Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1196

Chapter 1196 Heavens Secret Tower Stirs Again

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Two consecutive too bad revealed Yue Jis lingering fear in her heart.

Indeed, just a little more, and Ye Yuan would be able to kill her!

Just missing a tiny bit only!

That was a genuine death.

Within one million years, it was Yue Jis first time truly facing death.

Even when facing Daoist Absolute Heavens sealing, she was not so terrified nor gave up all hope before either.

The Voice of the Dragon God was well-deserving of being the dragon races supreme martial technique. The terror of this sound wave attack actually almost forcefully scattered Heavenly Fiendgod Yue Ji!

Ye Yuan was within an inch of completing a great feat that nobody could accomplish for a million years.

It was unfortunate that it fell short of success at the last stage.

Because the current Ye Yuan was already extremely overdrawn.

If the Voice of the Dragon God continued, he himself would croak first before Yue Ji died.

Dont look at how the power of the Voice of the Dragon God was great; the consumption was exceedingly terrifying too.

If not because of the Nine Transformations Golden Body, Ye Yuan probably could not even last the time of a breath.

Even so, he also merely held it there for the time of three breaths!

Once three breaths were up, Ye Yuan was no longer able to continue.

Actually, even if he had the Nine Transformations Golden Body, Ye Yuan was at most able to persevere for two breaths of time as well.

That remaining one breath was exchanged by him with his life!

Regarding the Voice of the Dragon Gods power, Ye Yuan was very surprised too.

Therefore, he overdrew his physical strength to the verge of collapse before having no choice but to stop with regrets.

Ye Yuan collapsed weakly and virtually could not even speak.

Fierys expression changed. Figure flashing, he hurriedly supported Ye Yuan.

Big Brother, are you alright? Fiery asked worriedly.

Ye Yuan opened his mouth with difficulty but did not even emit a single sound.

Actually, Fiery wanted to go and chase after Yue Ji. Except, seeing Ye Yuans situation, how could he still leave?

With no other alternatives, Fiery could only watch Yue Ji escape helplessly.

Meng Guangs strength was too weak. Even if he was very far away, he was also shocked by Ye Yuans Voice of the Dragon God until he was muddled up at this time too, and was completely unable to come and take care of Ye Yuan.

Seeing Yue Ji escape, Fiery could only heave a long sigh and secretly lament.

Big Brother, youre messing around too much! How could such a terrifying Divine Dao martial technique be what youre capable of displaying right now? Fiery looked at Ye Yuan and grumbled.

Ye Yuan moved his lips and barely managed to smile.

He did not regret it. He would really regret it if he did not give it a shot!

At the very least, he knew now that these heavenly fiendgods were not really unkillable.

As long as you were powerful enough, you could similarly kill them!

Of course, Ye Yuan also knew that the reason why he almost killed Yue Ji was that he was standing on the shoulder of giants.

If not for Daoist Absolute Heavens one million years of suppression, making Yue Ji suffer a great loss in vitality, he would not have this chance either.

This rest was a months time!

Ye Yuans exhaustion this time nearly damaged his foundations.

Even with the help of medicinal pills, he used a months time before fully recovering too.

Taking care of Ye Yuan these few days, he also finally got to know about the fiend races sequence of events from Ye Yuan and Fierys mouth.

His worship towards Ye Yuan simply reached a point where it could not be any greater.

Of course, what made him admire even more was still Ye Yuans behavior!

Regardless of whether it was cardinal principles of righteousness or trivial matters, Ye Yuan had no fault to nitpick.

In cardinal principles of righteousness, Ye Yuan narrowly escaped death and fought the fiend races heavenly fiendgod valiantly. In trifling matters, when he fled in the face of danger, he even did not forget to bring him, a minor character, along.

Ever since then, Meng Guang followed Ye Yuan wholeheartedly.

On this day, Gu Yongtang came to the Moonhowl Sect and found Ye Yuan.

