Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Whos Protecting Whom?

The Essence Yang Pill was incredibly challenging to refine. Even Ye Hang definitely could not refine it.

Hence, if he did not break through to the Spirit Condensation Realm, it would be entirely useless for Lu-er even if Ye Yuan found these medicinal herbs,

However, although breaking through to the Spirit Condensation Realm might be very difficult for other people, it was a simple matter to Ye Yuan this Alchemy Emperor.

Closed-seclusion for two days, but Ye Yuan's realm was not fully consolidated yet. Otherwise, he could break through to the Spirit Condensation Realm right now.

His advancement speed from the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm to the peak Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm was too swift!

Even though comprehending Heart Like Still Water eliminated the hidden dangers brought about by advancing realms too quickly to the extremity, it would affect future cultivation if not properly consolidated.

Ye Yuan naturally did not dare to be careless about this.

To talk about the best way to consolidate cultivation realm, it was undoubtedly to experience numerous fights.

And what the Endless Forest lacked the least was demonic beasts. Ye Yuan could fight and consolidate his cultivation at the same time.

One of the preparation work Ye Yuan had to do right now was to refine a Tier 1 medicinal pill called Spirit Surge Pill.

This medicinal pill could increase the probability when impacting the Spirit Condensation Realm. If it was transcendent-grade, and it could increase the probability to 100%!

Refining the Spirit Surge Pill with Ye Yuan's current strength was a breeze!

Furthermore, other people required half-step Spirit Condensation Realm as a buffer when impacting the Spirit Condensation Realm. It was entirely unnecessary for Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan had the past experience of impacting the Spirit Condensation Realm. Compressing essence energy to him was an extremely simple matter. Hence, there was completely no need to tread on thin ice like the rest.

. . . . . .

After tinkering the whole night in Feng Ruoqing's pill refinement room, Ye Yuan finally settled everything.

Ye Yuan saw Feng Ruoqing and Feng Zhirou after leaving the pill refinement room, but not Huyan Yong.

Feng Ruoqing's face had thick worry written all over it, making Ye Yuan very curious.

"What happened, Teacher Feng?"

"Huyan Yong has been temporarily transferred out by the academy. He headed for a small city at the borders of the State of Qin to take care of business," Feng Ruoqing said.

Ye Yuan understood in a flash. He smiled and asked, "Is Teacher Feng being transferred out as well?"

Feng Ruoqing could not help commending Ye Yuan's nimble mind. She nodded and said, "There's another batch of students going to take part in the alchemist test tomorrow. It's still going to be me leading the group this time. Actually, Teacher Huyan was originally preparing to enter the Endless Forest to protect you."

"Heh heh. What a move to lure the tiger away from its lair. However, if they want my life, they got to have the capability first!" Not only was Ye Yuan undaunted, but he was also raring to go instead.

Seeing the situation, Feng Ruoqing could not help being concerned. "Ye Yuan, I know that you are very strong. But your current realm is too low. Why not give up the Endless Trials trip this time around? You passed the Nine Heavens Road. Even if you don't undergo the Endless Trials, they also won't dare do anything to you."

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, "No way. I can afford to delay, but Lu-er's condition can't. Helping her to suppress the frost poison will only last for another month at most. At that time, even if my Master personally came, he would also be unable to save her. Relax. It's just one Su Yishan. I still couldn't care less."

However, Feng Zhirou had a disdainful look right then. "Looking at your supercilious appearance, you'll suffer a loss sooner or later! Are you still uninformed? Just yesterday, Su Yishan already successfully broke through to the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm! Now, even if I match up with him, I might not gain an advantage over him."

Ye Yuan had grown accustomed to Feng Ruoqing's speech manner long ago and did not mind her disparaging remarks in the slightest.

"Oh, Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm? Huum, indeed a little troublesome." Ye Yuan stroked his chin as he said with a frown.

"Humph! Know fear now? I advise that you better stay in the academy obediently. Otherwise, you won't even know how you lose your little life!" Feng Zhirou continued to land blows.

Ye Yuan stared at Feng Ruoqing and suddenly grinned. "Already cultivating the Water Defying Incantation, eh? Not bad of an improvement. Senior Apprentice Sister Feng is talented as expected! I believe that with Senior Apprentice Sister Feng protecting me, there shouldn't be many issues with this trip, right?"

Being said like that by Ye Yuan, Feng Zhirou's pretty face blushed lightly and pouted. "Who wants to protect you? You, a big grown man, still need women to protect you? Aren't you ashamed?"

"Oh please, it's true that I'm a grown man, but I'm also your Junior Apprentice Brother! A senior apprentice sister protecting her junior apprentice brother, isn't that perfectly justified? Furthermore, you're number three on the Martial Roll. If you don't protect me, could it be that I have to protect you?"

Feng Zhirou wanted to continue arguing but was interrupted by Feng Ruoqing. "Zhirou, during this Endless Trials, both me and Teacher Huyan have been transferred away. Now, only you can protect Ye Yuan. Even if Su Yishan broke through to the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, he's unlikely to be your match. As a matter of fact, you also received great kindness from Ye Yuan. Slightly repaying it is also expected, yes?"

Feng Ruoqing then turned to Ye Yuan. "Zhirou this lass is thin-skinned, so she's embarrassed to thank you. I'll say it on her behalf then. The Water Defying Incantation is simply custom-made for Zhirou. These two days, she cultivated day and night, and said that her body's ailments have been relieved considerably!"

When Feng Ruoqing said that, Feng Zhirou's pretty face became an adorable red apple; charmingly alluring.

"Who wants to thank him? Humph!" Feng Zhirou left like fleeing after saying this.

"This lass. I really don't know what to say about her!" Feng Ruoqing sighed.

"Haha. Junior Apprentice Sister Feng has a genuine personality. It's just that she's a little unruly. Let her be." Ye Yuan just laughed it off.

Feng Ruoqing also did not know which neuron was misfiring. She suddenly opened her mouth to ask, "Ye Yuan, what do you think of Zhirou?"

"Ah? Pretty good! En? Teacher Feng isn't matchmaking, right?" Ye Yuan suddenly reacted and retorted with a question.

Feng Ruoqing's pretty face was flushed red. "Actually, I feel that you and Zhirou are quite compatible."

Feng Ruoqing did not know why, but when she said those words, she became dispirited for no reason. She felt empty as if she lost something.

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, "Teacher Feng hasn't settled your own affairs yet, right? Thinking about finding a groom for your niece already?"

"I . . . I . . ." Feng Ruoqing panicked and blurted out, "I'm infatuated with Alchemy Dao in this lifetime. I don't wish to waste time on this."

Feng Ruoqing already regretted it right after saying it. This was cutting off her route of retreat!

Ye Yuan laughed and said, "Don't randomly be a matchmaker anymore, Teacher Feng. This job isn't suited for you. Haha."

Feng Ruoqing flushed again and really kept mum after that.

This counted as Ye Yuan declining Feng Ruoqing's good intentions.

Regarding the matter of finding a Dao Companion, Ye Yuan really had not considered it.

He was shouldering a deep blood feud. This road in the days to come would be incomparably bumpy. Being his Dao Companion was not so simple. A single misstep and they would die, with their Dao dissipating.

At that time, wouldn't Ye Yuan be in even greater agony?

Just as the two were silent, the entire academy seemed to be in a buzz.

Ye Yuan involuntarily lifted his head to look and saw a streak of multi-colored road pouring down on the top of the Nine Heavens Peak.

After several days, the Rainbow Road reappeared!