Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1195

Chapter 1195 Awakened Second Martial Technique

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Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!

Ye Yuan yelled out. Divine rank Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm shot forth!

This Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm was God knows how many times stronger compared to when at the Medicine King Hall.

One palm releasing, it shattered all of the spikes to smithereens like breaking dead branches.

Furthermore, the remaining momentum did not diminish, crushing over towards Yue Ji!

Yue Jis expression changed drastically. Rolling fiendish energy seethed, clashing with the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm.

However, it was to no avail!

This palm of Ye Yuans was simply unstoppable. Although the fiendish energy was powerful, it could not stop the power of this palm at all!

Ye Yuans body-refinement breaking through to the grand completion realm, his fleshy body power already reached the limits under Deity Realm. The power of the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm naturally could not be mentioned in the same breath.

But this was not the crux.

The key was the Nine Transformations Golden Body!

The Nine Transformations Golden Body was the body-refinement realm of Deity Realm powerhouses!

Nine Transformations Golden Body, undying and imperishable!

Of course, Ye Yuans was not the genuine Nine Transformations Golden Body.

The arcane insight rank Tiger Dragon Creation Pill made Ye Yuans fleshy body had an additional trace of Dao accumulation of Deity Realm!

Even though it was just a trace, the augmentation of Ye Yuans martial techniques was unimaginable.


A tragic and shrill cry sounded over. Yue Jis body was directly smashed into a lump of meat paste by this palm.

This Is this truly a martial technique that Divine King powerhouses can display?

Meng Guang was already dumbfounded from watching. He did not know what Nine Transformations Golden Body was, but this did not impede him from being astonished by the power of this palm.

Using startling the universe and making gods and ghosts weep, was not the slightest bit overboard!

This was a domineering crushing, a completely unreasonable overpowering.

No matter how powerful you were, I just crush with a palm!

Big Brother He isnt a Divine King powerhouse yet! But this palm is also too unreasonable. Fiery was also shocked by Ye Yuans palm.

Meng Guang did not know Yue Jis terror, but Fiery was perfectly aware.

The might of that slash from Evil Extermination back then was still vivid in Fierys mind.

Such an attack could not even destroy Yue Ji. It could be seen how powerful her strength was.

When Ye Yuan said to come and take revenge, Fiery actually still had no assurance in his heart.

Along the way, Ye Yuan did not reveal anything either.

Only all the way until now, when Ye Yuan completely erupted, did he know that Ye Yuans strength had another qualitative leap.

Meng Guang nodded his head, strongly approving of Fierys appraisal.

This palm could only use unreasonable to describe.

N-No way, right? Lord Holy Mother actually lost to this boy? Da You was completely dumbfounded.

In his eyes, Yue Ji was an undefeatable existence.

In this world, only Lord Kanuo could rival Lord Holy Mother.

Even though Yue Ji had yet to fully recover, it was totally impossible for ordinary human experts to be her match.

However, Yue Ji was defeated just like this.

Fiery, Meng Guang, you guys retreat farther back, Ye Yuan suddenly opened his mouth and said.

The two people were stunned, not quite certain what he meant.

But toward Ye Yuans words, they naturally would not have doubts. So they withdrew a thousand feet away.

Not enough, farther back! Ye Yuan said again.

The two people could only retreat several thousand feet again.

Farther even more!

What medicine is His Excellency selling in his gourd? Could it be that that old witch is brewing some killing move, and hes making us stay further away? as Meng Guang walked, he said in puzzlement.

I dont know either. But it looks like hes considering our safety. Fiery said.

Lord Fiery, I say, that palm just now was so terrifying, that old witch isnt dead yet?

Heh,even an Origin Deity Realm powerhouse couldnt kill that old witch and could only suppress her for a million years time. How could she die so easily? Fiery said.

Meng Guang stuck out his tongue, unbelievably shocked.

He did not know what Origin Deity Realm was. But Deity Realm, these two words were already enough for him to understand.

No wonder someone as powerful as His Excellency suffered a major loss at her hands too! But now, he gained back some ground already,hahaha,Meng Guang said with a laugh.

Fiery also smiled.

To them, these few days could really use overwhelming sorrow and joy to describe.

Ye Yuans life hung by a thread and almost died.

This also made them hate Yue Ji, this old witch, to the bones.

Ye Yuans overpowering quashing also made them feel the delight of avenging a great enmity.


A cloud of black gas turned into an arc of light, fleeing towards the distance.

Brat, you remember for this old lady! Todays enmity, this old lady will make you pay it back twofold!

In the black gas, came Yue Jis shriek.

Clearly, she already hated Ye Yuan to the bones.

The corners of Ye Yuans mouth curled slightly, and he said with a smile, Old witch, youre already getting on in years. Better rest and recuperate more. This young master will send you off again!

Ye Yuan took his time and took a deep breath.


A dragon roar that shook heaven and earth instantly rippled out!

Da You, who was closest to Ye Yuan, was immediately shook into a pile of sludge by this dragon roar.

Even that fiendish energy was also shook until it completely dissipated!

A powerhouse who was close to the holy emperor realm was utterly wiped out just like that.

Voice of the Dragon God!

This move was one of the supreme martial techniques that the dragon race already lose: Voice of the Dragon God!

Ye Yuan awakened the Atavism Dragon Soul, and the second martial technique that he learned was the Voice of the Dragon God!

At this moment, there did not seem to be other voices in this world. Only Ye Yuans dragon roar remained!

That terrifying power made heaven and earth change color!


A shrill and miserable cry sounded out. It was just that Yue Jis voice was completely unable to transmit out.

Under the Voice of the Dragon God, everything was empty!

Yue Jis body abruptly came to a stop, being nailed in the air firmly.

She was originally already seriously injured. How could she be capable of resisting such a terrifying Divine Dao martial technique?

Her fiendish energy surged to the skies. Even if she was forced back to her original form by Ye Yuan with one palm, the fiendish energy did not diminish in the slightest.

But at this moment, under Ye Yuans Voice of the Dragon God, her cloud of black gas actually showed signs of dissipating!

The Voice of the Dragon God transmitted over ceaselessly. That cloud of black gas became thinner and thinner!

Fiery and Meng Guang, the two people, used their hands to cover their ears tightly at this time. Exchanging a glance, they both saw deep astoundment from the others eyes.

When did Ye Yuan learn such a terrifying martial technique again?

Compared to that unreasonable palm earlier, this sound wave attack was clearly even more terrifying!

No wonder Ye Yuan made them go further away. It turned out that it was actually this reason!

Even if Ye Yuan was not unleashing this martial technique against them, the two of them also felt like their internal organs were almost shattering.

This was even with them going so far away. If it was nearby, even if Ye Yuan was not unleashing the martial technique against them, it would likely shock them until they were ground to dust too.

However, right at this moment, the Voice of the Dragon God abruptly cut off!

Hahaha Too bad! Just missing that little bit more! If youre able to break through to Deity Realm, this holy mother might have to die in your hands today. Its too bad that its just lacking a tiny bit! Boy, todays grudge, this old lady has remembered it! When this old lady recovers my strength, Ill definitely grind your bones to powder and make mincemeat of your flesh!

That shrill voice of Yue Jis came over, mixed with ecstasy, mixed with fury, and mixed with boundless hatred inside!