Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1201

Chapter 1201 Explosion Rune

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What do you think?

Ye Yuans words were filled with thick ridicule.

This martial technique of Sikong Shangs that resembled the power of domain was indeed incomparably powerful.

It was too bad that his opponent was Ye Yuan!

Grand completion heart realm made Ye Yuans perception powers far exceed ordinary people.

The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil even let Ye Yuan possess unparalleled ocular powers!

Sikong Shang assumed a serious attitude towards the matter. But in Ye Yuans view, he was just a clown jumping around.

This limitless darkness was not much different from daytime in front of Ye Yuan.

This darkness just cut off essence energy but was unable to cut off natural laws. Ye Yuans movement technique was not affected.

Terrific, lad! Indeed, you have some capabilities. It was this seat who underestimated you. Sikong Shang was extremely shocked and furious.

As the most mysterious existence among the Ten Great Divine Kings, he normally rarely made a move. But he had full confidence in his own strength.

He did not expect that he was actually made such a joke of by a junior.

Is that so? I overestimated you! I even thought how formidable the fifth divine king was. Didnt expect that you were too weak to stand up to the competition! Ye Yuan said coolly.

One sentence, made Sikong Shangs face somber to the extreme.

Brat, dont talk too big when boasting. Careful, the wind might sprain your tongue!

Ye Yuan said indifferently, Want to sprain this young masters tongue, you got to bring out a bit of true capabilities.

Since youre so anxious to seek death, then this seat will fulfill your wish!

Sikong Shangs expression turned cold, and a palm smacked out from within the darkness. Terrifying killing intent instantly swept across the entire space.

This palm force seemed to want to shatter this space!

Abyss Netherworld Palm!

The hint of a light smile curled up at the corners of Ye Yuans mouth as he opened his mouth and said, Thats a bit more interesting! As expected, your Slaughter Concept isnt for show! This palm is powerful enough!

Conceited brat, prepare to die!

Sikong Shang was thoroughly infuriated by Ye Yuans attitude.

This palm, Sikong Shang went all out. Berserk Slaughter Concept made the space start to tremble.

Ye Yuan laughed coldly. The power of his fleshy body instantly erupted, his entire body taking on a golden color!

Nine Transformations Golden Body!

The Ye Yuan who had been taciturn all along finally erupted!

The current Ye Yuan was just like the rising sun, lighting up the dark night!

Those martial artists looked at Ye Yuan in the sky, akin to the reincarnation of a god or buddha, his body exuding the aura of beholding a great mountain from top to bottom.

This What kind of martial technique is this?! To actually be able to break the Darkness Divine Kings Silent Extermination Domain!

S-So strong! Why do I actually have a feeling of blood boiling with righteous indignation when I see the Heaven Surmounting Divine Kings martial technique?

What a fine Heaven Surmounting Divine King! This is really going to ride above the ninth heaven!

Ye Yuans berserk aura made everyones face changed drastically.

Turns out that up till now, the Heaven Surmounting Divine King did not truly bring out his strength at all!

This was the true Heaven Surmounting Divine King!

Nine Transformations Golden Body! This How is this possible?

Those people did not recognize the Nine Transformations Golden Body, but Sikong Shang recognized it.

In his understanding, this was simply not what a Tier 9 martial artist should be capable of possessing.

Hence, this shock was by no means insignificant.

However, the arrow was already fitted onto the string and already had no choice but to release it!

His momentum was already formed and could only forcefully clash this blow with Ye Yuan.

Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!

Likewise smacking a palm out, Ye Yuan was the midday sun high up in the sky, while Sikong Shang was cold like the underworld.

Two extremely great contrast auras collided together intensely!


The entire space was quivering!

A terrifying energy undulation instantly spread out, reducing the Asura Arenas sixth levels space to fragments!

The Darkness Divine Kings Silent Extermination Domain shattering, the sky returned to that blood-red color again.

Sikong Shangs blood sprayed across the sky, his figure flying out backward like a cannonball.

This frontal exchange, the Heaven Surmounting Divine King won completely!

Quick! Quickly run! The Asura Arena is crumbling!

The Heaven Surmounting Divine King is too scary! Even the Darkness Divine King is actually not a match! his strength can absolutely rank into the top five already!

Truly too inconceivable! Its just been a few months, and the Heaven Surmounting Divine King actually already grew to such a level!

Those martial artists shouted in great terror as they run away.

Ye Yuans Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm and Sikong Shangs Abyss Netherworld Palm were both presently the Divine Realms apex cultivation methods.

The collision of two great martial techniques, the power was too terrifying, directly destroying this space made up of array formations!

The formation foundation was already ruined. The Asura Arena looked as if it was going to collapse already.

However, this clash, the relative superiority and inferiority were already clear at a glance.

Heaven Surmounting Divine King Ye Yuans strength already surpassed the Darkness Divine King!


Sikong Shangs figure shot up to the sky, turning into a black arc, and flying above the skies.

The Darkness Divine King took flight!

But the direction he escaped in was diametrically opposite to the others. It was actually in the direction of the Heavenly Slaughter Pit!

Ye Yuan laughed coldly. The art of greater teleportation was instantly displayed, chasing after.

Boy, dont push people too far! Sikong Shangs voice held panic.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, You cruelly oppressed the common folks, killed my respected teacher, and also the enmity of a palm. No matter which one, you have to die beyond a doubt today!

Damn brat, do you really take this seat to be easy to bully?

When Sikong Shang saw Ye Yuan hot at his heels, he gave a palm with a swing of his hand.

But a hasty palm did not pose any threat to Ye Yuan at all.

Rather, Ye Yuan sent out a Fury Sword Fire Lotus with a backhand, striking Sikong Shang without any deviation.


A tragic cry transmitted over. Sikong Shangs aura immediately lost considerable vigor.

Ye Yuan directly arrived beside Sikong Shang with greater teleportation.

He was just planning on supplementing a slash and sending Sikong Shang to the western paradise.

All of a sudden, Ye Yuans warning bells sounded!

A horrifying energy spurted out. That Sikong Shang actually directly exploded!

This explosions power was actually not beneath Ye Yuans Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm.

Ye Yuan was too close to Sikong Shang at this time. The power of this explosion practically detonated instantly. Ye Yuans body was directly blasted flying out.


Ye Yuan immediately spewed out a mouthful of blood.

His figure retreated ten thousand feet away before barely managing to hold steady.

That attack just now took him by surprise. If it were others, they would probably be blasted until a corpse did not exist already!

Right at the critical moment, Ye Yuans Domain of Sword opened up fully. The Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art revolved at full power, coupled with his powerful physical body, before he barely managed to pull through.

Even so, Ye Yuan became a blood-person from head to toe at this time too!

A lesser part of Ye Yuans body was practically blown away.

It looked incomparably grotesque!

A black figure flew up in the sky and looked at Ye Yuan with a smile that was not a smile. Who could it be if not Sikong Shang?

I didnt think that you were actually able to survive under this explosion rune that contains Divine Dao laws! Truly remarkable! Sikong Shang said with a broad grin.

Ye Yuans face fell, and he said coldly, It was this young master who was careless! Youve operated in this Chaotic Devil Sea for a long time, so how can your clone only be You Wuya alone?

Sikong Shang smiled and said,Huhu,smart! That You Wuya was merely a clone that this seat used to manage the Asura Arena. My true clones have exactly the same aura as this seat. It is difficult to distinguish the true and the false. Even though this seat is known as the Darkness Divine King, my true ace in the hole is this explosion rune! Now, this seat will send you on your way!