Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1202

Chapter 1202 A Change That Drove People Crazy

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At this time, Ye Yuans left arm was practically blown away.

His body dripped with blood, injuries looked very severe.

For Divine King Realm martial artists, this degree of injuries was very serious too.

Even though they could regrow severed limbs, the price expended was not small either.

At the very least, under the circumstances of such severe injuries, there was absolutely no way to escape from Sikong Shangs hands.

Looks like this is the strongest trick. Then its time to send you on your way, said Ye Yuan coolly who was totally oblivious towards the injuries on his body.

Sikong Shang grinned hideously and said, Youre already wounded until like this, and you still dare to utter this sort of big talk? Boy, I have to hand it to you; your ambition is very big!

Are you talking about this injury?Huhu,it isnt considered much to me, Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Hahaha not considered much

Sikong Shangs smile suddenly froze, his eyeballs staring like wide-saucers, looking at everything before his eyes in disbelief, resulting in the tone of the second half of his sentence changing.

Ye Yuans left arm actually grew out just like that!

Not just so, the wounds that his explosion caused were also recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye.

This How is this possible?

Sikong Shang did not quite dare to believe his eyes. This recovery ability was simply too freakish!

This is too fake, right? Could it be that the Heaven Surmounting Divine King possesses an undying body?

Such horrifying injuries, if it were others, they would probably croak straight away, right? He He actually directly recovered!

Too unreasonable! How to fight still? Immensely powerful offensive power, startling defensive power, freakish recovery ability. This Theres simply no weakness to exploit here!

No wonder, no wonder Ye Yuan was titled as Heaven Surmounting Divine King. I feel that no other title is more suitable for him than this!

This scene made everyone stunned.

Ye Yuan sustaining serious injuries, they all thought that he was dead for sure. He did not expect that the next instant, such a dramatic scene occurred.

The current Ye Yuan was alive and kicking. How did he look like someone who was injured before?

Ever since Ye Yuan awakened the Atavism Dragon Soul and comprehended the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art, wanting to kill him was really not an easy matter.

Unless ones strength was far greater than his, utterly destroying his vital parts straight away, otherwise, it was just a matter of minutes for him to recover.

The price was just losing some blood essence.

But this kind of expenditure was not considered a serious impairment to Ye Yuan.

Even though the expenditure for using this move is quite large, dealing with you, it seems like theres only using this move too.

Ye Yuan was rather helpless. He was indeed not very willing to use the Voice of the Dragon God.

This moves consumption was too great. The last time, he only used the time of three breaths, and he lay on the bed for a month.

Even if it was just using two breaths of time, it was extremely awful for Ye Yuan too.

While this martial technique was strong, it was really not what the average person could use.

Sikong Shangs expression changed, instinctively sensing that things were not good.

He did not expect that the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm was actually not even Ye Yuans limit!

Ye Yuan actually had an even stronger killing move!

Virtually without the slightest hesitation, Sikong Shang made a run for it!

Except, how could his speed be faster than the Voice of the Dragon God?


A dragon roar that reverberated through the clouds instantly sounded throughout the entire sky.

The figure of Sikong Shangs that was currently fleeing abruptly stopped!


A shrill and miserably cry emitted out of Sikong Shangs mouth. He already used his strongest essence energy to resist this sound wave attack.

Yet, all of these were futile.

After two breaths, Sikong Shangs body was directly crushed into minced meat with a bang.


Ye Yuan slowly landed from the air, He was no longer able to hold his body up.

Two breaths of time, even though he did not collapse like the last time, it also squeezed his physical strength dry until not a trace remained.

At this very moment, he did not wish to even lift a finger. He just wanted to have a good sleep.

Big Brother, are you alright?

Fiery appeared at the right moment and supported Ye Yuan, then stuffed a medicinal pill into Ye Yuans mouth.

Ever since the situation last time occurred, Ye Yuan naturally had to prepare some physical strength restoring medicinal pills.

But right now, two breaths of time were still a rather taxing load on him.

Ye Yuan smiled bitterly and said, You look at my appearance, can I be fine? I even thought that the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm should be sufficient to deal with him. I didnt think that I still have to use this move in the end.

Fiery smiled and said, That was the fifth divine king. Big Brother, youre going to cause a stir in the entire Divine Realm again with this!

Ye Yuan said helplessly, I dont wish to cause a sensation in the Divine Realm. But that Heavens Secret Tower seems to really be quite extraordinary!

Everyone looked at Ye Yuan with dumbfounded gazes and slack jaws, feeling that everything before their eyes was not too real.

The Darkness Divine King really died? My eyesight isnt failing me, right?

Quick! Pinch me, ouch! You really pinched! I freaking not dreaming! The fifth divine king really died!

The Ten Great Divine Kings lived in peace with each other for 2000 years. Didnt expect that one actually perished just like this today! Furthermore, its even the fifth divine king!

Turns out that the change the Heavens Secret Tower was talking about was actually like this!

Slightly prior to this, the Heavens Secret Tower issued the new issue of Ten Great Divine Kings.

The entire Divine Realm was instantly set on fire!

Especially the Holy City, it simply seethed with excitement.

Ye Yuans ranked fourth, he actually directly advanced two places, ranking in front of the Soul Martial Divine King! Who can tell me what in the world happened?

Wheres the Darkness Divine King? Why is the Darkness Divine King gone? What the hell! Is this Heavens Secret Towers ranking being funny?

The Single Chord Divine King came back again. Its just that this time, hes ranked at the tenth place. The Violet Extreme Divine King and the other few divine kings all advanced a place in order. Could it be that the Darkness Divine King he

Impossible! Thats the fifth divine king, who could kill him? Even if he cant beat the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King, he can always run, right?

Who can tell me what in the world happened?

The discussion regarding the Ten Great Divine Kings gave rise to much discussion.

However, the Heavens Secret Tower did not give any response.

They just announced the new issue of the Ten Great Divine Kings, then did not give any explanations.

Why in the world the Darkness Divine King was gone, nobody knew either.

The Heavens Secret Towers actions simply drove everyone crazy.

Each and every one of them felt like cats were scratching in their hearts, desperately wanting to know the reason involved.

Even though this had nothing to do with them at all.

But a gossiping heart could not be dispensed off no matter where.

Hence, some important wealthy people and also some family clans with deep foundations started buying information from the Heavens Secret Tower!

This information made the Heavens Secret Tower scoop up a massive profit.

However, the intel was still being kept secret.

Because the condition for the Heavens Secret Tower to sell the intel was not allowing the information to be disseminated out. Otherwise, bear the consequences yourself!

Although the Heavens Secret Tower had never taken action outside before, nobody doubted its might.

Because the Holy City had already existed for god knows how many years.

While the Heavens Secret Tower merely existed for 2000 years.

The Heavens Secret Tower domineeringly ventured in but did not arouse the Holy Citys kickback. This, in itself, indicated many problems.