Lord Mystic Lord, the news over here, this lowly one has already sent it to the organization. Lord Teng made me pass a message to you to tell you sorry for causing you so much trouble. Lord Teng that side seriously couldnt make time. Your Excellency, please forgive me, Gu Yongtang bowed and saluted as he said.

Toward this one in front of him, Gu Yongtang also admired endlessly.

The other day, Ye Yuan made Meng Guang bring Gu Yongtang over.

He learned the information of Yue Ji being at the Moonhowl Sect, and his astonishment could not be any greater too.

It was just that he could not quite understand how in the world Ye Yuan survived under Yue Jis hands.

The specifics of the battle process, Ye Yuan did not overly describe as well.

How strong Yue Jis strength was, Gu Yongtang was all too clear.

He did not expect that Ye Yuan could actually still survive under the situation where he was seriously injured.

Then there was only one possibility, Yue Ji also sustained serious injuries!

Ye Yuan fought her off!

With that in mind, Gu Yongtang threw himself at Ye Yuans feet in admiration.

But Ye Yuan let out a sigh and said, This time, it fell just one step short of success, failing to live up to Brother Tengs trust. The failure this time alerted the enemy. Most likely, the fiend calamitys eruption already cant be avoided.

Your Excellency, dont have to blame yourself. This isnt Sirs fault. Nobody could have expected that there was actually a heavenly fiendgod hiding in the Moonhowl Sect! If he had known earlier, Lord Teng would probably have come over personally! Gu Yongtang said.

Ye Yuan smiled and did not say anything.

Since he did not kill Yue Ji, he could not say much either.

The Voice of the Dragon God was currently his strongest ace in the hole. He naturally would not tell Gu Yongtang.

As for Gu Yongtangs misunderstanding, he obviously would not clarify either.

Ye Yuans regret was not that he did not obtain the fiend races intel, but because he did not kill Yue Ji.

Except, even if one gave Gu Yongtang several galls, he also did not dare think that Ye Yuan actually had the ability to kill Yue Ji!

After all, this sort of thing, even Absolute Heaven could not do it.

This matter is over. I wonder if Sir is returning to the dragon clan? Yongtang can represent Sir to make arrangements, Gu Yongtang asked.

Ye Yuan said coolly, Theres no need. This young master isnt returning to the dragon clan for the time being. You go back and report on the task then. Its none of your business here anymore.

The Moonhowl Sect was already destroyed. Gu Yongtang naturally did not have the need to be undercover anymore. Their hidden base naturally had to be evacuated too.

Gu Yongtang received the order and left. Meng Guang could not help asking curiously, Your Excellency, if were not going to the dragon clan, where are we going?

Ye Yuan said indifferently, Chaotic Devil Sea!

Meng Guangs expression turned fearful but did not know what Ye Yuan was going to the Chaotic Devil Sea for.

Just as Ye Yuan was heading for the Chaotic Devil Sea, the Heavens Secret Tower threw out another heavyweight bombshell!

The Heavens Secret Tower announced to the world that 10 days later, the Ten Great Divine Kings would have some changes once more!

This news was like a bolt out of the blue, immediately stirring up the entire Divine Realm.

What the hell is this? The new issue of Ten Great Divine Kings was just published for a few months. Could the Heavens Secret Tower be overthrowing it again?

Yeah! The last time they published the Ten Great Divine Kings was something that happened 2000 years ago. This time, its just a few months?

Could it be that one of the Ten Great Divine Kings, or perhaps two, had breakthroughs recently, and surpassed the front rankings?

If I were to say, the new rankings this time might still have something to do with the Heaven Surmounting Divine King!

En,I feel the same way too! The release this time might just be for error correction! After all, the Heaven Surmounting Divine King actually fought with the Grand Yan Divine King until they were evenly-matched in strength!

Various versions of speculations flew everywhere, making this action of the Heavens Secret Tower become even more unfathomable.

Even though the Heavens Secret Tower never played cards according to convention, this time was also truly too ridiculous.

How could the Ten Great Divine Kings, this kind of authoritative powerhouse ranking, be changed willy-nilly?