Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1198

Chapter 1198 Kneel Or Not Kneel?

Chapter 1198: Kneel or Not Kneel?!
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Asura Citys sixth level, a pavilion directly had half of it smashed by Ye Yuan with one palm.

"Motherf*cker! Who did it! Who dares to act wildly at my Coldblood Pavilion?! Are you tired of living?!"

"Who! Who the hell did it! Get out here for Your Father!"

"Dont you know that the Coldblood Pavilion is shielded by Exalt Coldblood? Who the hell is so brave?"

A group of people ate a stomach full of dust and came out of the pavilion cussing away, very arrogantly.

Coldblood was the number two exalt right now, his status second only to Exalt Netherkill. Therefore, his men under his command were very arrogant too. Practically nobody dared to provoke.

Ten years passed, Coldblood groomed another large batch of Phaseless Realm experts under him, roaming the sixth level without any scruples.

A young man, holding a tablet in his hand, slowly came in front of everyone.

"Starting from now, all the way until Coldblood comes, you guys all have to kowtow to my friend non-stop! Make it loud! If this young master cant hear the sound, Ill make a flower bloom on your heads," Ye Yuan said coldly.

There were probably a hundred people that came out from the Coldblood Pavilion.

These people were all Phaseless Realm martial artists. There was even quite a number that was just a step away from Dao Profound.

They exchanged a glance and suddenly startled chortling with laughter.

"Hahaha youre killing your Lord Xiong! In this Asura Arena, there has yet to be anybody who dares to speak to our Coldblood Pavilion like this. Where did this boy come from, are you here to amuse your Lord Xiong?"

The sixth level martial artists who had seen Ye Yuan before were all dead.

These few guys did not know Ye Yuans terror.

Not just them, each and every one of those onlooking martial artists also felt that Ye Yuan was being a joke.

He was afraid of scaring away Coldblood and deliberately suppressed his realm to Phaseless Realm.

Therefore, in these peoples view, Ye Yuans action was not much different from seeking death.

In the entire Asura Arena, only Exalt Netherkill dared to provoke Exalt Coldblood.



Ye Yuans finger lightly flicked. A streak of tiny sword energy suddenly burst forth, piercing straight through Lord Xiongs head.

Lord Xiong opened his eyes wide. He could not believe it until he died, that this young man before his eyes actually killed him so nonchalantly.

"Now, will you kowtow?" Ye Yuan said unhurriedly.

Piercing cold killing intent instantly filled the entire plaza!

"Grand Completion Slaughter Concept!"

With this, everyone was stunned!

This unknown youngster actually cultivated the Slaughter Concept to grand completion!

One had to know that even the 12 Exalts, not one among them has someone who cultivated the Slaughter Concept to grand completion!

Exalt Netherkill only cultivated to the level of nine stars and did not reach grand completion.

A terrifying killing intent immediately pressured those Coldblood Pavilions martial artists until they knelt down.

Such power was not what they were capable of resisting at all.

At this time, they finally knew the disparity between them and Ye Yuan.

Although similarly Phaseless Realm, they were not even fit to carry Ye Yuans shoes!

Plus, Ye Yuan killed Lord Xiong the moment he came without even blinking. How could they still dare to resist? One by one, they started kowtowing towards Tan Sis tablet.

"Lord Tan, we were wrong!"

"Lord Tan, if you know about this in the netherworld, let this lord spare us!"

These people all started to wail tragically, like their parents died, all banging their heads away.

It would not do if it did not sound out, this killing god was really too terrifying.

Even if these people were guys who were numb from killing people, they would not be foolish enough to treat their lives as a joke.

Ye Yuan had lived around here before and knew the rules here.

If you wanted to make them submit, you would have to kill until their blood ran cold.

Hence, he killed Lord Xiong with ruthless measures the moment he came up, then displayed his strength. They would be very obedient.

Ye Yuan knew that the 12 Exalts all had their own eyes and ears here. The news over here would reach Coldbloods ears very soon.

Humiliating his subordinates like so, he would definitely come out.

Sure enough, in less than an hour, a cold voice arrived high up in the air.

The person had yet to arrive, but the voice reached first!

"Where did this trash come from, to actually dare climb on top of this seats head!"

A figure floated down. It was precisely the Coldblood who he had not seen for many years.

The moment Coldblood landed, he saw the young man across from him, currently looking at him with a smile that was not a smile.

Coldbloods expression changed, and he blurted out, "Ye Yuan! Its actually you!"

When he saw Ye Yuan, he was shocked at first. After all, the impression that Ye Yuan left on him was seriously too deep.

But when he noticed that Ye Yuan was only at the peak Phaseless Realm, his heart landed.

After that, his gaze fell on Tan Sis tablet. A hint of a mocking smile flashed past the corners of his mouth as he said, "Are you here to help this fool take revenge? Huhu, with just the likes of your Ninth Level Phaseless strength?"

To be honest, when he learned that there was someone called Ye Yuan among the Ten Great Divine Kings, he was truly wracked with fear and anxiety.

But now, when he saw Ye Yuans realm, he was completely relieved.

Ye Yuan ignored him and said coolly, "Kneel down now and give Tan Si a few kowtows! This young master can give you a chance to end yourself. Otherwise your fate will be worse than death!"

It was as if Coldblood heard some hilarious joke, letting out a wild laugh as he said, "Let this seat kowtow? With just the likes of you? Hahaha Ye Yuan, you really dont know how the word death is written! You dont think that so many years, this seats strength has remained stagnant and didnt advance all along, right?"

Done talking, Coldbloods aura released fully, and was shockingly Third Level Dao Profound strength!

Ye Yuan smiled and took a step forward!

But just this one step, the situation changed drastically!

Ye Yuans aura instantly soared to First Level Dao Profound.

But Ye Yuans aura was not merely the suppression of cultivation realm.

His Essence, Energy, and Spirit, three paths, all practically reached the extent of grand completion now. The moment his aura released, it was truly heaven and earth changing colors because of it!


Just First Level Dao Profound power already utterly overpowered Coldbloods Third Level Dao Profound.

Coldbloods expression changed. He did not expect that Ye Yuan actually concealed his strength!


Ye Yuan took another step out, his aura rising tenfold again!

Coldblood discovered to his astonishment that he was actually shackled by Ye Yuans aura, completely unable to move.

He felt as if there was somebody pressing on him from behind, pressing him towards the ground!

"Kneel or not kneel?" Ye Yuan said coolly.

Coldbloods expression was incomparably ugly. But he still said stubbornly, "Want to make this seat kneel, in your next life!"

The corners of Ye Yuans mouth curled, and he took another step out!


Third Level Dao Profound!

It was only to hear a thud. Coldblood could not resist anymore, overwhelmed by Ye Yuan until he knelt down!


Ye Yuan only lightly spat a word out of his mouth, revealing killing intent.

Thick fear exuded out of Coldbloods eyes. He never thought that not only did Ye Yuan conceal his strength, he even concealed so much.

The current Ye Yuan was already what he could not even look up to.

This strength was too scary!

He was originally even counting on Exalt Netherkill to come and save him. But now, he knew that if he still did not kowtow, there was only death!

Now, only by waiting for his master to arrive could he be saved.

With extreme unwillingness, Coldblood finally prostrated down