Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1199

Chapter 1199 The Taste Of Despair

Chapter 1199: The Taste of Despair
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Ye Yuans domineeringness shocked everyone!

S-So strong! Just by relying on coercion, he overwhelmed Exalt Coldblood until he knelt down!

Ye Yuan, this name seems to be exactly the same as the Heaven Surmounting Divine King. He wouldnt be the Heaven Surmounting Divine King, right?

No way! This Ye Yuan should be that one who rose to fame ten years ago in the Asura Arena! He was merely Heaven Enlightenment Realm back then. Its just ten years time, how could he possibly became one of the Ten Great Divine Kings?

People speculated about Ye Yuans identity one after another. But there were still many people who were not willing to believe that this Ye Yuan was the Heaven Surmounting Divine King.

After all, breaking through from Heaven Enlightenment Realm to the boundary of the Ten Great Divine Kings within ten years, this was too exaggerated.

Ten Great Divine Kings, which one did not reach such heights only after thousands of years of accumulation?

The Chaotic Devil Sea had never been a reasonable place. The high and mighty exalts would also lower their proud heads in front of absolute strength.

It was just that, barely anyone had that strength.

But Ye Yuan had it!

Ye Yuan glanced at Tan Sis tablet and secretly sighed as he said, You and I didnt have a deep friendship. But I brought you into the firepit. This farce today, take it as a memorial ceremony for you.

Back then, the outside world did not know what happened inside the Heavenly Slaughter Pit at all. Tan Si even thought that Ye Yuan met with a mishap inside.

He completely did not expect that Coldblood had long already targeted him.

The reason was that he had a close relationship with Ye Yuan.

Bang, bang, bang.

Coldbloods kowtowing sounds were heavy but rhythmic.

No matter what, his face was completely utterly swept away today.

Alright, take your own life! Of course, I can give you a chance to challenge me. But, you have to be prepared to never reincarnate for all of eternity! Ye Yuan said coolly.

The pressure on Coldbloods body immediately eased up. But the heavy weight in his heart did not ease up in the slightest.

The two choices that Ye Yuan gave him were both death!

Making him take his own life just like this, he was naturally unwilling.

But making him never to reincarnate for all of eternity, he still felt terror.

But, witnessing Ye Yuans strength, he knew that he absolutely had no chance of victory.

Coldbloods gaze swiveled all around. He was waiting for reinforcements!

Suddenly, his eyes lit up, his entire person rousing up. The previous shadow was swept clean.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

11 figures landed. Coldblood was overjoyed and said, Big Brother Netherkill, you finally came!

At this time, he felt like his soul was almost leaving his body.

The pressure that Ye Yuan put on him was too great. Just earlier, he was virtually really going to take his own life.

Hahaha, Ye Yuan, so what even if you concealed your strength? With Big Brother Netherkill around, can you overturn the heavens still? Coldblood said with a wild laugh.

At this time, he had the exhilaration of face-slapping!

Werent you making me take my own life? Now, Ill see how you posture still!

He knew that Netherkills strength advanced by leaps and bounds these few years and already reached Seventh Level Dao Profound!

Furthermore, behind Netherkill was his master!

Ye Yuan looked at Coldblood with an amused look and said smilingly, If I want to kill you, nobody can stop it.

Coldblood laughed loudly and said, Who doesnt know how to brag?! Ye Yuan, do you really take us 12 Exalts to be someone who only knows how to eat rice and do nothing?

Back then, in the Heavenly Slaughter Pit, a large group of the 12 Exalts died. Now, these 12 Exalts, clearly changed another batch.

Ye Yuan said indifferently, Otherwise, what do you think?

Finished talking, Ye Yuan ignored Coldblood as well and said to Netherkill, Have Sikong Shang come. This young master came to return the enmity of a palm!

Netherkill said, Master is already on the way over. He says that he needs your divine artifact!

Ye Yuan said with a smile, Is that so? Then you let him hurry up. Oh, right, this young master will send you on your way first. Looking at you occupy this bag of skin, this young master feels disgusted!

The moment his voice faded, Ye Yuans expression turned cold. A terrifying soul force erupted out!


Everyone had yet to understand what was going on, and Netherkill already toppled to the ground softly.

With Ye Yuans current soul force, wanting to obliterate a clone of Sikong Shang was seriously too easy.

What he wanted was Netherkills intact corpse!

Seeing Netherkill talking to him, the rage in Ye Yuans heart could not be suppressed anymore, and directly erupted.


Ye Yuans sword finger rose up, the other 10 great exalts turned to dust in a blink of an eye.

Coldblood was completely dumbfounded!

The Seventh Level Dao Profound Netherkill was killed so easily by a divine soul attack?

Also, ten great exalts were obliterated without even drawing their weapons?

Just how powerful was the current Ye Yuan?

However, Ye Yuans words stirred up massive waves among the crowd.

Sikong Shang? I-Isnt this the name of the Darkness Divine King?

Could it be that behind Exalt Netherkill, was actually the Darkness Divine King? Doesnt this mean that the Chaotic Devil Sea is actually the Darkness Divine Kings domain?

Ye Yuan said that he wanted to challenge the Darkness Divine King just now? If he isnt crazy, then he really has this strength. Then, he is the Heaven Surmounting Divine King?

The information revealed in Ye Yuans words messed everyone up.

While Coldblood stared fixedly at Ye Yuan, his eyes filled with despair!

Heaven Surmounting Divine King!

Ye Yuan actually really became the Heaven Surmounting Divine King!

I Just what kind of a terrifying adversary did I provoke?


Coldblood directly knelt down towards Ye Yuan and wailed, Heaven Surmounting Divine King, it was Coldblood who failed to recognize Mount Tai even though I had eyes! Your Excellency, be magnanimous and let let this lowly one take my own life! I I was wrong!

Coldblood knew that the disparity between him and Ye Yuan was seriously too great!

As long as Ye Yuan did not agree, he could not accomplish it even if he wanted to die.

At this time, he already had no hopes of getting lucky in his heart, and only hoped for a quick death.

But this already became a luxury.

Ye Yuan said coolly, This young master already gave you a chance, but it was you who didnt cherish it yourself!

While talking, Ye Yuan held a pale flame up in the palm of his hand.

This flame made people palpitate with anxiety and fear.

The color on Coldbloods face instantly faded away clean!


Ye Yuans palm lightly thrust. The Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame directly burned Coldbloods physical body clean, then wrapped around his divine soul and flew to Ye Yuans side.

Ye Yuan retrieved a small bottle and stored Coldbloods divine soul inside.

He would refine Coldbloods divine soul for seven-by-seven, 49 days, finally turning into nothingness, never to reincarnate for all of eternity!

The current Coldblood was merely a minor character to him.

The reason why he went through all this trouble was just in order to let Coldblood experience the taste of despair, and use it to memorialize Tan Sis spirit in heaven.

Ye Yuan put away Netherkills fleshly body and Tan Sis tablet. Suddenly, the corners of his mouth curled and he taunted, Sikong Shang, these lackeys had followed you for a number of years at any rate, you actually passively watched them be killed just like that?

Ye Yuans words made everyones heart jolt.

When did the Darkness Divine King, Sikong Shang, already arrive?

A black silhouette slowly walked out from within the void, looked at Ye Yuan, and said indifferently, Just a bunch of ants; inconsequential to this seat. What this seat is more interested in is your divine artifact.