Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1200

Chapter 1200 Coward

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The Heaven Surmounting Divine King is challenging the Darkness Divine King? Is Ye Yuan crazy? Doesnt he know that theres a massive chasm between the fifth level and sixth level?

Looks like they seem to have considerable enmity between them! It seems like entering the Heavenly Slaughter Pit the last time, a major conflict happened between the two.

Oh,right, didnt the Heavens Secret Tower said that the Ten Great Divine Kings would have some changes recently? Could it be referring to this showdown between them?

The Heavens Secret Tower is truly too terrifying to actually be able to predict even this sort of thing. Well-deserving of Heavens Secret, these two words!

Ye Yuan and Sikong Shang were all set for a showdown, immediately drawing many speculations.

The Heavens Secret Tower was spread throughout the Divine Realm. Even though the Chaotic Devil Sea was relatively out-of-the-way, they also already knew the news that the Ten Great Divine Kings was going to have some changes.

The mysterious Darkness Divine King rarely revealed anything in the Divine Realm. Nobody knew how formidable his strength was either.

But without a doubt, for him to be able to stabilize in fifth place, his strength must be very terrifying.

Hearing that Sikong Shang was coveting his divine artifact still, Ye Yuan smiled and said, The divine artifact is right here. As long as you can kill me, its all yours.

Then this seat will come and take it.

Sikong Shangs faint voice sounded out. All of a sudden, the skies turned dark.

His voice showed disdain on everything as if there was nothing that he could take notice of at all.

Even if Ye Yuan was similarly of the Ten Great Divine Kings, he did not take it to heart at all.

The blood-red colored sky was completely shrouded by darkness at this time.

Very soon, the surroundings became completely dark, unable to see ones fingers when extending ones hands.

At the same time, countless terrified voices accompanied it.

I I cant see anything!

Whats going on here? I I cant sense the surrounding essence energy anymore!

My God, my essence energy is currently rapidly flowing away!

Sikong Shang was worthy of the title Darkness. The moment he made his move, it was as if he was going to plunder everything.

These martial artists were unable to see. Furthermore, the surroundings felt like the surrounding essence energy was completely cut off.

Not just so, inside this region of dark space, their essence energy was flowing away rapidly, even if they did not employ any martial technique or cultivation method.

This style of fighting was simply too unreasonable.

In the darkness, came Sikong Shangs indifferent voice.

This seat knows that youre the newly-ascended sixth divine king. But to this seat, its all the same! The last time, because this seat was in closed-seclusion in the depths of the Heavenly Slaughter Pit, you were lucky to escape. Didnt expect that this time, you actually delivered yourself to the doorstep to seek death. Then this seat wont be courteous anymore. Despair and die in this darkness then!

Suddenly, a terrifying devouring force came from inside the darkness. Ye Yuan felt that the essence energy within his body was actually flowing away rapidly!

This Darkness Concept carried the power of Divine Dao laws and was capable of devouring everything.

All connection between this darkness and outside world was completely cut off.

Experiencing the initial panic, those martial artists emotions finally settled down.

They knew that the Darkness Divine King was not targeting them.

Ye Yuan, who was situated in the center of the darkness, should be the one losing all hope at this time.

Indeed worthy of being the fifth divine king! This martial technique of the Darkness Divine King is too unreasonable!

Yeah! Cant see, cant touch, essence energy is even being devoured, how to fight still?

The Heaven Surmounting Divine King is in danger. He was too reckless to actually dare challenge a divine king ranked in the top five. Isnt this courting death?

Looks like Heavens Secret Towers changes this time is to strike Ye Yuans name off the list.

Not that they were looking down on Ye Yuan, but because this move of Sikong Shang was too terrifying.

Nobody had seen before the Darkness Divine King attack. But the moment he made his move, it shocked the world.

The Darkness Concept was an extremely difficult to comprehend concept in the first place. For the Darkness Divine King to be able to comprehend it to such a boundary, it was simply unheard of.

Cutting off essence energy, was equivalent to severing the martial artists lifeline.

Reaching Divine King, this sort of realm, one relied on comprehension towards Heavenly Dao and maneuvered heaven and earth essence energy to battle.

To a Divine King powerhouse, being unable to mobilize heaven and earth essence energy and merely rely on their own essence energy to match powers with the opponent, this was simply no different from courting death.

But the Darkness Divine King cut off all of the essence energy savagely and unreasonably just like this!

Furthermore, this darkness could even hasten the martial artists essence energy consumption. Under this situation where one partys strength declined while the others strength increased, there was no way to fight at all.

In their view, this move simply had no chink in the armor.

Probably, even if the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King came, he would have a terrible headache too, right?

Time slowly trickled by, but Ye Yuan did not have any movements at all.

While the Darkness Divine King did not seem to be anxious either. He laid low inside the darkness all along and did not make a move.

The world seemed to have fallen into deathly stillness.

You dont seem to be worried at all. Suddenly, Sikong Shang broke the silence.

Why do I have to be worried? Just based on this lousy move of yours? Ye Yuans words exuded thick mockery.

Huhu,youre very interesting, different from the people Ive killed in the past. Sikong Shang did not get angry and still said calmly.

Ye Yuan was silent and only said after a long time, You killed You Wuya and deserve to die!

Are you talking about Netherkill? This boys talent was pretty good. Being selected by this seat to become a clone was his honor. According to what I know, you shouldnt seem to have any interactions with him? Sikong Shang said very apathetically as if he was talking about a very ordinary matter.

Ye Yuan fell silent once more. He was utterly infuriated by Coldblood, this fellow.

But the more enraged he got, the more terrifyingly calm he became.

Hes considered half a master to me! Ye Yuan said.

Like thishuh,no wonder. Its too bad, youre going to follow in his footsteps too. Alright, time is almost up. This seat should send you on your way already. Bring out your divine artifact; otherwise, there wont be a chance anymore, Sikong Shang said indifferently.

Theres no need for a divine artifact to deal with you.

Huhu,what a confident young man.

Sikong Shang laughed mockingly and brazenly attacked!

In the darkness, a large hand smacked over towards Ye Yuans back noiselessly.

The killing intent of this move condensed and did not dissipate. It was no different from an arrow shot from hiding in this darkness because there was not a hint of omen beforehand.

Ye Yuan was seemingly oblivious and still had his back faced towards this palm.

In the darkness, a hint of a cold smile flashed past the corners of Sikong Shangs mouth.

As expected, only knew how to boast, was it?


Suddenly, Sikong Shangs smile froze on his face.

This palm struck nothing!

Just earlier, Ye Yuans figure shifted an angle bizarrely, and actually narrowly avoided this blow!

It must be a fluke!

In the darkness, Sikong Shang adjusted the angle and smacked a palm towards Ye Yuan once more.

However, it missed again!

Huhu,is the exalted Darkness Divine King just a coward who sneak attacks people from the back?

In the darkness, came Ye Yuans mocking words.

With this, Sikong Shang finally knew that this was not a fluke!

Ye Yuan really knew where he unleashed his palm from!

You can perceive me? In Sikong Shangs words, they carried thick uncertainty.

This darkness was absolute darkness; could not see any light at all.

And Sikong Shangs figure could merge perfectly into this darkness.

Forget about eyes, even perception was unable to discover him too!

Yet, Ye Yuan could!