Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1197

Chapter 1197 Tan Sis Death

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After a time interval of several months, the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King made his way up the Heavens Secret Tower once more.

Ending on a sour note the last time, Zhuge Qingxuan had always taken it to heart.

But the news that followed in quick succession made him very surprised.

Ye Yuans strength was actually really sufficient to enter the ranks of the Ten Great Divine Kings.

Furthermore, he actually fought to a draw with Lu Linfeng!

Even though he felt that there was some suspicions on Lu Linfeng going easy, this news was already enough to shock him.

But he did not think that the Heavens Secret Tower really announced that they were going to change the Ten Great Divine Kings.

In his view, that mysterious fellow must have come to a compromise with him.

No matter what, he, this present Divine Realms number one person, was no joke.

Of course, this did not count that person inside.

Still behind the black curtain, still so mysterious.

Heh,didnt expect that you finally still compromised! You can rest assured, the promise that this seat made before is still valid! Zhuge Qingxuan said.

The other party was silent.

Zhuge Qingxuan continued, Whatever terms your Heavens Secret Tower have, just put it forward! Kicking Ye Yuan out of the Ten Great Divine Kings this time also made things difficult for you guys. Rest assured, this seat will find an opportunity to kill them. As long as hes erased, naturally no one will dare to question your alteration.

Rather than saying Zhuge Qingxuan was arrogant and conceited, it was better to say that he showed disdain on the world and was brimming with confidence.

In his view, only he, Zhuge Qingxuan, was able to make the incomparably mysterious Heavens Secret Tower change the Ten Great Divine Kings.

It was still silent behind the black curtain. Only after a long time did he slowly said, The alteration this time is because of the Heaven Surmounting Divine King. But its not what you think.

The meaning of the words was that you were under the delusion that the other party was willing.

Sure enough, Zhuge Qingxuans expression changed, and he said in a solemn voice, What do you mean?

The other party said coolly, After a few days, youll understand. Heavens secrets cannot be divulged!

Zhuge Qingxuans face turned black, ten thousand profanities galloped across his heart.

This guy harped on these one or two sentences over and over again, in a secretive manner.

Most importantly, the other party would not give him face no matter what.

He originally thought that the change this time was because he wanted to kick Ye Yuan out of the Ten Great Divine Kings. He did not expect that it was not the case at all.

Not only was it not, hearing the meaning in the other partys words, it seemed like there was even a possibility of going further.

This was simply too ridiculous, too repulsive!

One had to know that between the Ten Great Divine Kingss sixth and fifth place, there was a considerable gap in strength.

Could Ye Yuan still have a possibility of jostling the Darkness Divine King, Sikong Shang, down?

The Heavens Secret Tower had always ranked the Ten Great Divine Kings according to strength. Could it be that in this short few months time, Ye Yuans strength actually had such a great leap?

How was this possible?

Good, good, good! Ill go and kill this boy right now. This seat wants to take a look at how youll announce the Ten Great Divine Kings this time!

Zhuge Qingxuan was livid until blue veins throbbed, saying three goods in a row.

He could not do anything to this mysterious powerhouse. But toward Ye Yuan, he did not have that many misgivings.

Done talking, Zhuge Qingxuan flicked his sleeves and left.

But the mysterious powerhouse did not have the intention of stopping.

After Zhuge Qingxuan left, another figure came out from inside.

If Zhuge Qingxuan was here, he would recognize that this person was none other than precisely the Spirit Bristle Divine King, Teng Yun!

The Spirit Bristle Divine King, this kind of major power, was actually able to show up in the Holy City noiselessly, and appear in the Heavens Secret Tower.

This mysterious powerhouses means were truly inconceivable!

But at this time, the Spirit Bristle Divine King gave a bow towards that mysterious powerhouse behind the black curtains respectfully and said, Elder Xuan, is it really fine to let Zhuge Qingxuan go and find Ye Yuan unchecked likeso1?

If the world were to see this scene, they would definitely be shocked until their eyeballs fell out.

The Divine Realms number two divine king was actually so respectful towards a mysterious powerhouse. Going out and saying it, probably nobody would believe it either.

Ye Yuans strength is greater than you imagine! said the mysterious powerhouse coolly.

The Spirit Bristle Divine King was slightly surprised and said, In that case, Sikong Shang cant escape his doom this time?

Huhu,just you wait and see, said the mysterious powerhouse who smiled slightly.

Massive waves stirred up in the Spirit Bristle Divine Kings heart. When he and Ye Yuan parted, Ye Yuan could not even take a single move from Zhuge Qingxuan.

Just how long had it been, could it be that Ye Yuan already grew to the extent where it was enough to cut down the Darkness Divine King?

This boy was truly too monstrous, right?

You guys, look! That young man seems to be Ye Yuan!

It really is! Its already been ten years, right? At that time, heard that he died in the Heavenly Slaughter Pit. Didnt expect that he actually showed up in the Asura Arena again.

Back then, Ye Yuans name shook the Asura Arena! The 12 Exalts, each and every one was all vying to have him.

His strength is too formidable. Back then, when activating Asura Mode, he actually succeeded in the challenge. This had never been done by anyone for tens of thousands of years!

Oh,right, the Heavens Secret Tower announced that the sixth divine king is also called Ye Yuan. It wouldnt be him, right?

Haha, you really come up with the wildest fantasy! When Ye Yuan came in at that time, he was merely a Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artist. Now, only ten years have gone by, even if his talent was any greater, its also not possible to be so monstrous, right?

Back then, Ye Yuan swept across the Asura Arena. Especially activating suicide mode, it attracted large groups of martial artists to surround and watch.

Those people still had a very strong impression of Ye Yuan. Hence, the moment Ye Yuan entered the Asura Arena, he was recognized by some meddlesome people.

It was just that, in their view, this Ye Yuan just had a duplicate name with the Heaven Surmounting Divine King, Ye Yuan.

In ten years time, a Heaven Enlightenment Realm powerhouse growing to join the Ten Great Divine Kings, this was something totally impossible to happen.

But even so, it did not hinder their feelings of worship and fear towards Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan had the Absolute Kill Token in his hands. Entering the Asura Arena naturally did not pose any problems.

He found a martial artist whose strength was decent and went up to ask, Let me ask you, is the Demon King and Tan Si still at the Asura Arena now?

Back then, Ye Yuan left in a hurry and could be said to have fled in panic, and did not bring them away.

Now that ten years had passed, Ye Yuan naturally had to find these few acquaintances when returning to the Asura Arena.

It was just that upon Ye Yuans query, that martial artists expression became very ugly.

Ye Yuans heart sunk, and he said in a cold voice, Speak! How are they?

Ye Yuans grand completion Slaughter Concept opened up fully. That martial artist felt like he was already almost going into shock.

I Ill talk, Ill talk! The demon king left the Asura Arena not long after you left. As for Tan Si he died!

Ye Yuans face fell, and he said, Who killed him?

Although Ye Yuan and Tan Si did not have a deep friendship, he served as his guide for a period of time at any rate.

Ye Yuan did not expect that he was actually killed. How could Ye Yuan not be furious?

It It was Exalt Coldblood! That person said.

Werent exalts unable to make a move against people below? Ye Yuan said in a cold voice.

Y-Your Excellency, back then after you left, Tan Si soared rapidly all the way, rising to the position of an exalt! But on the first day he became an exalt, he was killed by Exalt Coldblood! said that martial artist.

Ye Yuans eyes narrowed slightly, revealing murderous intent.

What a terrific Coldblood! It looks like we have to settle this score properly today! Ye Yuan said coldly.