youre likely still far from recovering to your peak state, right? If you really have no misgivings at all, its impossible to let me leave freely on that day. If one slash doesnt cut it, eight or ten slashes should be enough, right?

Yue Jis expression changed, not expecting that Ye Yuan actually perceived it so thoroughly.

Being suppressed for a million years by Absolute Heaven, how could Yue Jis strength be capable of recovering in a short time?

Taking action that day with Ye Yuan already hurt her vitality, virtually exhausting all of the Yang energy that she absorbed in these few months,

Although that sword earlier could not hurt her foundation, if eight or ten swords were to come, it would really be quite enough for her to choke on.

Humph! That will also require you to have the ability to hit me first before saying! Do you think that this holy mother will still give you that opportunity just now? Prepare to die!

Yue Ji was incredibly enraged from embarrassment at this time. She drew out a vine from inside her body and charged over towards Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan was not the slightest bit afraid. Stepping forward, he clashed together with Yue Ji.

Two peerless experts facing off, that undulation was simply earth-shaking.

Huhu, still not bringing out your true capabilities? Theres no meaning in carrying on to fight like this! Or, have you already exhausted your tricks? Ye Yuan taunted with a face full of ridicule.

Although Yue Ji was stubborn, Ye Yuan could perceive that her strength compared to that day, was still quite a bit worse.

The words that Yue Ji gave him on that day, Ye Yuan returned it in its entirety.

Brat, do you really take this holy mother to be easily bullied? Since you want to see this holy mothers true ability, then youll have to be prepared to die.

Yue Ji swayed lightly, retreating a thousand feet away.

At the same time, fiendish energy surged on her body, long hair fluttering, looking extremely demonic.

Yue Ji, who fully released fiendish energy, recovered to that holy mother who controlled everything again. It was only to see an alluring smile hanging on her face as she said, This is Elder Sisters strength. You got to receive it well! Thorns Covering the Skies!

Yue Jis fiendish energy stirred. Countless thorn spikes suddenly burst out from within the void, virtually enveloping Ye Yuan completely inside.

Each one of these spikes was exactly the same as the spikes that stabbed Ye Yuan that day.

Looks like Yue Ji really released a major move here!

Ye Yuans provocation also made Yue Ji finally became genuinely enraged.

She decided to utterly kill Ye Yuan this time!

But Ye Yuan smiled indifferently. The fleshy body power of Tier 9 grand completion erupted fully!

At this time, the skin all over Ye Yuans body became golden-colored, looking just like an arhat.

Yue Jis expression instantly changed greatly as she cried out in horror, Nine Transformations Golden Body! This How is this possible?